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    [–] Reddit Password SrGrafo 597 points ago in funny

    EDIT (and thats already too much information)

    [–] Birthday Boy [TEMPLATE] SrGrafo 1 points ago in SrGrafo

    EDIT (Png version)

    EDIT (Latest video review)

    Next week is my birthday, so I thought it would be fun to review themed submissions on that day,

    remember to post your submissions in /r/SrGrafo and add the "Weekly submission" tag!

    [–] Merch Week #16 SrGrafo 1 points ago in u_SrGrafo

    EDIT (Merch)

    I always end up picking random comments for the merch week, however if there are multiple comments that are similar (tons of penguins/medieval/slimes/etc) I bundle them and make a theme week