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    [–] I don't want to go to church today. The only mass left is in Spanish, which is not my first language. Advice? Stibor_of_Stiboricz 3 points ago * (lasted edited an hour ago) in Catholicism

    My advice is to totally go!

    I am serious!

    Two of my top-ten masses were accidentally showing up for a Korean and then a Spanish mass, as it happened to be what was going on as I walked in. I didn't leave, I stayed.

    You know what I really enjoyed experiencing the difference of it. Not to say which is better of course, just to say that I really enjoyed the Spanish mass, it was very lively, the chorus sang very loud, their instruments were cultural - and I saw a kind of very vivid life going on, which was quite refreshing - children running around in procession, clapping, etc.

    The korean one was a different affair, not a mass per say, but also enjoyable for it's uniqueness. This one was literally a few ladies, a handful, and they were so sweet to me, and we were just taking up a few pews, they prayed in this mesmerizing chanting, I could swear they were just angels!

    Just go! Bring love in your heart, a smile in your head, and peace in your hands. Whatever is there, it will be there for you :)

    [–] [Request] Tea Ball Stibor_of_Stiboricz 2 points ago in BuyItForLife

    That open top design is pretty cool, with the bars sticking out to hold it in place ... and yes it would give room for the leaves to expand and be relatively easier to clean hmm - this I will probably be picking up to try out for sure, thank you.

    [–] [Request] Tea Ball Stibor_of_Stiboricz 1 points ago in BuyItForLife

    would probably go with Le Creu, again for that, i just ordered their teapot ... i have never tried that method for my tea, do you feel it is good?

    [–] [Request] Tea Ball Stibor_of_Stiboricz 2 points ago * (lasted edited 10 hours ago) in BuyItForLife

    I would very much like to delve into the philosophy of tea.

    I appreciate you outlining that philosophy, for consideration.

    All of these things are very important, that you mention.

    I will have to look for something similar, as you can see they won't ship to Poland it automatically tells me that when I click that link, as it does with other things randomly but I will see if I can find a way to import that or find something maybe similar more local.

    My thanks ...

    edit: ordered the John Lewis Le Creuset Stoneware Grand Teapot in Volcanic it's on it's way over here ... yes I do need a litre, I drink quite a bit of tea ( white tea mostly ). Also this will solve the problem of the tea going cold in my cup before it's really done properly seeping ... looking forward to this one!

    [–] [Request] Tea Ball Stibor_of_Stiboricz 2 points ago in BuyItForLife

    oh ha ha ... this explanation is so good and did cause me to smile and make a laugh as this does explain things!

    so we then agree that leaves should not go into the kettle, but yes they can go into the teapot - to use these agreed upon terms!

    I would never have even thought of having an intermediary vessel - the teapot - what a good idea - however there should then be some kind of strainer at the end of the teapot-spout so that the leaves do not pour into your cup?

    hmm - then I would like to be recommended a BIFL "teapot" in addition to an "infuzer" ( of the nicer, canister style [ no balls ] ) as you say this is the key

    i am content already with my "kettle" - it does have a lifetime guarantee, it is porcelain material and quite thick to robust.

    [–] [Request] Tea Ball Stibor_of_Stiboricz 1 points ago in BuyItForLife

    Polski ... I don't know I assumed they were all pretty much the same?

    [–] [Request] Tea Ball Stibor_of_Stiboricz 2 points ago in BuyItForLife

    I would think it would be better to simply get a "larger" size infuser that is designed to drop into any tea-kettle, rather than putting the leaves into the pot directly?

    Aside from, that is just how I believe I would like to have my tea-routine go ( no loose leaves inside the pot itself ) I would think that maybe physiologically there is an undesirable change to boil the leaves along with the water, rather than adding them right after the boil is finished?

    [–] [Request] Tea Ball Stibor_of_Stiboricz 1 points ago in BuyItForLife

    yes i provided the "tea ball" example so that people would know what I am talking about ... i agree they are too small for the reason you mentioned, there are larger infuser types like these but these ones are "made in china" so ... being say the UK for example is a big tea drinking country - I would like to purchase a similar or even higher quality infuser that is made there instead. also i do not like the "plastic" cup for that design, or the "wire mesh" and plunger/seal ... i do not see that lasting "for life" ... i would rather have all solid stainless steel, or even pure silver - gold plated if they have it, where say for example the "moving part" would be a sturdy threaded cap

    will need to have international shipping to Poland.

    [–] [Request] Tea Ball Stibor_of_Stiboricz 2 points ago * (lasted edited 11 hours ago) in BuyItForLife

    something like this or literally just a teapot?

    [–] The answer I received to the question: Stibor_of_Stiboricz -6 points ago in freemasonry

    My response to the answer:

    I appreciated this series of answers, given as a kind of impromptu dialogue I was privy to observe. It was more informative than one might imagine, though of course for others - a failure to imagine is an unfortunate consequence of an inescapable inherent nature that does limit the ability to subsume information that - as is discussed, comes from not only that place of life between the beginning and end - but also the physical middle of your existence if such a thing were able to be as it should be, weighted as if on a scale - this imagination is as shakespeare might say from the heart, not the head or hands, although necessarily of course the beginning and end, the head and hands do also have their way, such as is the headless horseman ... does use his hands to guide the reigns, yet his direction is determined by his heart, and he has masterfully put away his head, so that he may see both where and why he is going.

    How is it that I have experienced these things, without any aid of fellow rider - and if that is the case, who is to say mastery of what already is, if mastery is a well worn, rutted, and grooved path - is not therefore then mastery - which leads in question to the necessity of institution ... which would seem only to be to collect those that can and have both already understood and experienced these things, similar, very, and otherwise - such as the effect of gathering up a group of candles into a bundle in order to see if the combined lumens could possibly illuminate some other further reach, a breach, or some place beyond that which a single candle could not ...

    Is it pride, to think my candle is brighter - even among those who have already gathered themselves as such? To see them drip on, and go about the caves - they from their perspective, unaware in fact the stone has already been rolled! Damn - and I even rolled it back, something only an Angel should be able to do - and put forth into that chamber among the filtered few a blazing, roaring, wild light - which instantly illuminated every recess, into holes unknown to have even existed previously, yet instead of thanks and praise the lightbringer is scorned, and they do chase off the spirit, and roll the stone back into place collectively, from the inside, and go back to the silvery ceremonies ...

    To the last comment claiming that mystical pathways through the universe do not exist: I will refrain from going into what a fascinating extra-information you have provided me there, when the question was where are we going - as you have given me, probably unknowingly - the answer of the "what" in regards to this kind of travel - and the preceeding was part of a discussion on the "how of the what" ... and we all know the "why" of it ... ( why is the easiest ).

    I disagree that there are not mystical pathways through the universe, I do think that they exist - I should say, I know that they exist - because I have used and use them. So, is it your own personal opinion or masonic dogma that you are claiming that has in it's ultimate fruition of combined candlelight of wisdom decided that no such thing certainly does not exist? If so, I think I have decided where I will not seek light ( a place of darkness ) - clarify, or mote it be?

    [–] The answer I received to the question: Stibor_of_Stiboricz -12 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in freemasonry

    edit: i've been banned for this post.

    /u/1dle-prince claims his response was photoshopped ... but yet does still insist there are no mystical pathways in freemasonry, which makes my summary which was made in good faith ( to remove extraneous information to cool down the passions here to have real discussion ) correct and true.

    also this user and the moderator ( who is quick to agree of course, as it suits his fancy to delete me from this sub ) have stated I photoshopped my question, but again I only removed extraneous information to cool down the passions here to have a real discussion ... the only thing I can see that is possibly left out would be the point where I prefaced the question with "the highest levels of you always end with" ... and the responses did play off that word "end" in that context ... for that I apologize, I do believe in fair play as it were, although to say that this is evidence of trying to be underhanded is a stretch.

    edit edit:

    You're presumption that our fraternity is made up of power-brokers possessing ancient and timeless magical secrets, is flattering.

    I am not responsible for the bruise you have received from the countless who came before me which made my question so sore - I do think it is clear that you have added much more here about my presumptions than I ever inferred. But, responding with passion to defend the craft is tempting ... that humility thing that /u/Aeelorty mentions is important to keep close in such matters.

    I'd LOVE it if Freemasonry was more than aesthetically connected to them ...sic ( mystery schools ) sic... But, it's not. It's just MODELED in that style.

    So, my response here would be to question the difference between the imitation of a thing - and the actual thing itself.

    And further, consider that it is possible, if not probable - that if indeed such a thing as the content contained in such Mysticism is true - even such an ancient thing as say Animism of colours, shapes, words, movement - etc - then it therefore follows that even an aesthetic imitation of such thing would still yet be suitable to provide effects similar if not the same as the original thing of mystical quality of action/symbol itself in it's own domain.

    Therefore, how is not the admission of freemasonry using the aesthetics of the mystery schools, not an admission that freemasonry is in itself a mystery school? You say this is not so. Explain?

    edit edit edit:

    If slap a Mercedes Benz logo on my Saturn, it doesn't make it a Benz.

    One could argue that it does.

    We would have to determine what exactly makes the Mercedes Benz a Mercedes Benz, or the "ness" of it - as it were. Perhaps, all a Mercedez Benz actually is, is the hood ornament. Maybe I could crown my Christmas Tree with a Mercedez Benz ornament and it would become a Mercedez Benz.

    Oh, a tree doesn't have tires? Well, let's define tires then: they roll you from one place to the next, carrying weight ... Okay well so does a log, when you roll it across the ground.

    I could keep deconstructing, but you get the point, we land into sophistry and the "what is justice" dialogue we are all familiar with.

    I would also say that it at least makes your Saturn have the appearance of a Mercedes Benz - which would then beg a host of questions: why not just be a Saturn, if you are really a Saturn - why wear the icons of a Mercedez?

    [–] Facebook is suggesting mobile users 'Protect' downloading a Facebook-owned app that tracks their mobile usage Stibor_of_Stiboricz 1087 points ago in nottheonion

    Is Zuckerberg completely oblivious to the dissonance here?

    This is the company that ran psychological tests on people like nazis, gaslighting them into emotional reactions of false realities they artfully constructed, to observe their reactions of manipulation ... many had religious psychosis ( putting false tribulation theme to their feed ) some died, hard to prove ...

    So, selling a "Security" product under a different name, that is secretly actually a Facebook company that harvests all of your data and information such as browsing history is small potatoes.

    Statistically the technologically illiterate, a growing majority of their userbase, will download and install the app without reading any fine print while maintaining their informational facebook isolation bubble and never hear anything about it otherwise - and they will go years and years into the future providing them with a record of all of their mobile data, which is of course for sale - all the while thinking they are "Protected" but their intention was raped.

    "They trust me, those dumb fucks" - Zuck