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    [–] Sea otters have a pouch where they store their favorite rock. Some believe a rock may be so treasured, it's passed down from generation to generation. SparkitusRex 6 points ago in Awwducational

    Serious question, how did you become an otter zookeeper? Did you go in with a love for otters and wanted to do that all along, or did you just sort of fall into it based on where you work?

    My dream job would be your job. But alas I'm 30 and in IT so I don't think it's meant to be lol.

    [–] Someone’s about to come out the closet SparkitusRex 2 points ago in funny

    Also coming from the US at 6'2", I legitimately almost knocked myself unconscious on a few door frames during my stay.

    [–] I would rather just vomit and be done with it... SparkitusRex 2 points ago in September2019Bumpers

    Same. I'm grateful to not be gagging at my desk anymore but evening rest and sleep are no longer peaceful events.

    [–] Emojis are the worst things in the world 😶 SparkitusRex 147 points ago in TrollXChromosomes

    Is average age really 14? I don't think I would have been ready at 14, or even close to it. I was 17, almost 18, when I lost mine.

    Not shaming, just surprised that 14 is considered normal.

    [–] That'll buff out...? SparkitusRex 24 points ago in FiestaST

    Who knew Fiestas came in convertible?

    [–] The first record of Karen (1750BC) SparkitusRex 9 points ago in fakehistoryporn

    I've seen this, it's in the British Museum in London. Just in case anyone else wants to see it.

    [–] Disappointed by Gender of Baby? SparkitusRex 6 points ago in BabyBumps

    I used to nanny for two little girls and the mom was pregnant again. The dad joked that if it was another girl, he and the male cat would go live in the tree house in the back yard.

    Well it was a girl. But surprise, the middle daughter is trans and is a boy after all. So you never know, it might be a boy in waiting.

    [–] "Above my pay grade" SparkitusRex 8 points ago in MaliciousCompliance

    I once was a go-getter and constantly went above and beyond my job description. I cleaned up a mess that a person in a tier above me made by being an idiot, and the manager caught wind of it. He made a huge stink about how that was in the higher level's queue and what was I doing (the guy who fucked up was this manager's golden child). Instead of admitting his employee fucked up and I fixed it.

    Ever since that day I refuse to do any work that's above my queue. I won't even look at the higher level ticket queue. Not my problem and I don't get paid enough.

    Problem manager isn't a manager anymore and I'm getting promoted to the higher level queue next month. So I guess it all works out.

    [–] Work motivation? SparkitusRex 3 points ago in September2019Bumpers

    I have morning sickness pretty bad and to boot I have an awful cold that's knocked me on my ass. But I just used all my PTO on my vacation to Italy in December so it's either be here or don't get paid. So I am here. I am absolutely miserable though. And my husband is out of town on business, so all the pet and house care is up to me.

    [–] Screw you Derek! SparkitusRex 11 points ago in BoJackHorseman

    That's what I was gonna say!

    [–] Dear r/FiestaST, lets call a truce and fight the real enemy SparkitusRex 2 points ago in FocusST

    My want for a family is why I traded in my FiST for a FoST. I can fit a baby seat in a Focus a lot easier than I can in a little Fiesta. If I had more than two kids, that would be an issue I suppose.

    [–] Porch pirate steals boy's rare cancer medication SparkitusRex 4 points ago in news

    I used to live in a neighborhood that was all 100 year old houses with the mailbox on the houses instead of at the street. Because of this, USPS would go house to house walking instead of by car. If you had a package to deliver that day they'd mark it as delivered, but wouldn't actually deliver it until the next morning. 100% of the time this would happen.

    Scared the crap out of me the first few times.

    [–] *clicks Flirt 100 times* SparkitusRex 3 points ago in thesims

    I can say my computer is pretty beastly with a high end graphics card, and I still get the sim lag. I always end up going back to Sims 3 after a while. Playing sims 4 in the apartments or bars or anything where there's more people is just unplayable.

    [–] They’re supposed to be our little brothers! SparkitusRex 5 points ago in FocusST

    Honestly it's not that big of a difference, but to me it's the difference between "a grown adult can fit in here with just barely enough room" vs "a grown adult is only fitting in here sideways." Also there's notably more room in the front seats. I used to rest my left knee on the door in the Fiesta. In the Focus the door is too far away and I can't.

    [–] Trolls, how do you take a good selfie? SparkitusRex 14 points ago in AskTrollX

    Take 500. Settle on one that looks sort of OK. Remember why I don't take selfies lol.

    [–] Vewy mushy boi SparkitusRex 17 points ago in rarepuppers

    My Shiba is named Musashi, but we call him Mushy for short. When he walks up to me I'll squish his face like this and say "Mooooooosh!"

    He keeps coming up to me so I guess he doesn't entirely hate it.

    [–] Being an atheist nurse is the worst... *mini rant* SparkitusRex 1 points ago in atheism

    I'm no religious expert but I believe most of those religions think marks on your skin (tattoos) are immediate grounds for going to hell. Something about ruining the body god gave you.

    Cheeseburgers are okay and all. But no not tattoos.

    [–] They’re supposed to be our little brothers! SparkitusRex 6 points ago in FocusST

    There's a lot of FoST hate in that sub in general. I had a FiST for years and traded for a FoST last year. Couldn't be happier. There are benefits to each, but as a tall person the Focus is much nicer in size. My husband still has his FiST and I forget how little it is sometimes.

    Plus the stock focus seats are wayyyyyy nicer for long drives than the ones I had in the Fiesta. I won't roadtrip in his Fiesta.

    [–] Landed my first "real job" the same week that SO left me. Life goes on! SparkitusRex 3 points ago in happy

    Congrats on everything! Also don't let yourself forget, you earned all of that by busting your butt. Don't let anyone act like you're lucky or try to sell short your hard work.

    [–] [Game of Thrones] How it all ends SparkitusRex 2 points ago in FanTheories

    Differently than what you theorize, I suspect that Dany's infertility will come up and then bam, she'll be pregnant with Jon's baby (that baby being the "Song of Ice and Fire"). Somehow they'll use that baby to unite the kingdoms against the white walkers.

    [–] Landed my first "real job" the same week that SO left me. Life goes on! SparkitusRex 4 points ago in happy

    I know they got married but I have a sneaking suspicion that's because it was such a big event and they wanted to prove it was "love". Her parents were pissed when they figured out what was going on (I was always close to her family too) and his family kept telling me how much they hate her lol. I expect they'll be divorced in a few years but honestly it's not worth my energy to keep up with.

    [–] I saw this on the book of faces SparkitusRex 12 points ago in orlando

    Also "surprise bitch, this lane doesn't exist anymore."

    [–] Watching that scale got me like SparkitusRex 7 points ago in BabyBumps

    First trimester nausea has made me drop 10 lbs instead. I'm happy for the healthier weight but my god all I want is to be able to enjoy food just once.