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    [–] Jeff Bezos everybody 👏 Stealin 5 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    I've got an early 1986 limited edition, never been used, still in the original packaging dick. They don't make them like this anymore, they knew what they were doing back then when they made dicks. It even still has that new cock smell!

    [–] Jeff Bezos everybody 👏 Stealin 14 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    The man could probably buy someone's dick and get it transplanted.

    WTB 11inch dick with amazing girth. $1 billion USD

    He'd have a new dick before the day was out. Hell, I would try to sell him mine if it meant my family would be well off for generations.

    [–] Trump, Forced to Feed Clemson Players With Own Money, Opts for Fast Food Stealin 138 points ago in politics

    I need Obama to invite them all out for a real dinner and then have players from the team tweet about eating real food with a real president.

    [–] Player two has entered the game Stealin 11 points ago in funny

    Or lives close by or drives by and complains. No cop wants to have to deal with the same call all night. He was most likely telling them to fuck off so they would leave his jurisdiction and he wouldn't have to deal with them again later

    [–] Do you hear "I'm a paper chaser" or "I'm a big fucking slut" Stealin 20 points ago in videos

    This is the craziest part to me and that the tone seems to completely change depending on what you choose to hear

    [–] The Weirdest Way you've ever seen to infinitely move in VR Stealin 20 points ago in gaming

    Put someone in a large slightly deflated ball and then have that ball in a giant mouse. Put person inside ball. Have wireless charging shoes that will charge headset via cord up the back. I'm not saying it'll work, but the idea of human hamster balls for vr sounds hilarious

    [–] Trump Outright Ignored Pentagon, State Department Syria Policy in a Big Win for Putin Stealin 5 points ago in politics

    I don't know why people think Trump is intelligent enough to think ahead. Trump is a puppet and without someone's hand up his ass to direct the mouth it just flails about ignorantly.

    [–] Doing a good job vs a bad job takes the same amount of time. Stealin 25 points ago in funny

    The Fedex truck isn't parked in front of the house, it's parked in front of the camera. Opposed to the UPS truck being out of sight and is presumed to be in front of the house.

    I'd guess ad as well

    [–] Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva is a rare mutation where muscle begins to change to bone Stealin 25 points ago in WTF

    Good news is, the aids is suppressing your immune system. Bad news is it's not helping against the disease and now you have aids too

    [–] Dutch fisherman accidentally hauls up two gold bars in his catch. 12,5kg bars, worth around €850K together Stealin 6 points ago in pics

    Actually, professional oceanic gold fisherman here, you just have to find a pile of it and once your net hits the pile you're bound to get a few fall in. The rest will be spread out too flat to get so it's no good to try the same spot twice.

    Hope this helps

    [–] Motörhead Ace Of Spades vs. Notorious B.I.G. Juicy - Lewis Floyd Henry [Rock/Rap/Cover] Stealin 1 points ago in Music

    Agreed, but I'm sure putting a sign up saying not to stop and listen unless you can pay would cause you to miss out on more money than just letting things happen naturally.

    After all, influence and recognition at that level could lead to more money than what someone would ever drop in a hat.

    My own personal opinion would be a cheapening of the experience if I knew the artist didn't want people to stop and listen if they weren't able or willing to pay

    [–] Motörhead Ace Of Spades vs. Notorious B.I.G. Juicy - Lewis Floyd Henry [Rock/Rap/Cover] Stealin 1 points ago in Music

    You would think they'd do it for everyone's enjoyment and in response to that enjoyment people that could pay would pay them.

    If you don't want someone enjoying your music that can't pay for it don't play on the street corner. Plenty of people these days that can't spare the change but could stop and hype your crowd if they were digging what you were dishing

    [–] /u/Decade_Late Points Out How Close Kavanaugh Came to Being Caught in a Lie - With Grassley and Graham Covering. Stealin 0 points ago in bestof

    Pretty sure that is what he reaches into his pocket to press to signal a break around 7:39:00

    As soon as she asks about how the calendars are documented, forward and backward, then he goes on to say most likely any date where he lists people would be backward looking. Meaning the date he lists the people that Ford mentioned at that party was coming up and he didn't want to talk about it.

    That was my take on why she didn't get any more time.

    [–] Eminem's diss track twoards MGK breaks YouTube reccord earning 38.1 millon views in 24 hours! Stealin 46 points ago in Music

    I think the main thing is he isn't clever with weaving his disses in and they fall flat.

    It comes off more like him calling him an old nerd with a weird beard that has millions of dollars and he wishes Eminem would acknowledge him as a rapper because he thinks Eminem is great.

    Also God created the devil and cast him out, MGK dissed himself with his own track title