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    [–] The last time Josh Gordon played the Patriots? 7 receptions, 151 receiving yard, and 1 touchdown ⚡️ Stopman 1 points ago in Patriots

    That was 2013. If you wanted me to be more specific though, he’s not a top 3 WR in 2018. I guess I kinda thought that was implied.

    [–] Might be a wet and windy one down in Jacksonville on Sunday Stopman 1 points ago in Patriots

    The game is on the 16th, Jacksonville looks totally fine that day

    [–] DOCS HOUSE GETS SHOT AT Stopman 1 points ago in LivestreamFail

    Why does he wear a wig?

    [–] A lot can change in Three years!! Stopman 19 points ago in lgbt

    Is any question really fair game? Because I have a few that I swear are meant to be totally innocent questions, but when I say it in my head I sound like an old grandpa asking inappropriate things to a gay couple.

    [–] Post Game Thread: The New England Patriots defeat The Houston Texans 27-20 Stopman 1 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago) in Texans

    Got one more shot, could be a very different game the second time around. Lots of room for improvement on both teams.

    EDIT I’m actually really really drunk and thought I was on the Bills subreddit. I’m not even sure why I thought the Bills were playing. My bad, the Texans probably won’t play the Pats again this season.

    They might though, in the playoffs. And if they do, there’s lots of room for improvement, etc, etc, etc.

    [–] What does the slang about "dropping a dime" mean? Stopman 5 points ago in NFLNoobs

    You’re pretty much right, but you’re also overthinking it a bit. A “dime” is often synonymous with a “10”. As in a 10 out of 10 throw.

    [–] LADIES: What insecurities do you often see in men that woman couldn’t care less about? Stopman 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I completely disagree. I don’t know why an hour in the gym every day (which would be an excessive amount to begin with) would somehow leave no room for anything else.

    And...I would not only consider personal health to be ‘important stuff’, but particularly important as you get older. What exactly were you referring to that’s so much more important to spend one’s time on? At least pressing enough that you couldn’t spare even an hour?

    [–] The doctor is in Stopman 35 points ago in HistoryMemes

    Well when you put it like that