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    [–] September pre-Vault SrGrafo 1 points ago in u_SrGrafo

    EDIT (Grafo face)

    EDIT Sushi

    EDIT Pineapple

    EDIT Simple, yet really good

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    [–] Tell me your USERNAME backstory SrGrafo 590 points ago in u_SrGrafo

    In all honesty, I would too but when it comes to my family I draw the line (literally)

    [–] Chloe #191 SrGrafo 114 points ago in chloe

    its complicated, you will see once we get there ._ .

    [–] Chloe #191 SrGrafo 158 points ago in chloe

    Second mostly, there is a story already written for her, so Im trying to find which voice would feel like the Chloe in that story, still its for further in the future but its something important when checking

    [–] Parallel Universe SrGrafo 715 points ago in u_SrGrafo

    EDIT (I felt the same for Fall Guys, except I dont have a son)

    [–] Parallel Universe SrGrafo 372 points ago in u_SrGrafo

    EDIT (7 with Rogue One)

    [–] Parallel Universe SrGrafo 605 points ago in u_SrGrafo

    EDIT (you made me do this)

    [–] Chloe #191 SrGrafo 259 points ago in chloe

    no deadline, I dont want to hurry or rush to a decision, I rather hear as many options as possible before we get the right voice, there is some of the recordings they sent that I keep hearing on repeat and drawing around them until it feels right, will take sometime but we will get there o/

    [–] Chloe #191 SrGrafo 488 points ago in chloe

    Im still getting messages, think will reorganize this (since I dont want to lose pms in inbox, and sometimes inbox explodes but I managed to hear a lot of voices, still pinning down the right one

    [–] Win Win situation SrGrafo 255 points ago in gaming

    EDIT (but yeah, might open a channel to play there)