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    [–] Tooth and Nail Combos StickyRobot 5 points ago in EDH

    [[Gisela, the Broken Blade]] and [[Bruna, the Fading Light]]. Yeah yeah infinite combos are cool if you hate playing magic but have you ever summoned an Eldrazi Angel monstrosity? This is EDH, get weird.

    [–] Discover Pokemon in the Real World! I made Life-Size Statues for trainers to enjoy! :D StickyRobot 208 points ago in pokemongo

    What the fuck. I was expecting a Pidgey or something but no, you go hard and make a life size RAYQUAZA?!

    Quit your day job man, I'll pay whatever you want for a life size Tentacruel.

    [–] Maybe Maybe Maybe StickyRobot 1 points ago in maybemaybemaybe

    I tried really hard to not cry. But I did. :(

    [–] [BBD] Battlebond - FULL Image Gallery StickyRobot 2 points ago in magicTCG

    They're selling multiplayer functional reprints of the original duals lol yeah they'll sell.

    [–] Advance Wars A.I Battles Andy vs Max (Keyhole Cove Map) StickyRobot 2 points ago in Advance_Wars

    You can set Youtube's speed to 2x, which makes this a bit easier to watch. This is great, I'd love to see more!

    [–] How do I design effective ships in 2.0? StickyRobot 2 points ago in Stellaris

    Ignore what he said, just mass Kinetic Battleships.

    Accuracy is for chumps. Throw enough battleships into a star system and the enemy won't even reach you before kinetic rounds shred their hulls into stardust.

    [–] [BBD] Grothama, All Devouring (From MagicMics) StickyRobot 1 points ago in EDH

    So you're going to run other cards to give it Trample? A three card combo is shitty. Instead run things that actually have Trample / evasion and use the extra deck space to run better effects like extra combat steps, [[Berserk]] etc.

    If you run Grothma you're doing it for the card draw but even that Xenagos has better options.

    [–] Mana vault StickyRobot 1 points ago in EDH

    Yeah I hear that all the time. "My multicolor deck has no need for generic mana" yet any deck I ever use, even 5 color Jodah, makes Sol Ring work just fine. If the burst mana isn't worth it and you'd rather play the long game fine but colorless value rocks like Sol Ring and Mana Crypt are basically always worth it even in slower decks.

    [–] A pair of Liopleurodon, carnivorous marine reptiles growing some 20ft long. StickyRobot 10 points ago in Naturewasmetal

    I definitely didn't read what sub this was before clicking. My heart stopped for a moment.

    [–] Hopefully, Sometime in the Future... StickyRobot 1 points ago in PacificRim

    I like Uprising. It wasn't terrible.

    But whoever decided to kick out Del Toro and remove the theme song should be fired from whatever job they had.

    [–] Mana vault StickyRobot 2 points ago in EDH

    It's good for a quick burst and if your deck is built around fast wins it is an auto include. It's basically a Dark Ritual in any color.

    The downside is if your playgroup and deck is slower and you have 10+ turn games you may have the thing sit around pinging you for quite a bit. Then again you can always untap it if you can spare the mana.

    To answer your question most decks can run this just fine.

    [–] Stellaris very quickly turns from Star Trek to Warhammer 40,000 StickyRobot 21 points ago in Stellaris

    It's that moment when you run out of expansion space and realize your friendly pacifist buddies next door actually have a lot of really nice planets...

    [–] [BBD] Fumble (easiest anti-Voltron answer) StickyRobot 1 points ago in EDH

    Voltron just falls over and dies to basically any number of things. It's honestly a really weak strategy most of the time.

    However I really do like this card. Bouncing a problem creature means it will never be a dead draw while stealing some dangerous equipment is a nice bonus. Not bad for 2 cmc.

    [–] Security troops on US nuclear missile base took LSD StickyRobot 1 points ago in Military

    They can't launch anything without outside signals so while firing them is the right decision it's not like we were at the brink of a nuclear apocalypse for this.

    [–] [BBD] Grothama, All Devouring (From MagicMics) StickyRobot 0 points ago in EDH

    Bad in Xenagos. Xenagos makes things big but he doesn't actually give things evasion. Flying Trample etc. Yeah you can run cards that do that but then you're just wasting deck space that could have been saved by just running dragons / trampling wurms in the first place.

    [–] [BBD] Grothama, All Devouring (From MagicMics) StickyRobot 1 points ago in EDH

    Nah it's shit in Xenagos. Just a big beater with a downside. Xenagos makes things big but what he can't do is give them evasion. Your 10/10 gets blocked by a 1/1 even if it's a 40/40. Xena likes pumping dragons or trampling monsters.

    [–] [BBD] Grothama, All Devouring (From MagicMics) StickyRobot -2 points ago in EDH

    Xenagos wants Trample / Flying / etc. Xenagos makes beaters bigger but what he can't do is force things to connect.

    [–] Battlebond is the set of my dreams StickyRobot 1 points ago in EDH

    The rest of the cards could be literally trash but I'll still be excited for the new dual lands. You've stolen my heart again, Wizards.