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    [–] Trump's USDA buried sweeping climate change response plan Spartanfred104 1 points ago in environment

    Well of course it did, why would people who are about to exit this planet give a shit about its future.

    [–] Mouse Trap! Spartanfred104 18 points ago in homestead

    Why would you let a pest out to breed again?

    [–] For every upvote, i will plant a tree. Spartanfred104 5 points ago in trees

    Plant hemp its pulls 4 x more c02 from the atmosphere then a tree

    [–] Rand Paul: Tax Cuts For Corporations Can Add to the Deficit But 9/11 Victim Relief Shouldn't Spartanfred104 372 points ago * (lasted edited 21 hours ago) in politics

    Libritarians are like cats they think they are independent until the litter box is full.

    [–] Use Fahrenheit not Celsius (in the United States)! Spartanfred104 1 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in collapse

    Yeah let's use a less precise form of measure lol

    Edit: don't comment before coffee

    [–] Liberals would rather talk about Scheer than their own failing climate plan Spartanfred104 1 points ago in CanadaPolitics

    Yes let's ignore the fact that the cons have absolutely nothing for climate change and almost all in resource extraction.

    [–] GISTEMP v4 updated for June 2019 Spartanfred104 3 points ago in collapse

    Way to go everyone! New high score.

    [–] 'This is unprecedented': Alert, Nunavut, is warmer than Victoria | CBC News Spartanfred104 7 points ago in collapse

    The artic warming may even cause a land rush because now it's not going to be quite as harsh. Interesting times indeed

    [–] Representative Ilan Omar: It's Time to Impeach This President Spartanfred104 20 points ago in politics

    Wow you have to have orange blinders on Hahaha. I can't even read this sarcastically what a joke.