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    [–] Das ist schön. Spidron 3 points ago in de


    [–] What did you think was common knowledge but honestly wasn't? Spidron 3 points ago in AskReddit

    I'm pretty sure that everywhere in the world you can see the sun well before sunset, the whole year round even. Although thinking of the UK weather, I can imagine that on your island it might be a rare occasion. ;)

    [–] Roland FP-30 VS Yamaha P125/P115 for live performance Spidron 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in piano

    What about the Kawai ES 110? It is in the same class as the P115/125 and FP30 and should also fit into your budget (it's slightly more expensive than the others I think, but it already includes a proper pedal, which you have to buy separately with the others).

    It may fulfill your pianist needs (it is often said that it has the best key action in its class, although this is of course also a matter of taste) and has line-out (Aux out) and can switch the internal speakers on/off like the P115/125.

    [–] Ihre Haare sind kurz. - why? Spidron 38 points ago in German

    But it's important to know that while in German, both "ihr Haar ist kurz" and "ihre Haare sind kurz" can be used to refer to the hairstyle (haircut/hairdo) of a person, in English you would not use "her hairs are short" to refer to the haircut. In English you would always use "her hair is short".

    Someone who knows this distinction in English may assume that the same applies in German. Which it does not.

    [–] The branches and leaves of this graveyard tree are dead and dry only in the cemetery space. Outside is green Spidron 28 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    Possible explanation:

    With some tree species, there is a direct relation between which roots are connected to which branches. Destroying such a root has the effect that the connected branch(es) die off.

    So if that is the case for the tree species here (which I do not know), then most likely the tree roots on the cemetery side have been cut/destroyed. Possibly by digging a grave too close to the tree?

    EDIT: Source: I googled it and found this here: - see page 4 (which is page 2 of the PDF), right column.

    [–] Is it normal for a grand piano’s strings to ring a bit when the sustain pedal is pressed (no keys played) Spidron 4 points ago in piano

    Yes, that "woosh" thing is a light, audible sound from the vibrating strings.

    Up to a certain degree, this is normal. So normal in fact, that some digital pianos (and virtual pianos) reproduce it artificially, so that you can learn proper pedaling technique on the digital (=not pressing the pedal abruptly in quiet passages) and are not surprised by this "whoosh" when you later play on an acoustic.

    [–] Looking for a keyboard that supports tuning keys / notes individually Spidron 2 points ago in piano

    Kawai DPs that have the "virtual technician" feature support this. For example the CA series (but the "lower" models in the series may require an iPad for access to the advanced virtual technician). Or among the portables, for example the ES 8 (this one without an iPad). Check the manuals for exact details.

    [–] Käpt'n Blaubär ist auf Netflix Spidron 3 points ago in de

    Sendung mit der Maus gibts bei Amazon Prime Video.

    [–] Deutsche Lieblingsvolkslieder? Spidron 1 points ago in de

    Wollte nur schnell anmerken: Die Mehrzahl von “Rabe“ ist “Raben“, nicht “Räber“. Ü

    [–] MDR darf illegale Aufnahmen aus Hühnerställen zeigen Spidron 24 points ago in de

    Bei diesen Beispielen hat die Presse aber illegale Machenschaften aufgedeckt (Korruption, Geldwäsche, Kriegsverbrechen).

    Im vorliegenden Fall war das was aufgedeckt wurde (also die Hühnerhaltung) aber gar nicht illegal, da alle gesetzlichen Vorschriften erfüllt wurden. Insofern sind die illegalen Beispiele Korruption/Geldwäsche/Kriegsverbrechen nicht direkt mit der legalen aber unmoralischen Hühnerhaltung vergleichbar.

    Deshalb ist das Urteil um so bemerkenswerter, weil es eben der Presse auch in einem solchen Fall zugesteht, dass es erlaubt ist darüber zu berichten, selbst wenn dabei auf illegal (aber nicht von den Journalisten) erstelltes Material zurückgegriffen wird:

    Die Funktion der Presse sei nicht auf die Aufdeckung von Straftaten oder Rechtsbrüchen beschränkt.

    [–] Headshots for professional pianists: what works? Spidron 4 points ago in piano

    Not specifically female, but I recently thought, that the Maurizio Pollini cover on his "Beethoven - Complete Sonatas" CD was refreshingly different, showing him reading a book of (presumably) sonata sheet music, instead of sitting at / standing in front of a piano. This one here:

    Maybe something similar, but looking at the camera?

    [–] Could tuning an old piano be impossible? Spidron 4 points ago in piano

    I asked them if this is permanent and they said I could try re-tuning it again in the future, but since all the notes are off it could take even double the time (and double the cost) to do this.

    He was likely talking about a pitch raise. See here for example:

    [–] Should i buy another pedal? Spidron 2 points ago in piano

    That's good enough for now. The other two pedals are way less important. Just make sure that the pedal is compatible with the P45, or that you can return it if it's not.

    [–] Should i buy another pedal? Spidron 3 points ago in piano

    Yes, you should get a proper pedal if you can.

    Not so much because of half pedaling (which is limited with the P45 anyway), but because it feels very different under your foot and requires different foot movements. If you ever play an acoustic or digital with proper pedal, you will have problems if all you know is the foot switch.

    [–] Vater zwingt Kinder, Wii durch Sport mit Strom zu versorgen Spidron 8 points ago in NichtDerPostillon

    Sind wir doch mal ehrlich. Der Vater hat doch nur etwas gesucht was er basteln kann. Ich wette da steckt irgendwo auch ein Raspberry Pi oder Arduino drin... ;)

    [–] The SkyClub is full, people are looking for seats, and this woman refuses to move her stuff. Spidron 10 points ago in mildlyinfuriating

    Here's one of those "oh, I wish I had the guts to actually do this" ideas:

    With a friendly face and a low voice, so that only she can hear you, tell her: "Take your stuff off the seat or I'll find a security guard and tell him that I think I saw strange electronics, wires and a timer in your bag, and I think that's the reason why you don't want to move it."

    Then draw back abruptly and stare at her with a shocked and fearful expression...

    [–] As a beginner student, how do I get the most out of piano lessons? Spidron 8 points ago in piano

    This of course.

    And learn how to practice correctly/efficiently. Don't hesitate to ask your teacher on how to practice and what kind of practice is best for which situations. For example how to best practice a problem spot. How to do "slow practice". When best to practice "hands separate" and when "hands together". Etc. Etc. With efficient practice, you learn faster (or more in the same time).

    [–] Can you adapt to different keys? Spidron 1 points ago in piano

    I would say yes, you can, and do, adapt. I recently changed my (digital) piano and at first, the feel of the new piano was strange/different. Now after some time, it feels perfect for me and I can't even remember how my previous piano felt.

    Also, Kawai is generally regarded to build excellent actions and the ES110 is usually respected as one of the better actions in its class.

    Finally, if you do decide to get the Yamaha, be aware that the release of the successor P-125 is imminent. So either wait for that new model (it has the same GHS action as the P-115) or make sure that you get a good deal on the P-115, seeing that it will soon be replaced.

    [–] Kontaktlinsenbrudis, zur Hülf! Spidron 1 points ago in de

    Probier's einfach mal mit einem Satz Wochen/Monatslinsen (sind ja nicht soooo teuer).

    Wenn du zu den glücklichen Menschen gehörst, die die Linsen morgens rein, abends raus machen, ohne jegliche Probleme tagsüber, dann wirst du sie bald sowieso täglich tragen wollen, und nicht nur beim Sport...

    [–] This toy ambulance says "meat" on it Spidron 1 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    This reminds me of a German horror movie from the 70s called "Fleisch", which literally means "meat", where an organ harvesting ambulance plays a pivotal role. The US name of the movie was "Spare Parts", though, and I doubt that the ambulance in the movie was actually labelled MEAT (although the movie story was located in the US, so an English label would have made sense).

    [–] Betrug im australischen Cricket: "Schmeißt sie alle raus!" Spidron 2 points ago in de

    Bei der Überschrift hatte ich jetzt mit Wettbetrug in Millionenhöhe gerechnet, oder etwas ähnlichem.

    Aber hier hat nur jemand den Ball mit klebrigem Tape bearbeitet... Skandal!