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    [–] Feel good story. Stealin 11 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Gold worthy

    [–] Wife gave me this juicy pizza-related line Stealin 23 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    What in the absolute fuck is this madness? Who had problems with the circle knife and thought pizza needed this monstrosity?

    [–] AITA for arguing with my dad about finding my underwear in his closet? Stealin 58 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    As a guy who likes wives, I too like it when they wear inappropriate things

    [–] HMC while I relax Stealin 12 points ago in holdmycosmo

    I need this edited with sound and her holding rings

    [–] HMC while I relax Stealin 51 points ago in holdmycosmo

    She took one of those Sonic the Hedgehog falls

    [–] Yes, Trump Obstructed Justice. And William Barr Is Helping Him Cover It Up. Stealin 219 points ago in politics

    I don't think Trump wants anyone who would be impartial anywhere, he's the type that wants "Yes" men surrounding him.

    Prime example being Sessions. Sessions isn't a yes man, despite him being a Trump sympathizer. They have to be willing to defend Trump without a second thought or being told to in hopes that trump will toss good boy scraps their way

    [–] AITAH for giving my sister in law a taste of her own.medicine? Stealin 24 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    My family is full of people who pick on each other, however, we all know the moment we've taken it too far and we apologize immediately.

    Your SIL is just using you as a punching bag, keep punching back imo.

    [–] I took an 8k picture of last night's supermoon through the clouds. Try zooming in to see the surface details Stealin 5 points ago in pics

    I looked so much I began to think the craters kinda made the dickbutt shape and had to just walk away disappointed and defeated

    [–] AITA for telling my boyfriend I don't want a penis? Stealin 0 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    You're right, I didn't think of that because of his emotional overreaction of something seemingly small. It reminded me of some of my gay guy friends, but I think you could have him pegged

    [–] AITA for telling my boyfriend I don't want a penis? Stealin 0 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    He's bi, possibly gay, and was hoping she'd agree so he could use it as a segue into her using a dong on him.

    Most likely he's upset by her denying that simple thing and to him it was actually her denying him the dong experience.

    My guess.

    [–] AITA for not punishing my daughter the way my boyfriend would have liked? Stealin 392 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    Get away from him for the sake of the baby. This type of behavior and his "punishing" mentality is how babies end up dead.

    If he'll do this over a haircut and laughter, imagine the consequences your baby will face for upsetting him.

    [–] My grandson and I take up the #trashtag challenge on Izamu beach in #Fukuoka #Japan Stealin 0 points ago in pics

    Exactly, I'd almost suspect them dumping out those two bags, taking a picture, then putting it back in the bags just for the karma.

    I'm guessing they walked miles to collect those two piles worth of trash myself

    [–] Facebook claims that no one reported New Zealand mosque shootings live video gets challenged Stealin 16 points ago in worldnews

    They don't really have to. Worst case scenario for them they'll end up dodging questions in front of old politicians who don't understand how to check their email.

    [–] Christchurch shootings: Facebook gives new details on NZ attack video Stealin 1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago) in news

    I agree to an extent. Facebook tracks pretty much everything you type, search for, and the sites you visit as well as supposedly listening in on your conversations with messenger. I don't see it being hard for those tools to flag people for extremists and then having their live streams be sent to the front for viewing.

    Don't think it could be automated, but could help in identifying who is being radicalized and the rate at which they are as well as being able to stop live streams sooner.

    [–] First day on the job Stealin -1 points ago in funny

    Or was it gold before it was gilded?

    Seems at least one person thought so

    [–] Tucker Carlson says he’s the victim of a powerful bully. Meet the 24-year-old who found the tapes. Stealin 9 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago) in politics

    "stop shitting yourself!"
    "stop shitting yourself!"
    "stop shitting yourself!"

    [–] Squid Stealin 13 points ago in funny

    He's obviously speechless and didn't say anything. Unfortunately it appears he's textless too

    [–] Native American tribe donates $184,000 to cover funeral costs of people who died in Alabama tornadoes Stealin 25 points ago in news

    I live here in Beauregard. Many churches, mega and local, have been donating money, time, and resources to help people here. They just haven't had the media reporting.

    [–] A Native American tribe will cover the costs of the funerals for all of the Alabama tornado victims Stealin 1 points ago in politics

    I know what people are getting at and I agree to an extent, but when you name a church you're pointing towards everyone, not just the corporate pastor mentality who leads them. Most of the members are good people who were just indoctrinated at a young age.

    The main thing posted on Facebook groups for Beauregard right now is finding family heirlooms that are priceless and irreplaceable to the survivors. No amount of money donated will get those items back to the family (outside of paying a ransom I guess).

    They've found pictures and mail over 15 miles away from highway 38 over in Georgia.

    I don't think you can put a price on people donating their time digging through piles of downed trees and hiking woodland looking for these items and these are the same people who go to those churches.

    [–] A Native American tribe will cover the costs of the funerals for all of the Alabama tornado victims Stealin 0 points ago in politics

    I've seen Billy Graham's trailer here and the are others who have members in the area who have driven from states outside of Alabama.

    Are all there mega churches here? Probably not, but there are members from several.