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    [–] What can you tell me about this Lady Smith? It was my mother’s but is mine now, never shot it and don’t know anything about it. The more info, the better! Stewpid 1 points ago in guns

    This is a nice S&W J-frame 38. Being a revolver, there is no magazine and no safety so those types of failures are non existent with this gun. Those qualities makes this an almost foolproof point and shoot concealed carry weapon or backup. Ammo is relatively cheap and available everywhere guns and ammo are sold.

    These guns commonly sell used for around 200 to 400 depending on condition. These tend to be back up or little use weapons so it is common to see them with holster wear, loss of bluing, light rust and light corrosion.

    [–] Very successful Stewpid 1 points ago in dankmemes

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