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    [–] The Handmaid's Tale S03E13 - "Mayday" - Post Episode Discussion SplatterFrogs 26 points ago in TheHandmaidsTale

    What an amazing and powerful episode. I too, being a grown ass man, started bawling during the final scene of the show. As someone pointed out I believe June is finally starting to realize things can never be the same between her and her family. That final song I feel played some significance into this theory. With the lines, "I could possibly be fading," "I could feel myself growing colder," and "And two strangers turning into dust." This song to me describes the emotions between two people who are slowly drifting apart and I feel that's what June may be going through with her family. She is slowly fading away from the hope of finally reuniting with her daughter and husband.

    [–] "Come Together " by Michael Murphy SplatterFrogs 1 points ago in gifs

    Well I deleted it so you can have it now. Sorry man I thought it looked cool.

    [–] Is MS genetic? SplatterFrogs 2 points ago in MultipleSclerosis

    They've haven't been able to link MS as a hereditary trait but there has been instances where families have had MS. For example my wife and her aunt have MS. Their symptoms are not the same though.

    [–] Pizza Hut could shut down 500 US dine-in locations SplatterFrogs 14 points ago in fastfood

    I'm surprised they're still around honestly. Whenever someone talks about good or bad pizza they never mention Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut doesn't make any list.

    [–] First symptoms of Multiple sclerosis SplatterFrogs 1 points ago in MultipleSclerosis

    Not me but my wife was recently diagnosed. It started with a few fall down the stairs back in December. Wasn't too out of the ordinary she has been "clumsy" from time to time. Then she started noticing a numbness, tingling on her left side especially after a shower. Then the heaviness in her legs, especially the left, and trouble walking. The fatigue kicked in around March or April. By fatigue it's not so much waking up tired but feeling physically drained after normal daily routines. After pushing the doctors to have tests done we found the lesions on her spine. After the spinal her MS profile came back positive with 9 O-Bands. The MS neurologist determined she has had two relapses since December. Other symptoms she has had is trouble gripping with her hands, her cell phone is practically destroyed, and occasionally trouble with speaking and stumbling on words.

    [–] My Wife got diagnosed today. SplatterFrogs 1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in MultipleSclerosis

    My wife was just diagnosed last Tuesday. I know exactly what you're going through right now. I wish you guys the best of luck and if you need someone who's on the outside to talk to shoot me a message.

    [–] Has anyone else heard of The Residents? SplatterFrogs 1 points ago in Music

    Love them! I think they're also credited with creating some of the first music videos.