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    [–] I killed my pet iguana StoicSalamander 2 points ago in confession

    I don't quite agree with this, but I do half-agree. Many snakes and lizards are very easy to care for and thrive in captivity, but the info pet stores give you is almost 100% of the time wrong, so they take more research and care than an average animal. But why would the average person not trust the employee at a pet store? They are supposed to be the authority. So, a lot of times the animals don't make it or do well. However, with proper care many of them do wonderfully.

    Some exotics I will concede don't belong in captivity. I'm not a fan of wild-caught (most are captive bred) for ones that are especially rare because we just don't know the proper way to care for them, as well as anything endangered. a lot of reptiles that have really specific and complicated care requirements should at the very least have a major vetting process to buy, and should not be sold at petsmart. snakes like reticulated pythons that get big enough to kill a man really have no business in private household ownership.

    I think it's a more complicated issue than we should or shouldn't own them. Instead of talking people out of it, I think we should try to educate more and better.

    [–] 64 plants into two 4x8 boxes. Am I insane? StoicSalamander 3 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in UrbanGardening

    I over planted by way less than this last year and many plants just died or did not produce because the fast growers choke out the rest. not to mention the absolute pain of trying to get between them, and the higher instance of things like rot that happen in plants spaced so close (and the fact that it's harder to spot).

    Yes, that's too much, by a lot. Look at the back of the seed packets - the amount of space recommended seems like a lot but it's actually very accurate in the end. What looks like a lot of space isn't as much as it seems when it comes to planting!

    EDIT to add: the other year I had a 15X20 foot plot. I had a tomato, eggplant, three pepper varieties, zucchini, and cantaloupe and watermelon. That's all that, and it was too much. It worked, but my yields were hugely reduced because plants were mashing into each other for light.

    [–] Weekly Questions & Discussion Thread (March 17, 2019) StoicSalamander 1 points ago in taiwan

    Any chance you know what the style of it is called so I could maybe find it somewhere else? My professor (who took us on the study abroad trip, used to live there) said they don't usually list everything they have but it isn't like I can go back and look! I'd be down to buy a different one but I can't find any similar.

    [–] Weekly Questions & Discussion Thread (March 17, 2019) StoicSalamander 3 points ago in taiwan

    A few years ago i bought this little tea set at the National cultural and Creative Gift Center. I spent HOURS there, mostly on the floor that was entirely hundreds of tea sets. It is a perfect steeper for the tea I bought there, because it steeps a good amount of tea per cup for just me and I can use it for multiple steeps without getting too full of tea. Large soup can for scale (bigger than regular cans by a bit). I would get a pot of hot water, brew a cup and it was perfect to drink up before it was cold, and larger than the really small tea cups that are common.

    Well, the cat knocked it over. It cracked. I can't for the life of me find out where to get a new one, or what style of tea set it is to look. I would kill to go back to that store and spend another few hours there but obviously that isn't possible.

    Can anyone help? I don't know where to look and I really miss using it. :(

    [–] Full size 1” square scrap quilt -fun to make and useful, too! #shyviolent StoicSalamander 10 points ago in quilting

    Can I ask if you sewed them together individually? Or did you sew strips together and cut them at 1" intervals?

    [–] Good, thanks! And you? StoicSalamander 2 points ago in comics

    I did something similar! Rolled an ankle in the woods. Heard it tear, hobbled home in excruciating pain, and waited patiently for mom to come home and said "mom I think I broke my ankle"

    turns out I just ripped the shit out of everything in it but still.

    [–] Metal AF StoicSalamander 2 points ago in wholesomememes

    I literally just posted this in the comments but same story here, except it was me and my friend (15 yo girls at the time). They didn't want us to get smashed into the rail. Braced on that railing without a word as soon as it started. Was super nice of them!

    [–] Metal AF StoicSalamander 1 points ago in wholesomememes

    Me and my best friend went to metal concerts starting when we were 15ish. Two little blonde girls among the sea of mostly male metalheads. Usually wormed our way up to the very front. One time a pit started behind us, and both of us got slammed into the railing. We ignored it, knowing it was a part of concerts, but the two guys behind us braced an arm on the rail in front of us and took the brunt of it so we wouldn't get destroyed.

    It was incredibly nice of them. I caught a pick from the guitarist and handed it back to the guy behind me as a thank you, and he was ecstatic.

    Metal concerts are full of the best kind of people, imo.

    [–] My very first pet! Im so damn happy!!! I apologize for the sound in the background its a water pump lol :) StoicSalamander 1 points ago in aww

    This is amazing! Both of my kitties were strays too. Especially since she was wild, if you are going to let her go outside itis a really, really good idea to get her microchipped and maybe a collar with a tag. You never know if she'll wander off again and someone else picks her up.

    I'm happy for you, she looks so playful and curious :) she likes your shoelaces because they dangle and wiggle. Keep strings away from her, so she doesn't eat them!

    [–] RUMOR: Nintendo is reviving a "very officially cancelled" game that is "not one people would expect" StoicSalamander 5 points ago in NintendoSwitch

    If it's scalebound I'm going to be so happy. I was actually considering buying an Xbox solely for that game, because I've been wanting a good game with dragons as a central aspect for a long time now, instead of one where dragons are just an occasional enemy.

    Please be scalebound!

    [–] dumbass abusing an animal and getting bit StoicSalamander 1 points ago in JusticeServed

    I have a few snakes! They're all pretty chill and don't mind being handled. The one I've had the longest will willingly crawl out of his tank onto me. They're just as happy to be left alone, too, but none are aggressive. The poor guy in the video was probably terrified and took his chance against the giant predator he thought was going to kill him.

    [–] A Match Made in Hell (Smaug meets Iskierka) StoicSalamander 2 points ago in DragonCrossovers

    I am just reading through the Temeraire series now and was happy to recognize the reference :D Not many people I know have read them, it seems like one of those series that's amazing but unknown.

    [–] No Worries StoicSalamander 1 points ago in ABoringDystopia

    Plasma donation is how I get my spending money, as I can't quite swing splurging money on things I don't need like bills and stuff with work money, since that's pretty tight as it is. So, I donate plasma and feel less guilty spending it on stuff

    [–] The Wheel of Time TV Series to Start Production in Fall 2019 StoicSalamander 5 points ago in books

    I think the series will jar how everyone thinks the names and words are said. I never read them, I listened to them on audiobook at work. It wasn't until later my mom (who had read them) and I were talking about the series and she had a different pronunciation for EVERY name, sometimes vastly so, and then I had to go look at the book and turns out the spelling for the names and proper nouns is WACK and looks NOTHING like it should be said sometimes.

    The only audio books I have ever listened to (I love reading too much) and I'm actually glad I did.

    [–] Beyond cold StoicSalamander 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in Wellthatsucks

    I worked EMS for the playoffs here in MN when it was vs. the Seahawks. It was fucking cold. -30something with wind, idk what the wind chill was but it was miserable. Dangerous to be outside and it was an outside stadium. MN natives were dressed in a ton of layers, socks, handwarmers, hoods, blankets, you name it. I was in three layers of pants, five shirt/jacket layers, two socks, hat, scarf, gloves, handwarmers in every place they fit and in my boots. Those who came from Washington? Not so much. It doesn't get below 30 much there from what they told us. They had absolutely no idea how cold -30 degrees is. They were wearing slip on shoes, dollar store gloves, flannel scarves, and what we in MN would call a spring jacket. They had no basis for what it feels like at -30.

    Hello, that is a full sixty degree difference. Look at the difference between your coldest of 30 degrees and 90 degrees - same difference.

    We treated a LOT of frostnip, chided a lot of people on their converse and lack of attention to the weather warnings, and had more than one person say 'I didn't know it could get this cold, how do you live here?'

    [–] Women of Reddit, what's a common hint that men don't pick up on? StoicSalamander 2 points ago in AskReddit

    That's me at work too! I was ranting about some patron at work who had made wildly sexual remarks towards me and I was just fuming. the phone rang then, and while usually the receptionist answers she'd stepped away so I picked it up and switched to the old "customer service how can I help you today" voice, and when I hung up and turned back my coworker's eyes were like dinner plates. He said "Jesus I swear to god that was two totally separate people right there"

    [–] My cat realizing I am watching him do what I have repeatedly told him not to do StoicSalamander 2 points ago in aww

    Not at all, actually! But I'd told him to scram a few times already so when he saw me staring at him he knew.

    [–] The lines in my guitar look like either a Yorkie, or the top half of a skull depending on how you look at it StoicSalamander 2 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    Yes it is! It's Zebrawood. My dad bought it for me many years back, I absolutely adore it. I think it plays very well - I've not played any high end guitars, though, so I don't have much of a comparison. It holds it's tune wonderfully and is a joy to play. Absolutely one of my favorites of all my instruments. I'm impressed you recognize it so fast, do you work at a guitar retailer? Or just an enthusiast?

    [–] Harry Potter Bookcase Quilt WIP StoicSalamander 17 points ago in quilting

    I can't imagine how much work has gone into that quilt. It's incredible!

    [–] My cat realizing I am watching him do what I have repeatedly told him not to do StoicSalamander 1 points ago in aww

    No, he only wanted to toss it around but I still don't want to encourage it. I don't have it just 'laying around,' I was using it.