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    [–] Talking Heads(David Byrne), Pencil, A4 Space_Is-The_Place 2 points ago in Art

    Hey man, I'm just an ordinary guy burning down the house.

    [–] Talking Heads(David Byrne), Pencil, A4 Space_Is-The_Place 48 points ago in Art

    This must be the place.

    Especially for something like this.

    [–] The enemy Space_Is-The_Place 29 points ago in Neverbrokeabone

    Yeah but he faked it. Just to sell bags for bags for bars.

    [–] He said these things were miracle workers... Space_Is-The_Place 5 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    I have this problem. I have high functioning anxiety, intrusive thought ocd, and a plethora or other things. Im terrified of the walls closing in on me but im terrified of the wide open spaces outside. I need a heavy blanket to sleep but the weight makes me paranoid.

    Its great!!!

    [–] playing together Space_Is-The_Place 3028 points ago * (lasted edited 16 days ago) in gaming

    I see Groupon and Keyboard helped...but RachelRay only held the seeds...

    Edit: holy crap highest rated comment ever and first gold!!!! Thank you!!!

    [–] Quinn is such an angel Space_Is-The_Place 1 points ago in aww

    Yes. But only prescribes hugs and naps

    [–] Extreme 5 Pranks With Cute Girls 2019 | Prank Gone Wild | MixTV | Funny ... Space_Is-The_Place 15 points ago in ExtraFabulousComics

    1. Slice of piece of Spam longways.

    2. Cook rice

    3. Pan fry Spam to desired done-ness

    4. Form portion of cooked rice into block form.

    5. Place slice of cooked Spam on top of blocked rice.

    6. Wet hands slightly, glaze Nori with water.

    7. Wrap Spam/rice block in Nori.

    Add soy sauce or wasabi as desired


    [–] Netflix is getting savage. Space_Is-The_Place 1 points ago in funny

    That sounds pretty cool. Also sounds way better than my fan.

    [–] Netflix is getting savage. Space_Is-The_Place 2 points ago in funny

    My oscillating fan is currently working as expected. However, I appreciate your concern for my household appliances.

    [–] Hugh Jackman interview Space_Is-The_Place 147 points ago in Unexpected

    Yes though to as whom is that in which i didnt do the probably?

    [–] Good girl doin a High Five Space_Is-The_Place 6 points ago in aww


    [–] No. Space_Is-The_Place 3 points ago in pics


    [–] Boarderlands pants Space_Is-The_Place 2 points ago in gaming

    Yeah, but like, how do they look....on the floor?

    [–] Poor girl scarred for life Space_Is-The_Place 56 points ago in funny


    [–] Meeting the person on your jersey Space_Is-The_Place 71 points ago in gifs

    I have a clock that occasionally cooks shit

    [–] Paid for Premium Version, Ads came back recently Space_Is-The_Place 10 points ago in baconreader

    Uninstall, reinstall.

    If that doesnt work: put phone in bin, add flammable, ignite, laugh menacingly.