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    [–] Jayrat and Silent Hog. StephenKingSize 8 points ago in gaming

    Goodbye ho-orses!

    [–] Cyberpunk 2077 StephenKingSize 1 points ago in gaming

    Random ass, unrelated to the game.

    [–] Leg Workout. StephenKingSize 0 points ago in gifs

    That aggs...

    [–] Boing! StephenKingSize 1 points ago in gifs

    I think he's pretty used to that.

    [–] Jackie Chan cosplay Chun Li StephenKingSize 2 points ago in gifs

    Oh thank you! This is awesome, I'd watch this movie. To me Jackie and SF exist in separate universes, I didn't know they ever crossed -- in such awesome way!

    [–] Jackie Chan cosplays Chun Li StephenKingSize 1 points ago in gaming

    If anyone has the video -- plz do share. I searched YouTube, googled -- no result.