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    [–] i got an extra corgwich, if anyone's hungry SparkitusRex 4 points ago in corgi

    I imagine it may also have to do with where you live. My shiba and corgi don't shed anywhere near as bad (though it's still constant) in Florida because they don't get that full winter coat. Because we don't have winter. So they don't blow their coat come summer like their more northern brethren.

    [–] Originally going for Raeger but fell for his best friend instead SparkitusRex 7 points ago in storyofseasons

    I went for Raegar at first but when I'd go visit him (every day to make him love me, of course) he'd just yell at me to get out of his kitchen.

    Umm excuse me I'm just coming to say hello which I can't do from over the counter, no need to be rude!

    So I married Klaus.

    [–] what’s your crackhead lizard brain purchase? SparkitusRex 5 points ago in muacjdiscussion

    My husband has just recently talked me into watching Sailor Moon for the first time (for me, I'm getting the impression he's watched it multiple times) so we're binging it on Hulu. He actually showed me this exact compact just a few days ago.

    Good to know it's good quality, if I do decide to buy it in the future lol.

    [–] AITA for expecting a guy who invites me to his house for a movie date at dinner time to offer drinks or food? SparkitusRex 6 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    I was legitimately really excited for my male coworkers that my company (US division) started offering paid parental leave for their male employees as well. This needs to be a thing. My husband will be afforded no time off except normal PTO for the birth of our child(ren).

    [–] Day we brought him home SparkitusRex 1 points ago in DobermanPinscher

    His hat, the baseball cap, I meant.

    [–] Day we brought him home SparkitusRex 4 points ago in DobermanPinscher

    Maybe it's the hat, or just this photo, but to me you look like if the guy who played Hoyt in True Blood had a baby with Ed Sheeran.

    [–] I was just trying to sleep, Reddit.. SparkitusRex 2 points ago in FunnyandSad

    I used to really like Reddit is Fun, but then I tried out Relay for Reddit and won't go back. The only thing the official app has over it is being able to upload images/gifs/videos to reddit media instead of having to use imgur. I'm not sure if RIF has that capability yet, either, though.

    [–] Another happy couple on Pillow Talk! SparkitusRex 12 points ago in 90DayFiance

    Wonder if it's a paid sponsorship or if he's just that much of an alcoholic.

    [–] Another happy couple on Pillow Talk! SparkitusRex 7 points ago in 90DayFiance

    I hate you a little bit right now for making me go back to see what you were talking about.


    [–] AITA for not letting my wife buy things with words on them? SparkitusRex 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    That's odd. Yeah we got a tapestry from Society6 but I think it's like 9'x12' so it's pretty big, but then I got grommets to put around the border of it for him to mount on the wall. Maybe he could find something like that instead if that's what he likes?

    [–] AITA for not letting my wife buy things with words on them? SparkitusRex 57 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in AmItheAsshole

    My husband is the type who puts legitimate wall anchors in so every painting in our house can hold like 200 lbs. We have a wall tapestry which is a theoretical total weigh limit of something like 1200 lbs. I'm not sure what in the hell he thinks is going to happen to it but that's how he is.

    I, on the other hand, hung my paintings in my apartment (when I lived alone) with thumb tacks. Because I cannot be assed.

    When we moved in together he told me to just put art on the floor in front of where I want it hung and he'll do it. Because he can't handle my method lol.

    [–] Oh, right. I forgot about that part. SparkitusRex 2 points ago in BabyBumps

    This was my same reaction two weeks ago at my hospital tour. I'm way more scared now than I have been in the prior 35 weeks.

    [–] The real icon of Orlando. SparkitusRex 2 points ago in florida

    I'm pretty sure every year they claim that it'll be completed by "end of current year" though.

    [–] AITA for drawing marks on my newborn babies? SparkitusRex 3 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    My mom did that, the dog's name when I was a kid was slightly similar to mine (both ending in "sea"), so about 50% of the time my parents would yell the wrong name at one of us.

    Then a couple years before that dog died a neighbor moved in who had a dog with the same name as me. That was 2x confusing when I'd be in the front yard getting yelled at because their dog was wandering away or whatever.

    [–] No regrets! SparkitusRex 3 points ago in TrollXChromosomes

    Five years over two jobs as the only female employee, never having to share the bathroom. Now I work for an office where there are women in other departments and the bathroom is never totally unoccupied (except when I was working overnights, because we're the only department open at that hour).

    I miss being able to pee in silence. I'd feel better about it if there were less people in their talking on their phones though. So weird.

    [–] Stop blowing on my face bitch! SparkitusRex 2 points ago in AnimalsBeingJerks

    I know up until recently my power company would charge a $5 fee if paid online or by phone. Only free option was a mailed check.

    [–] That's one way to do it SparkitusRex 14 points ago in KidsAreFuckingStupid

    When I was about 8 I woke up to one flying at me. It smacked me in the face as I sat up. I ran out, stuffed a towel under the door crack, and refused to go in there for about a week. I slept on the couch and wore only clothes that were left in the laundry room.

    As an adult now, I would probably have the same reaction.

    [–] Pregnancy Burger Tutorial SparkitusRex 5 points ago in BabyBumps

    Steak has been my biggest go to throughout my pregnancy. I could take it or leave it before. Now I want all the steak.

    [–] How did your first big mistake help you become a better sysadmin. SparkitusRex 2 points ago in sysadmin

    If your business is under 50 employees in the US, you don't legally have to give any time off. For businesses that meet FMLA criteria, they have to give 12 weeks unpaid time off. There is no requirement for paid time. (Some specific states may differ, but there are no state specific laws where I live.)

    My job gives 6 weeks unpaid, 6 weeks paid at 66% under short term disability, then they suppliment the other 33% at the end of the six weeks. Then they give 8 weeks of parental leave (that is granted to all parents, regardless of gender) paid at 100%. This is afforded because I work for a French company, under a US division, so their leave is a lot nicer than most US companies.

    Most women I know get the 6 weeks paid at 66% without any supplimental pay, and have to return to work immediately. Being given 20 weeks, even if a portion of it is unpaid, is absolutely unheard of in the US.

    [–] Well, now its a little late for that, they've been re-homed. SparkitusRex 3 points ago in 90dayfianceuncensored

    So what you're saying is I should just hold on hope that she'll calm down sometime in the next two ish years. Got it. lol

    [–] Well, now its a little late for that, they've been re-homed. SparkitusRex 3 points ago in 90dayfianceuncensored

    I have a doberman and cannot imagine flying with her. You must be a saint. Or your dogs are. Or both.

    Everyone told me doberman calm down around age 2. She's almost 3 years old now and still is a 65lb rocket about 70% of the time.

    [–] Me when my period is a week late but I haven't had sex in months SparkitusRex 98 points ago in TrollXChromosomes

    I have never had any accidental pregnancies but have always been paranoid about it my entire life. The first time I got that double pink line, when I was trying and it was 100% on purpose, my first reaction is "oh my god I'm pregnant I've ruined my life... wait... no, this was on purpose, this is what I wanted and this is good."

    That initial reaction of fear was immediate and overwhelming though.