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    [–] Sources: Gen.G Targeting BnTeT as Permanent Fifth Player for CS:GO Roster StormtrooperAiming 2 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    Yeah that's why I thought it. Like the two players with the best awp.on this team is bntet and Tim and out of the two I'd say bntet is the better option.

    [–] Sources: Gen.G Targeting BnTeT as Permanent Fifth Player for CS:GO Roster StormtrooperAiming 5 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    i would imagine Daps got given a choice of players and saw the most in s0m. Hopefully he can make him into a good player

    [–] s0m on Gen.G Confirmed StormtrooperAiming 215 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    Na is either really exciting and hyped or the biggest disappointment there is in roster moves. It'll be interesting to see how this project goes.

    [–] Gen.G announce new roster StormtrooperAiming 2 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    Been a fan since just before stew and it's sad to wave goodbye the to c9 flag ngl

    [–] Potentially able to draw on the map again soon? StormtrooperAiming -9 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    Tbh the Dev team and the social media team are probably different so idk this could be a meme but I hope not

    [–] All I Want For Christmas Is Aleksib (Stiletto) StormtrooperAiming 22 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    I find it so crazy that loads of teams do badly cos they dont have a good IGL (faze for example before cold) and ence thought it would be a good idea to just kick theirs

    [–] M23 my girlfriend f21 is going through a hard time at uni right now very stressed out from working and is also dealing with low self esteem and is generally feeling really down, I want to make her happy and cheer her up and I want her to see how beautiful and amazing she is herself StormtrooperAiming 2 points ago in relationship_advice

    If you and her see each other often then simply movie night and give her a massage. I personally have depression and stuffer stress and anxiety and my gf just puts on funny videos on YouTube and gives me a massage and it all seems to go away. If you are going to do this get some oil online cos it makes it so much easier and nicer and if u don't know how to give a massage just YouTube it it's easy.

    [–] How does the ranking system work? StormtrooperAiming 2 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    if it is too easy then you will rank up from carrying, climbing out of silver can be hard but not if you carry. A tip i do have is silver tends to lack a lot of game sense and just be 1v1 gun fights. If you can improve your aim then youll win a lot more or on the other side you could improve your game sense (which is ofc harder to improve) and just outplay people.

    [–] HenryG and Sadokist back as duo casters again? StormtrooperAiming 0 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    Sado has said before that hes taking a step back from casting for now i would imagine he still needs money tho so he will prob be casting a decent amount. I'm just intrested in who henryg will be casting with when sado isnt casting, in the past its been semmler but hes not going to be casting csgo as much as henry

    [–] FaZe are back StormtrooperAiming 1 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    its hard to say as every so often teams just seem to have good days/tournaments but i would agree if they keep up this form they could easily be a top 5 team.

    [–] How does the ranking system work? StormtrooperAiming 1 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    People always complain about the ranking system and i dont get why. If youre playing well and winning games youll rank up, if youre not carrying every game to the point of winning then youre prob where u need to be. Even if youre top scoring but not carrying then youre where you need to be. I find it hard to believe that you won all your games in a week and didnt rank up but if thats the case then youre prob where you need to be depending on how close the games were.