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    [–] Winter mode activated! And a bit of pettiness lol Spikes_in_my_eyes 3 points ago in battlewagon

    Fucking mesquites with thorns, Palo Verdes also with thorns and cacti. I have scars on my left arm from my dad going "watch out, branch" as it's tearing flesh off.

    [–] Yeah Spikes_in_my_eyes 7 points ago in Warhammer40k


    [–] Let Tim Curry change your views on audiobooks Spikes_in_my_eyes 2 points ago in books

    I'm sure Tim Curry is amazing (because its Tim Curry, of course he is) but my favorite narrators are Kate Reading and Michael Kramer. They're a married couple that work together on a lot of things, most famously: The Wheel of Time series, and I think every one of Brandon Sanderson's books, which is a lot.

    [–] Movie Makeup Transformation Spikes_in_my_eyes 49 points ago in interestingasfuck

    As soon as he sipped his coffee is though, "Is that abe?" Then they put the faun head on him and I was like, "heeeeey, it is abe!" (As in Abe Sapien. I couldn't remember his real name)

    [–] Errementari: Andre the Blacksmith and The Devil Spikes_in_my_eyes 2 points ago in darksouls3

    I'm like, ah that's kinda in Spain. I, a Mexican, will understand them just fine. 1 minute later, "I have no idea what they are saying, thank God I can read."

    [–] This individual egg carton Spikes_in_my_eyes 1 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    Unless you play tabletop games. Then that shit is terrain.

    [–] Hmm... Spikes_in_my_eyes 13 points ago in shittydarksouls

    Man I beat yhorm again the other day and as I was lighting the bonfire I could see him stand up and just POOF turn to mist. I choked up a little.

    [–] Why Captain America: Civil War looks so realistic Spikes_in_my_eyes 116 points ago in interestingasfuck

    He probably dehydrated himself some too for more definition. So that definitely didn't help.