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    [–] The biggest issue with PVP 515 gear that I haven't seen talked about Storm_Worm5364 6 points ago in thedivision

    Div2 is genuinely taking on the EXACT same path Destiny 2 took at launch.

    • Sequel comes out, most people think it's fine for the first month (until they spend a couple dozens of hours at end-game and see how it really is).

    • After the first month, people notice that the sequel not only ignored nearly everything learned from the previous game, but also removed/restructured how the RPG-elements worked to a more casualized/less "true-RPG" way. And the changes aren't working in the game's favor AT ALL.

    • Devs think they know better than the community, and "ignore" what the community is saying (not necessarily ignore, but they hear the feedback in a warped way, so they address it by doing things that the community actually didn't ask for, leaving everyone question-marking the devs).

    • Following months the devs make the game take a nosedive because they are infatuated with balancing everything down (nerfs), and letting everything that genuinely sucks ass stay where it is (for the most part). The whole "FUN DETECTED" meme.

    • Devs finally see the huge decline in numbers, and turn the ship around towards not only reworking what's shit, but try to balance everything upwards ("Are people using this because it's genuinely OP, or because the rest is trash? Oh, it's actually because the rest is pretty bad... Let's address that first, then!")

    • Devs rework most of the main RPG systems, active community is happy and genuinely enjoying a good game. But the community never really recovers from the nosedive the game took in the first months, post-launch. Most of the people that left either moved on, got burned on release and actively avoid the game, are playing other things.

    The last 2 points haven't really happened, yet. But let's be real... All the signs are there. And if they continue to be there, it's going to happen. Hell, this also happened with Div1, but the difference is that this is a sequel, and it shouldn't be happening (much like Destiny 2 at release).

    [–] Slag is confirmed GONE Storm_Worm5364 58 points ago in Borderlands

    but I've been hoping it will be player useable.

    The reveal trailer shows off cryo weapons in first-person.


    I'm also worried, but not because of cryo. The problem with slag wasn't that it was just a debuff that made enemies more vulnerable... It was the fact that you basically needed it in order to actually make any significant progress in UVHM...

    They are replacing slag with the same thing, but now with a DoT component to it (hell, didn't slag already have DoT as well)? They are really only changing the name of the element.

    The question still remains, however... Will Nuclear be required to make UHVM (or BL3's equivalent) enjoyable?

    [–] If dropping 515 gear in the DZ is gonna be a thing then it's only logical if Heroic difficulty drops it as well Storm_Worm5364 20 points ago in thedivision

    The problem is that the DZ is just boring. The DZ is just a tiny part of this game.

    This will basically just invalidate Bounties, Challenging Missions, Heroic Missions, Invaded Missions, Strongholds, World Bosses, Daily missions, Control Points (outside of blueprints), etc. All this content will go unused, and replaced with Landmarks. Boring ass Landmarks...

    At least Heroics should drop 515. This way you would make it so Level 4 Control Points, Heroic difficulty, and the hardest Bounties were all useful. But as it stands, this GS increase will just kill off content that's not even 2 months old.

    [–] Slag is confirmed GONE Storm_Worm5364 19 points ago in Borderlands

    Yup. That was the problem. UVHM+ basically required Slag, and since UVHM had unique loot, people wanted to play UVHM.

    Gearbox said that the game was balanced with TVHM in mind and that UHVM was there for people that wanted more of a challenge. But they then went ahead and added unique loot to UVHM as well. So, obviously, everyone went for UVHM because it has more loot...

    The only thing Slag needed was to not be required to always be used on enemies in order to do any significant damage. Which is why this announcement doesn't really say anything because it only really confirms that Slag is now called Nuclear. Not that Nuclear won't be required to enjoy UVHM+, which was the problem people had in the first place.

    [–] There is more than just "they nerfing all DPS" on PTS Storm_Worm5364 9 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in thedivision

    Thing is, if you aren't running those talents right now, then you're not doing any builds because only DPS builds are viable. And if you're not running any builds, then YOU SHOULD be suffering.

    This game isn't Gears of War. It isn't GTA, either. It's supposed to be an RPG. And if you're hurting the people that are playing your game by the rules instead of the people that just hop in and are oblivious to your game, then you're just gonna end up killing your game.

    Massive is balancing the game around not having builds, which is blatantly clear, and it's why everyone's upset. Because building your RPG game around having those RPG systems being as unintrusive as possible to the people that just want to equip the highest Gear Score and move on has literally never worked for ANY game of this kind.

    Health, Armor and Skill all need a complete rework, because they are not even worth looking at, right now (this is coming from a person with 240+K Stamina and 1.5K Skill). This includes all the Talents that focus on health/armor/skill. They are basically all about killing something in order to gain a buff to your Armor/Skill, which is just outright objectively bad design. You don't make Tank talents that require you to kill shit. Same with Skill. That's not your job, so that shouldn't be the requirement. This type of design only makes people levitate towards DPS builds. Because more damage = faster killing = more times the "Tank" Talent is used. This is why Talents like Safeguard are getting used in DPS builds, when they were clearly designed with Tank in mind. This also only makes DPS builds stronger because now builds that should have little survivability are utilizing perks meant to be used by Tank builds.

    Tank builds don't exist because the difference between 170K Armor to 220K is virtually non-existent on anything above Hard difficulty (because the enemies do so much damage that those +50K don't matter). Same for Skill builds. Skills are just basically all horrible in every aspect and no one wants to wait 100s+ of cooldown to use something that does as much damage as a mag of an AR, which can be dumped into the enemy in 2-3s.

    [–] If dropping 515 gear in the DZ is gonna be a thing then it's only logical if Heroic difficulty drops it as well Storm_Worm5364 6 points ago in thedivision

    Exactly my point. There is the same incentive to play Heroics as before.

    Not true. There's a reason people want to be 500. The same reason why people are questioning this decision as well, even though they know that 15 GS isn't gonna make or break WT5. Because these games are about getting progressively better, and min-maxing your builds.

    Also, 15 levels is a big enough difference. It's not 2% more damage. I've seen my weapon damage go from like 15K to 18K with a difference lower than 10 GS (think it was from 492 to 499 or 500). That's a ~20% increase.

    [–] There is more than just "they nerfing all DPS" on PTS Storm_Worm5364 9 points ago in thedivision

    I literally made my build in 2 days. Semi min-maxed it in 4 days. Making a build doesn't take you 500 fucking hours. If you can't focus on making a build for the next 10h, then you don't deserve to have an RPG game like The Division listening to your feedback. Because you clearly don't care enough in the first place.

    Focusing on the player that doesn't care enough to become a better player, focusing on the payer that LITERALLY ignores the main focus of your game (the loot) will only kill off your game.

    Look at every game that has tried that, and look at its reception. I can guarantee you those games either died off, are dying off, or changed their ways. Destiny 2 is the perfect example of this. They focused on the average player, the one that just wants to shoot shit and doesn't care about anything else, and surprise surprise, the game greatly suffered from it. To the point where when they reverted their idiotic design choices back to what Destiny 1 was, it finally became a good game, but the playerbase never really recovered. Same happened with The Division 1, to be perfectly honest. The game never recovered from its initial launch, even after Patch 1.4.

    It had enough players to play any content, but you could definitely feel the lack of players. To the point where certain activities were dead unless you were playing them at peak hours (a.k.a. 5p.m. until ~11p.m.).

    [–] If dropping 515 gear in the DZ is gonna be a thing then it's only logical if Heroic difficulty drops it as well Storm_Worm5364 7 points ago in thedivision

    The same incentive you have to keep playing after making one build? What kind of question is that?

    If you play are still playing after hitting ~500 GS, then you're probably making builds. If Heroic dropped 515, you would have the exact same incentive. Make builds. But this time while playing Heroic, because it's dropping things that are 15 GS stronger.

    [–] Slag is confirmed GONE Storm_Worm5364 7 points ago in Borderlands

    The problem is that Slag was forced upon you. It broke gameplay flow and it just didn't feel good at all. Having to switch weapons for every single kill was boring and clunky.

    Slag wasn't a problem until you hit UHVM. But once you hit that difficulty, it was basically required in order for you to make any significant progress. As for OP levels, it was outright a requirement.

    [–] Slag is confirmed GONE Storm_Worm5364 7 points ago in Borderlands

    Having to switch weapons back and forth per enemy didn't make things more difficult. It just broke the flow of gameplay, and made the game tedious.

    I've been playing BL2 Reborn mod, which rebalanced UVHM (as well as basically everything else).

    [–] PSA: You no longer have to double-click through menus on PC on the PTS! Storm_Worm5364 0 points ago in thedivision

    I actually don't like this change for the inventory because it forces you to use your arrows/WASD if you want to check your gear without having to go inside the slot menu.

    You can't scroll down to check your loot stats without selecting the slot. And you can't select the slot with the mouse anymore without going into that slot's menu/inventory (unless you use the arrow keys/WASD).

    [–] Massive, you have to stop following the footsteps of Division 1 by not balancing PvE and PvP seperately. Storm_Worm5364 1 points ago in thedivision

    This is literally an overall nerf to Talents. Basically the only Talents getting a buff are Skill talents, and those aren't gonna be used because not only are Skill builds never going to be viable without a huge rebalance of everything surrounding them, but the way many of these are set up goes against their job. Some Talents require you to get kills in order to receive a buff to your skills. That's just outright bad design. That's not your job as a healer/Skill-user to kill shit. And these Talents will only make you want to do a DPS build because you're gonna be proccing that Talent a lot more if you're a DPS build.

    [–] Slag is confirmed GONE Storm_Worm5364 1 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in Borderlands

    Is everyone as pleased about this as I am?

    The problem with slag wasn't that it was just a debuff that made enemies more vulnerable... It was the fact that you basically needed it in order to actually make any significant progress in UVHM...

    What Randy confirmed here is that they are replacing slag with the same thing, but now with a DoT component to it... Hell, didn't slag already have DoT as well?

    The question still remains, however... **Will Nuclear be required to make UHVM (or BL3's equivalent) enjoyable?**

    [–] Bioware this upcoming livestream is make or break for Anthem. You don't have to add everything in the next update but if you don't at least address the major concerns you'll permanently lose most of your remaining players. Storm_Worm5364 88 points ago in AnthemTheGame

    The difference is that the upcoming Livestream is gonna be the one directly after the biggest silence they have ever had, after the Elysian caches debacle, and the biggest thing of them all >>> after Jason Schreier's article about the development hell that Anthem went through.

    Their next Livestream needs to have a clear vision going forward. Not just another "let's play a Legendary mission or whatever" Livestream with little to no value.

    [–] Am I losing my mind or did Bungie do this on purpose? Storm_Worm5364 8 points ago in DestinyTheGame

    Yes, there is. There are tons of snipers that spawn there.

    As for it being on purpose or not, I think it's a happy coincidence. Bungie would've had something on the sides of the bridge, even if it wasn't those triangle shapes. Because otherwise, the Bridge encounter would look a bit too empty (literally just a bridge with nothing around it).

    [–] Am I losing my mind or did Bungie do this on purpose? Storm_Worm5364 6 points ago in DestinyTheGame

    Because Destiny doesn't use live reflections on water at all times. Unless it's a big body of water, or water where having live reflections would be "necessary", they usually just have cube-maps instead (a.k.a. a panoramic "screenshot" of the zone, applied to the puddle).

    [–] Chat metagaming and toxicity on Twitch really needs to stop, it is ruining streams and experiences. Storm_Worm5364 1 points ago in LivestreamFail

    It's a shame that so many people take RP too seriously.

    RP (usually) brings tons of quantity AND quality content. But chats needs to be ignored by all streamers because of all the RP normie frogs that completely fuck it up. Every. Single. Time. If you're streaming RP and don't completely ignore the chat, you will either quit in about 2 weeks or lose your sanity streaming RP...

    [–] Massive: If I can only recalibrate one attribute on gear and weapons can we at least remove the arbitrary cap on that value so we can get the full benefit? Storm_Worm5364 1 points ago in thedivision

    Yup. It's a horrible idea for a looter game, too.

    I just don't understand why they would ever do this in the first place. PvP already has normalization.

    Massive could've had a "smart-cap" system that would only work in normalized activities. This smart-cap system would analyze the rolls on your gear and find out if that piece had multiple min-maxed stats or just one maxed out stat. It would then apply a weaker or stronger cap based on the stats.

    So if you had maxed out Health and Headshot damage (let's say +20K Health and +20% Headshot damage) on that piece, it would bring those stats down by 10% (just an example). But if you only had +6K Health and +18% Headshot Damage, it would only bring those down by 5% (again, just an example). The math there is most likely messed up, but I'm just giving an example on how it would work, not on how much it would cap things, down to the decimals.

    [–] I think heroic difficulty should offer unique rewards so there some incentive for doing it. Some ideas inside. Storm_Worm5364 2 points ago in thedivision

    The hardest difficulty of content should always have unique drops. I'm not saying it should have actual gameplay-changing loot. But vanity items should ALWAYS be there.

    Part of the draw of these looter games has always been about showing off your accomplishments in one way or another. The devs obviously know this too because we got multiple vanity items that are literally just for show. Those are Commendations and the Backpack Trophies (possibly even the skill Special FXs). Tidal Basin has a Heroic Backpack Trophy, but that seems to be the only one.

    [–] The Division 2 - Loot and Progression Megathread Storm_Worm5364 2 points ago in thedivision

    This is the reason why I keep saying that certain missions/strongholds/areas/etc. should have higher changes of dropping certain slots.

    Example: Tidal Basin could have higher chances for Masks, Backpacks, ARs, and Rifles to drop. Capitol Building could have higher changes for Chests, Gloves, Marksman Rifles and SMGs. And so on.

    Or if Massive doesn't want to do that, then at the very least Bounties should drop specific items. So instead of a boss dropping "High-End Item" x3-5, they would drop a random item, but a specific slot piece, a.k.a. a High-End Backpack and a High-End Chest, for example (this would obviously be randomized on a daily/weekly basis.

    [–] The Division 2 - Community Update - Title Update 2.0 & Beyond - April 11th, 2019 Storm_Worm5364 1 points ago in thedivision

    While I agree, speaking about nerfs/buffs and everything those changes bring with them when it comes to games within this genre, I feel like The Division 2 has a more unique problem. That problem is that most of the other perks are never really going to be used, no matter how many buffs they get.And that's because some of them are just so situational or out of the player's control that they will never be used.

    The perfect example I can think of off the top of my head is the "Skilled" Talent (Skill kills have a 35% chance to reset Skill cooldowns). That talent will never be used unless Massive overhauls basically every offensive skill. Even if Massive changed this to a 100% chance of resetting the cooldowns, it's simply too hard to get consistent kills with skills. And it's virtually impossible to get a kill with a skill beyond Hard difficulty...

    Unless you leave enemies at low health, and go out of your way to use a skill on them (while praying that a teammate doesn't finish that enemy off), then you are not getting a skill kill, at all. And if you're doing that, why even bother? You're better off using that Talent Slot for a DPS Talent, and getting a better skill like Healing Chem Launcher... You're not only going to kill enemies faster because you're not purposefully spotting yourself from killing enemies, but you're also just dealing more DPS, getting more healing done not only on yourself but your teammates, and arguably having a much smoother/better time playing the game.

    Many Talents have similar issues to the 'Skilled' Talent. Most of them boil down to being more inconvenient than useful. And that's a problem because of Massive's decision when creating those Talents. Talents, in general, need a re-work. Hell, I would go as far as to say that all the RPG elements that surround stats (main stats, Talents, mods, specialization perks, etc.) need to be looked at in some way or another. Some even require a complete rework...

    [–] This comment from a Respawn dev makes a lot of very good point that totally apply to Destiny. Storm_Worm5364 11 points ago in DestinyTheGame

    That's not the issue. The issue here is that the truly new stuff we get is on Eververse, which shows us where Bungie's priorities are, a lot of the time, when making Seasonal updates. Same can be seen with the upcoming Revelry event, where Eververse gets a new set while the "gameplay" set is yet another reskin.

    There's also the problem of the Eververse armor never being something that you're really gonna use due to how unlikely it is to have the perks you want, making it worthless, most of the time.

    This then creates yet ANOTHER problem. The only source that's getting true refreshes every Season is built in a way where those refreshes are virtually worthless from the get-go.

    In other words: The sets that get the most work are the most worthless ones. And if someone doesn't see how ridiculous that sounds, then I don't know what to tell you. But I doubt that Eververse armor is selling engrams left, right and center... My bet's on emotes and ornaments.