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    [–] Beyond Good and Evil 2 looks like No Man's Sky but with emptier levels and uglier graphics StephenKingSize -16 points ago in gaming

    I mean WTF?

    Where's Jade? Where's Peij?

    Again a whole 'UNIVERSE open for you to explore...'

    This all might be good stuff (though I personally don't care about it), but what does it have to do with BG&E??

    It looks like Ubisoft simply took one of its prototypes and stuck a label 'Beyond Good and Evil' to it.

    [–] Baby lion meets model StephenKingSize 1 points ago in gifs

    Believe it or not, but I knew from the very first seconds, what's about to happen. I could've bet some money on that.

    Kind of, it's not my first day on the internet, you know.

    [–] We've reached new horizons in computer graphics! StephenKingSize 1 points ago in gaming

    Well, that's a repost and can you guess the year of the original post I wonder...

    [–] White Wolf of the Wall Street StephenKingSize 69 points ago in gaming

    Credit to Maul Cosplay, https://www.faceboo

    [–] Breath of the Witcher. StephenKingSize 0 points ago in gaming

    After so much booze I don't even want to know what this breath tastes...

    [–] Logan fan animation made with GTA V director's mode (by Samkat) StephenKingSize 21 points ago in gaming

    Due to some moronic corporate reasons... Wait, no. I want to leave some space for suspense. Paste any FB link here. Then log-out. And take a look at your comment.