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    [–] I finally blocked him Squirrel_force 5 points ago in ExNoContact

    Congrats!!!!!!! This a massive step in the right direction.

    [–] “Mother” and “father” replaced with “parent 1” and “parent 2” in French schools under same-sex amendment Squirrel_force -4 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in worldnews

    What very right leaning positions does Peterson hold?

    Edit: it’s a genuine question. Why am I being downvoted?

    [–] Is the first shock of the cold shower what matters? Squirrel_force 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in coldshowers

    Try it with cold first. Its good for mental training.

    The book The Flinch by Julian Smith is good for this.

    [–] YOU GUYS Squirrel_force 2 points ago in ExNoContact


    I'm so happy for you!! I hope you guys have a blast!

    [–] I love sleep, fuck you. Squirrel_force 3 points ago in TrueOffMyChest

    Sleeping is actually good for yu.

    [–] Social media is bad for our self esteem because we only see other people's life highlights. Let's make everyone feel better: What are some of your low-lights? Squirrel_force 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Look up Carol Dweck's work on growth and fixed mindsets. It would also be a good idea to change your study strategies. Look up Cal Newport's blog Study Hacks. The good news is that most students study extremely suboptimally. This means that there is a ton of room for improvement.

    I was able to go from failing multiple courses and getting C's to getting straight A's in a semester just by changing my strategies in studying.

    Good luck man, you turn this around.

    [–] I’m a Fool Squirrel_force 9 points ago in ExNoContact

    Hey, with rose colored glasses even the red flags just look like flags.

    At least now you realize he's not for you.

    [–] I caved, after a week I texted him. Squirrel_force 2 points ago in ExNoContact

    I don't think you are necessarily back on square one. In fact, now you know what the consequences of breaking NC are, use this as an opportunity to get better.

    Also, you didn't text him first which is something. Don't be so hard on yourself. NC is difficult and a lot of people don't even want to try it.

    [–] I Don’t Want to Move On Squirrel_force 1 points ago in ExNoContact

    Moving on doesn't necessarily mean dating other people.

    Also, this TED talk might help if you haven't seen it already: