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    [โ€“] Dishie doesnโ€™t know who the chef is. Spartanfred104 5 points ago in KitchenConfidential

    To be fair is he's wet behind the ears and kind of nervous and shy? Because I have been there when I was new. But more context would be nice.

    [โ€“] My wife gets angry when I read. Spartanfred104 6 points ago in books

    My ex wife hated when I read because it was to quiet. Now she's not around anymore...

    [โ€“] New Climate Models Predict 5ยฐC WARMING Spartanfred104 7 points ago in Futurology

    Haha this guy thinks he won't die in a rural community with little to no access to feeding, clothing and operating when the systems we have come to rely on disappear. What happens when the climate change wipes out everything you currently consume? Do you have a contingency if you can't get food from the grocery store or fuel from the pump? What happens when the power starts to become intermittent? Venezuela had no power for 4 days and they made a run on all the pharmacies, can you get medical supplies you need?

    [โ€“] Girl burnt to death for reporting sexual assault in Bangladesh Spartanfred104 12 points ago in worldnews

    Don't tell that to conservatives, they think you're lying because you waited.

    [โ€“] 7.5 million U.S. seniors are unable to pay for medicine prescribed to them because they don't have enough money Spartanfred104 1 points ago in collapse

    Let's be honest here, if people were actually partaking in population reduction then it would be younger people with full lives of consuming and living not old people who already did that.

    [โ€“] Recently single, stash lasts longer. Spartanfred104 1 points ago in trees

    She eats Edibles before bed but doesn't partake recreationally and hates smoking.

    [โ€“] Modernity has me feeling like a trapped house pet - how do I combat these feelings? Spartanfred104 3 points ago in collapse

    Done all this except the faith part. You have to downshift your life and this includes actions,cmy new garden is something I can focus on because it means I get to eat while others have nothing prepped.

    [โ€“] Recently single, stash lasts longer. Spartanfred104 2 points ago in trees

    Or find a partner that doesn't smoke like me and it's all mine muhahahaha!

    [โ€“] Realized maybe this was a better sub for this! Spartanfred104 1 points ago in homestead

    Raised beds are fun. I'm trying my first hoed earth this year.

    [โ€“] Never on the first try Spartanfred104 1 points ago in pcmasterrace

    I find it falls out really easily after repeated use. The connection just doesn't have enough meat.

    [โ€“] Glaciers Are Retreating. Millions Rely on Their Water. Spartanfred104 1 points ago * (lasted edited 17 hours ago) in collapse

    I honestly had someone argue that it doesn't matter if there gone, we will have giant deselinzation plants