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    [–] My co-worker's wedding photo/FB profile picture. Co-worker is the chick. StrangeLilFella 293 points ago in trashy

    It's weird how many of her family members liked it with smiles and crying laugh face emojis

    [–] I could do this forever StrangeLilFella 1 points ago in oddlysatisfying

    My cat loves a dual wield slicker brush, I bring out a furminator and he's gone.

    [–] I could do this forever StrangeLilFella 21 points ago in oddlysatisfying

    Furminators are good but getting a cat to sit still long enough is more frustrating than the hair itself.

    [–] 'F... Donald Trump' StrangeLilFella 1 points ago in PublicFreakout

    They aren't even protesting, they're just supporters.

    [–] 'F... Donald Trump' StrangeLilFella 8 points ago in PublicFreakout

    Because they aren't leftists, BLM or Antifags.

    [–] I'm glad he found his forever home StrangeLilFella 1 points ago in wholesomegifs

    That is one handsome cat. Glad he won the lottery.

    [–] Never stop to allow these through. Never go through if someone stops. StrangeLilFella 1 points ago in IdiotsInCars

    Agreed. I got rearended on my motorcycle a few weeks ago when I stopped to let someone parallel park, I could have easily went around him and let him get hit instead.. he would've been less sore than I was for a week after.

    [–] Taken 2 days before getting rearended recently StrangeLilFella 2 points ago in KTM

    Australia. You need compulsory 3rd party insurance to register a vehicle but that's only to cover people if you hit them. Motor vehicle insurance for damages to either yours or someone else's vehicle in the case of an accident isn't compulsory but it means you'll have to fix your own car and you'll have to pay out of pocket if you hit someone or risk getting taken to court as the guy who hit me is about to discover.

    [–] Taken 2 days before getting rearended recently StrangeLilFella 3 points ago in KTM

    Sucks about your bike but it's good that you that you were almost fully covered. I wouldn't wish having to deal with a flaky prick like I am on anyone, I starting to suspect he isn't insured.

    I've watched the video I posted a lot since, I can't believe how strong this bike is. I've rode it almost everyday since barring a few days I was too sore to move and it still feels perfect. I will be ordering a new tail light today, it's the one thing that bums me out when I look at the bike atm.

    [–] Taken 2 days before getting rearended recently StrangeLilFella 2 points ago in KTM

    I'm good now, could barely walk for a few days after. My bike is surprisingly good, a quote for $5000 sounds worse than it is but the worst damage is my busted tail light. KTM wants to replace basically everything on the right side as well as the swingarm and rear wheel which I'm fine with if the other guy is paying.

    [–] Taken 2 days before getting rearended recently StrangeLilFella 4 points ago in KTM

    I got his name, phone number and plate number. I'd just flown over my handlebars so I was a little rattled. I spoke to him 2 days after and he seemed reasonable enough but has sinced proved he's a piece of shit. Police told me they're happy to pay him a visit to get the rest of his info.

    [–] Taken 2 days before getting rearended recently StrangeLilFella 14 points ago in KTM

    Update for the people that saw my video of being rearended... the driver has done a runner. The bike isn't a write off but there's $5000 in damage (all cosmetic done damage nonetheless). I sent him the quote and he vanished, I got Police to call him on Friday and he said he'd "been sick and would call". Didn't call. Going back to the police tomorrow to have officers pay him a visit as he didn't supply all necessary information and if he doesn't make contact after I send a letter of demand, I will be taking this asshole to court. Can't wait.

    [–] Fatal shooting in Portland as Trump supporters clash with Black Lives Matter protesters StrangeLilFella 3 points ago in Conservative

    *Burn Loot Murder is a domestic terrorist organization that clashes with normal people and now more lives have been lost.

    Fixed it a little more, since BLM don't give a fuck about black lives.