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    [–] What I’ll be doing every Sunday from now on... Squiddef 2 points ago in falcons

    Can somone make this into a t shirt so I can give you $20?

    [–] Words of wisdom... Squiddef 25 points ago in trailerparkboys

    This isn't rocket surgery guys...

    [–] Mark your calendars! Squiddef 1 points ago in Darts

    Nah... I wish. We don't have a league manager(s) who can dedicate time to make this league what it could be/was. It's hanging by a thread bit has so much potential. We need someone who loves darts but have the time to sacrifice for the good of others. Love the people who are running it now but it's too much work to make it what it was.

    [–] Mark your calendars! Squiddef 2 points ago in Darts

    Yep, I was there last night for the guaranteed mystery out. Also Fridays at 8pm.

    [–] Mark your calendars! Squiddef 3 points ago in Darts

    I live in Athens, GA. It's awesome to see a somewhat local event on here. Thank you for posting.

    [–] Lawyer Recommendation for Pos of Marijuana Squiddef 2 points ago in Athens

    Thank you for your reply. This is his 1st ever arrest and he's 28 years old.