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    [–] Using MIDI Cables with my digital piano. Spidron 1 points ago in piano

    Correct. The ES110 does not have line in, so this scenario does not work with it. You need (active) speakers or headphones connected directly to the PC to hear the output of the VST.

    [–] Using MIDI Cables with my digital piano. Spidron 1 points ago in piano

    Yes, that should work if the piano has a line in.

    You then need two cables:

    MIDI cable (alternatively USB cable, depends on what your piano supports) to send the MIDI signals to the PC.

    Audio cable, to send the audio signals back from the PC to the piano.

    Again: the MIDI cable (USB MIDI cable) cannot be used to send the audio signals back. You need an additional audio cable for that, and an audio input on the piano.

    Be aware, that most people who play VSTs soon realize, that the speakers in the piano are not very good for this, so they get additional speakers for their PC to play the audio output instead.

    [–] Anyone using a 3rd party DSL router with 1und1? Spidron 1 points ago in germany

    Actually 1und1 didn't have "Routerzwang" even before the rules were changed, iirc. They always gave you the login details that you need to connect any (compatible) router you want. It's just that few people ever wanted to, as the FritzBoxes are so darn good.

    [–] I used to play a lot 14 years ago and would like to try to get back into it. What do I do? Spidron 2 points ago in piano

    where do I start now?

    Sit down at a piano, take out some sheet music of a piece that you played back then - not the stuff that you learned at the end, but stuff that you were comfortable with at the end - then start playing. And don't stop again (well, except for bathroom breaks ;-)...

    Seriously, there's nothing more to it.

    Source: Did it myself a couple of years ago, after a hiatus of similar length.

    [–] Amtsgericht Tempelhof-Kreuzberg - Erstmals adoptiert ein homosexuelles Berliner Paar ein Kind | rbb|24 Spidron 15 points ago in de

    hier mit einem anderen Kind zu sehen als dem, das sie nun adoptiert haben.

    Hä? Meinen die den unscharfen Fußgänger im Hintergrund?

    [–] Apartment backup key lost - Consequences? Spidron 2 points ago in germany

    It's not a code lock

    "Code lock" in this context does not mean a number pad code lock where you punch in a number-code, but a "normal" lock with a key that you insert and turn, where each key has a "code" (the number on the key).

    [–] Meine Schwester ist Momentan in Kenya. Schön zu sehen, dass auch Leute dort Die Mannschaft unterstützen ! Spidron 22 points ago in de

    Auch im Erdkunde 1 Buch sind nicht alle Länder in Afrika rosig dargestellt. Manche sind auch gelblich, hellgrün oder blassblau.

    [–] Kawai announces new Concert Artist CA98 & CA78 digital pianos (also CA48, link in comments) Spidron 1 points ago in piano

    The biggest new feature seems to be the new "pianist mode", which uses a new sound engine. The "old" sound engine, with the same sounds as the CA97/CA67 is also still there, now called "sound mode". Although there are no listening samples for the pianist mode available yet, so it's unclear how new/different it actually is.

    The two main other things that catch my eye are the touchscreen and the updated soundboard (with two inducers instead of one). Also the CA97 now features Onkyo speakers, so in combination with the updated soundboard speaker, the sound quality should be a notch above the CA97. But again, no one outside of Kawai has yet heard an example of that...

    [–] German view of Swedes/Sweden Spidron 7 points ago in AskAGerman

    The works of Astrid Lindgren ... intact happy families and friendly people etc.

    Well, but then on the other side, the works of Henning Mankell and similar authors, that kicked off the whole "Schweden-Krimi" flood both in bookstores and on TV. Where families are everything but happy and intact. Where everyone is a dysfunctional alcoholic. Where the weather is always grey and cold...

    That too has made it into German mainstream.

    So u/Legoguy55, not always is Sweden seen through the rosy glasses of the Bullerby syndrome. We cover the opposite end of the stereotype spectrum too! :-)

    [–] Reddit's Piano Tuners: Real Quick Question regarding a freshly tuned piano Spidron 24 points ago in piano

    Tuning does not make a piano sound soft or bright. Tuning can only make a piano sound "in tune".

    The process to make a piano sound soft/bright is called "voicing". Here's a nice article about piano voicing:

    TL;DR: To make a piano sound softer/mellower, you "needle" the hammer felt to make the felt softer. In contrast, by filing and/or lacquering the hammer, you can make the felt harder, which gives a brighter tone.

    Hammers that have been needled (to be softer) will naturally harden again over time, simply by being played (the needled/softened felt compacts more and more because of the impact with the strings). So your tuner is correct when he says that over time, the tone will become more brighter again. How long this will take, and how much of a change there will be is difficult to say though.

    [–] Question; Why can't I have my post/package? Spidron 10 points ago in germany

    It is possible that the Ladenschlussgesetz (law about opening hours for businesses) applies here.

    Normal shops are usually not allowed to be open on Sundays, but Kiosks sometimes are (possibly with some special dispensation).

    So it's possible that the Kiosk-part of the business is allowed to be open on Sundays, and the Postagentur-part is not.

    He could get in trouble, and possibly lose his business license, if he were to serve postal stuff on Sundays.

    [–] Tatsächliches Wahlergebnis Spidron 2 points ago in de

    wieviel Prozent der Wahlbeteiligten tatsächlich eine Partei gewählt haben

    Ich glaube da meinst du "Wahlberechtigte", oder?

    [–] SPD will in die Opposition gehen Spidron 7 points ago in de

    Oppositionsführer ist immer die stärkste Nichtregierungsfraktion. Also die Linke, als aktuell kleinste Fraktion, definitiv nicht - Vertrauen hin oder her...

    [–] Wenn auf einer Party diskutiert wird, ob Manuel Neuer oder Sepp Maier der beste Deutsche Torwart aller Zeiten ist Spidron 81 points ago in de

    Da gibt's ja immer das Argument, dass der (mehr oder weniger) auf der Linie klebende Torwart gar nicht anders kann als auch auf "unhaltbare" Bälle zu reagieren und, wenn er gut ist, eben auch ab und zu welche erfolgreich abzuwehren. (Die dann also doch "haltbar" waren...)

    Während der moderne "mitspielende" Torwart solche Situationen bereits im Vorfeld so entschärft, dass es gar nicht erst (oder nicht so oft) zu solch "unhaltbaren" Bällen kommt. Was im Umkehrschluss bedeutet, dass es so aussieht als ob diese Sorte Torwart nicht so der "König der Unhaltbaren" ist. Einfach weil die Situation seltener passiert und dann der Anteil derer die unhaltbar aussahen, aber dann doch gehalten wurden, eben noch viel kleiner ist.

    Kann jetzt jeder für sich entscheiden, was er von dem Argument hält...

    [–] Need help finding a 50-year-old German Psychotherapist! Spidron 6 points ago in de

    He could be a "Physiotherapeut" (=physiotherapist / physical therapist) which was then mistranslated or misunderstood as "Psychotherapist". Kind of a false-friend situation.

    Here's a Physiotherapeut with the first name "Rolf" that, from the picture, seems to fit the age bracket (there are more, of course - this was literally the first Google hit for "Physiotherapeut Rolf", so I doubt it's the right person):

    [–] American Here: Germans, thank you for understanding how to drive Spidron 3 points ago in germany

    all German vehicles have their gas caps on the same side (passenger)

    There's plenty of cars in Germany with gas caps on the left (driver) side. For example most Japanese/Korean models.

    [–] Tell me about Nürnberg Spidron 2 points ago in germany

    I see what you mean... I think? -> an in-the-office job that potentially could be done remotely may not require as much German as a job where you have to be present on location.

    [–] Meinung zur 5%-Hürde Spidron 5 points ago in de

    Nein, nur 5% davon ;-)

    [–] [milde interessant] In San Francisco gibt es eine "vom Fass" Filiale und der Zutritt ist erst ab 21 Spidron 3 points ago in de

    Aber leider kein Rumtopf (jedenfalls nicht in der Filiale in der ich gefragt habe). Und ich dachte ich hätte die geniale Geschenkidee...

    [–] Tell me about Nürnberg Spidron 2 points ago in germany

    Considering that it's a "work from home" type of job

    OP said it's not, didn't he/she?