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    [–] CREED II - Official Trailer SpacePistachio 2 points ago in movies

    What? Why do MCU fanboys always have to complain about DCEU?

    [–] BBC News | US quits UN human rights council SpacePistachio 20 points ago in news

    Lol Canada has stricter border rules than the USA.

    [–] Kickstarter Disaster: Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn SpacePistachio 1 points ago in Games

    They probably lost a quarter of there sales for getting political, why the hell do game developers do that?

    [–] Tesla's "Tent" was planned years ago, as part of their effort to double Freemont size to support Model 3 SpacePistachio 4 points ago in teslamotors

    The comments on the other thread/Twitter we're hailing Elon for thinking about this overnight, and finding the parts to construct it himself.

    [–] Disney is expected to add cash to its bid for Twenty-First Century Fox assets: sources. SpacePistachio 0 points ago in television

    It bothers me that people are more upset that Ironman may not be in the new xmen movies more than they are about the political implications of mass media being further consolidated in this country, for the benefit of corporate interests. Fucking reddit needs their Superhero movies.

    [–] You poor, poor boy. SpacePistachio 1 points ago in Nicegirls

    Unrelated but funniest thing I've heard was a group of teenagers talking, they're talking about this girl I suppose and this guy goes 'she built like Shrek". I died laughing.

    [–] Crying daughter SpacePistachio 2 points ago in MurderedByWords

    Quora is filled with gems. You could find enough content to fill /r/Iamverysmart every day on that sub.