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    [–] Stellaris is currently getting review bombed on steam because of the 2.0 update. StickyRobot 31 points ago in Stellaris

    Play with tech costs set low, and cheat hella hard with console commands. Set difficulty to easy.

    It really helps with learning the new mechanics.

    [–] What would you do with infinite colored mana in Naya? StickyRobot 1 points ago in EDH

    Not really. Nuking all your opponents cards is basically gg. If they don't scoop at that point they either have some kind of plan to break the lock or are just salty and dumb.

    There's like a million ways to end the game with infinite mana. This one isn't any meaner than say, a lethal [[Earthquake]] or something.

    [–] Michio Kaku: To Aliens, Humans Aren't Much More than 'Forest Animals' - The famed physicist isn't too worried about first contact. StickyRobot 4 points ago in Futurology

    What do you seriously think aliens never at any point of their history had an industrial period? Progress takes time.

    As if chimps or buffalo give a fuck about the environment, they just lack the ability to change it.

    [–] Fair point StickyRobot 1 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    The shooting lasted 6 minutes. How long did it take them to actually arrive on scene? It was likely over way before they even showed up.

    [–] What is your total fleet power at end game crisis? StickyRobot 1 points ago in Stellaris

    In 1.9 I aimed for 1 million fp by 2400. It isn't super hard with a one planet challenge. You basically spend the first 100 years building the science nexus and researching everything including a few decades of repeatables. Spend the next 50 expanding to multiple planets and habitats, then the last 50 just massing Battleships.

    5x crisis strength leads to swarms of 700k enemy fleets. It's brutal but super fun since the end game crisis should actually end the game. If you win the rest of the galaxy is usually in ruins so you can easily win right after.

    [–] With 2.0 on the horizon what is your first empire going to be? StickyRobot 1 points ago in Stellaris

    Tomb world machine empire start. I'm just going to role play Chrysalis as best I can.

    [–] Funny story or bad sportsmanship? StickyRobot 2 points ago in EDH

    I had that exact situation play out with my group. A combo player went off turn 3... For the second game in a row. He won for sure and he had the better deck but he also [[Mox Sapphire]] his way into a turn 2 [[Timetwister]] so I kind of don't know what he expected?

    I have no issues with players with low tier decks playing on after a cEDH combo deck goes off. If you're basically seal clubbing what is the point? Either slap together a 75% deck or find a playgroup that you won't ruin in single digit turns.

    [–] Rescued beaver gathering tools to build his dam StickyRobot 38 points ago in Eyebleach

    Idk I live in Maine and the possum I saw was adorable.

    [–] Join the Commonwealth Navy! StickyRobot 24 points ago in Stellaris

    I'll pay some money for one of these

    [–] Rescued beaver gathering tools to build his dam StickyRobot 169 points ago in Eyebleach

    Most mammals are cute to us. Especially Opossums. Bwah.

    [–] Is Dragon Broodmother worth the cost? StickyRobot 3 points ago in EDH

    Oh my god. I just Googled that and it has changed my life. I would give you Reddit gold if I cared enough to.

    No more selecting / "search google for" ever again!

    [–] Do you have an EDH White Whale? StickyRobot 1 points ago in EDH

    A decent Boros decks. I know Boros is weak but the lack of card draw just ends every game with me top decking.

    I run expensive mana rock / draw, I'm not afraid to play dirty with mass land destruction... but Boros is just weak.

    [–] Top U.S. officials tell the world to ignore Trump’s tweets StickyRobot -1 points ago in worldnews

    Yeah but most people voted Trump because they liked the dumbass things he was saying. Republican logic often can be simplified to "Everything is fine, and everything that isn't fine is someone else's fault".

    [–] What is the most iconic ship in Stellaris? StickyRobot 3 points ago in Stellaris

    I would go with standard Mammalian Battleship. Even if we don't actively know it, it is probably the ship we see the most of.

    [–] What's the dumbest thing you've done in Stellaris? StickyRobot 7 points ago in Stellaris

    That was three fleets plus their portal battle station thing. The individual roving murder fleets only had around 700,000 fp, unless they decided to group them in which case having 1.5 mil- 2m glassing a planet wasn't unusual.

    It was a blast though lol. 10/10 would get ruined again.

    [–] Need a fun 75% commander. StickyRobot 2 points ago in EDH

    [[Xenagos, God of Revels]]. Costs like 10 bucks. Fill the rest of the ramp with mana ramp and any tutors you can afford. With Xenagos on the field anything with power 4 or greater is a beater. You can make the deck very cheaply and still have it perform well while not being hideously broken.

    [–] What's the dumbest thing you've done in Stellaris? StickyRobot 23 points ago in Stellaris

    I set the end game crisis to 5x power. I built a mighty 600k fleet of Battleships with guardians of the galaxy. I was confident.

    Then the Unbidden spawned in with well over 3 million fleet power. The galaxy was devoured. Ops.

    [–] Best mono black experience commander? StickyRobot 6 points ago in EDH

    Because they probably have never used her nor will they waste the money building a useless deck. But they have no problem suggesting it when they have nothing to lose.

    [[Torpor Orb]], [[Sundial of the Infinite]], and [[Platinum Angel]] are the three main ways of getting her into play. Phage herself is 7 mana so she is very, VERY slow. What are you going to do when you get her into play? She's a 4/4 with deathtouch so you need unblockability somehow. [[Rogue's Passage]] and cards that give Fear / Intimidate work. You also need Haste unless you want to give all players a full turn to respond.

    Also if someone kills Torpor Orb or Platinum Angel while Phage is on the stack you just instantly lose lol.

    If you want to play black do something less bad and janky. Plenty of weird commanders if you want to be original but Phage is just all around terrible.

    [–] Best mono black experience commander? StickyRobot 4 points ago in EDH

    Because she is weak and very predictable. If your opponent's play smart they won't be hit by her. You can only even play her with a few specific cards and once your opponents know what they are you will become basically irrelevant.

    [–] Kangaroo strikes back against hunters and breaks man's jaw StickyRobot 1 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in news

    I think the animals should really think this through. We're very good at making things go extinct and most of the time we aren't even trying.

    [–] Best mono black experience commander? StickyRobot 4 points ago in EDH

    Don't run Phage. If you play her from the command zone you immediately kill yourself. To actually put her into play you need to use a handful of tricks available to black that nullifies her CIP ability, then find some way for her to actually connect with someone.

    It's honestly just trash. If you want a "blackest of the black" type commander just run [[Erebos, God of the Dead]]. Just ramp with cards that make swamps worth more like [[Cabal Coffers]] or [[Crypt Ghast]] and finish the game with [[Torment of Hailfire]] or something.

    [–] Card discussion: Sylvan Tutor StickyRobot 4 points ago in EDH

    It isn't a bad card but it is expensive and in THE creature tutor color. For the price of one Sylvan Tutor you could literally fill your deck with other, better Green tutors.

    If budget is no issue I guess it's functional.