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    [–] Schweden - Randale in mehreren Städten Spidron 12 points ago in de

    Entsprechend der Überschrift vom Deutschlandfunk, und der Formulierung "Vermummte Jugendliche haben in der Nacht im Südwesten Schwedens Dutzende Autos in Brand gesetzt und die Polizei angegriffen" kommt gleich ein inneres Bild auf, so in der Art von "G20 Unruhen" und "Kampf von schwarz vermummten Gestalten gegen die Polizei".

    Entsprechend Aftonbladet handelte es sich allerdings "nur" um Jugendliche in schwarzen Hoodies, die auf Parkplätzen Autos angezündet haben und dann abgehauen sind. An einem Ort haben sie noch Steine und Böller Richtung Polizei geworfen bevor sie abgehauen sind (kein Polizist wurde verletzt).

    Ist natürlich schlimm genug, aber schon irgendwie etwas anderes als G20 Randale oder Unruhen mit Kämpfen zwischen Polizei und schwarzem Block.

    Zitat der Polizei: "Wir haben Jugendliche identifiziert die vor Ort waren und haben mit ihnen gesprochen, können aber nicht sagen ob es die waren, die die Brände gelegt haben. Wir reden auch mit ihren Eltern."

    [–] Segway Roundup Spidron 4787 points ago in IdiotsFightingThings

    That's not "idiots fighting things". It's normal Segway-rodeo. You have to catch them like this when they are young, so that they can be branded.

    [–] Dein Freund und Helfer und dann sowas. Spidron 95 points ago in de

    Mein Beileid. Ist das ansteckend?

    [–] Milde wütend machend: Passwortregeln Spidron 5 points ago in de

    Ich hoffe das ist jetzt sarkastisch gemeint?

    [–] Milde wütend machend: Passwortregeln Spidron 10 points ago in de

    Sollte alles irrelevant sein, denn man kann doch nur hoffen, dass das Passwort selbst überhaupt nicht in der Datenbank gespeichert wird!

    [–] We have a leaking sink and blocked shower is our landlord responsbile? Spidron 4 points ago in germany

    As others have said, depending on your contract, it is possible that small repairs (up to 75€ per repair, and up to a certain yearly maximum in total for multiple repairs) may have to be paid by you. This is limited to objects/items that you frequently and directly interact with (e.g. "dripping faucet" or "broken light switch").

    However, as you've "only just moved in" (if that really means "very recently"), I doubt that this can apply here, as a leaking sink and blocked drain is most likely an issue that was already present and that did not develop after you moved in. Or even if it only became obvious after you moved in, the damage/blockage must already have been there, only not yet obvious/complete, because something like this doesn't develop in such a short time.

    So it is best to contact your Landlord and report this, and he should get it fixed and pay for the repair.

    [–] Is there a website for this? Spidron 5 points ago in piano

    Rule of thumb: If you are learning a piece without a teacher and don't have enough experience to figure out the fingering yourself, then most likely the piece is too difficult for your level of playing. Take a step back and learn something more at your level, where the fingering comes more naturally to you. Over time, as you gain experience, you will also learn how to finger more difficult pieces. Then is the time to attempt those pieces.

    [–] Teen/Young Adult Fashion in Germany? Spidron 2 points ago in AskAGerman

    Shorts are very common in the current heat wave, especially among young people.

    However, in the fall, when you get here, the temperatures will be down again and no one will be wearing shorts simply because it is too cold and uncomfortable. Until the temperature climbs up again next spring/summer. Only weirdos wear shorts in fall/winter/not-yet-warm-early-spring.

    [–] Man vs Train Spidron 29 points ago in IdiotsFightingThings

    I thought so too, at first, but I don't think he's trying to get on his bike. He raises his foot and uses his hand to slip his left shoe back on, because he stepped on his left heel with his right foot right after pushing through the barriers and thereby almost slipped off his own left shoe.

    [–] Matterhorn hinter der Paywall Spidron 16 points ago in de

    Du meinst wohl "Matterhorn in der Cloud"?

    [–] Just wanting to know if this wallet is ok to have. So not racist. Spidron 18 points ago in germany

    Under that definition, the Hitlergruß is not racist either (it’s just a raised arm, isn’t it? the Romans did it too!), it’s just that 99% of people who use it are racist.

    Of course it’s racist! It was deliberately created by racist people for their racist customers, to avoid the ban on the actual symbols they really would like to use, while at the same time getting as close as possible to those symbols as is legally allowed, so that everyone can immediately see what they really mean.

    The racist neo nazi message is blatantly obvious - and deliberately so!

    [–] Just wanting to know if this wallet is ok to have. So not racist. Spidron 41 points ago in germany

    Maybe not horribly racist but definitely horribly stupid if you use paraphernalia that 99% of Germans associate with neo nazis (even the neo nazis themselves, as they use these symbols deliberately), just because you think it looks cool.

    And doubly stupid if you don’t realize that by using the neo nazi symbology (just because it’s cool) you are furthering the neo nazi‘s agenda of making such symbols socially accepted again.

    Or maybe that’s what you really want, Mr. „I’m not racist, but...“, hmm?

    [–] Confusing art object Spidron 9 points ago in confusing_perspective

    3 dimensional shape of a hexagon

    The word you were looking for is "icosahedron".

    Or if you are into role playing (the D&D style), it's a D20.

    [–] Homophobic remarks in German? Spidron 77 points ago in German

    About the sneezing thing:

    The sneeze itself is not the insult and has no homophobic connotation by itself. It is just an "oh so clever" attempt to "hide" the actual insult without actually hiding it. You can also do it with a cough.

    For example, instead of saying "You Idiot" you fake a sneeze and say "Achooidiot". Or instead of saying "Bastard" you fake a cough and say "Coughbstard" or something.

    Then, if the insulted person confronts you and says "What did you say to me???" you fake innocence and say "Me? I didn't say anything, I just sneezed/coughed". In that case, it is not only stupid, but also cowardly.

    However, it is also used to actually emphasize the insult, with a sort of "reverse logic": For this, the attempt to hide the insult in the sneeze/cough is deliberately done so badly, that it is isn't hidden at all, and the whole "cough-insult" thing is totally obvious, conveying the additional message: "See, I'm not even really trying to hide behind the sneeze/cough, that's how much I disdain you".

    It's not specific to the German language or Germany either:

    [–] Wrecked Schufa score, what to do? Spidron 25 points ago in germany

    You already got your question answered, but:

    I will pay my debts now as I am capable of doing that at the moment.

    So at the moment you are capable of paying your bills. Do you plan to again stop paying them once you are no longer "capable"?

    If so, then the "Sehr kritisches Risiko" rating seems to be a very appropriate for you...

    [–] Bis Dienstag kommt jemand richtig ins Schwitzen... Spidron 9 points ago in de

    Sind solche Aktionen nicht meistens versichert?

    [–] You don't often find piano-related comics Spidron 13 points ago in piano

    Maybe he sucks because he's not used to playing on a left handed piano that has the bass notes on the right and the treble notes on the left?

    [–] In Teilen Schwedens: Grillen verboten, ab heute (25.7.) um 16:00h. Würde eine solche Maßnahme in Deutschland die Regierung stürzen? Wäre Özil damit aus den Schlagzeilen? Spidron 1 points ago in de

    Angeregt durch deinen Kommentar habe ich das gemacht, konnte aber auf die Schnelle kein Verbot finden, dass sich auch auf private Grundstücke/Gärten bezieht. Geht immer um öffentliche Grünanlagen, Parks, Badeseen, Wald, etc.

    Gibt's so ein vollständiges Verbot tatsächlich auch irgendwo?

    [–] A student doesn't consider my teaching worthy of her? Sure then. Spidron 51 points ago in MaliciousCompliance

    I wouldn't have said anything, but since you asked, here are two things I noticed while reading:

    and then queue some malicious compliance

    In this context, it is "cue", not "queue". I've seen many native speakers make the same mistake though.

    Alas, I have not seen or heard of her since, which I am very grateful for.

    "Alas" means something like "unfortunately", i.e. it's an exclamation that is used to lament something. Which doesn't make sense if at the same time you are very grateful for the same thing.