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    [–] ‘Pink slime’ local news sites explode in Michigan ahead of election: What to know Stratiform 1 points ago in Michigan

    Wait a minute here, I was expecting an article about McDonalds burgers...

    It was interesting to see the list of "local" sites operated by this Seattle-based Metric Media network though. Some of the larger names on there were AnnArborTimes, DetroitCityWire, GrandRapidsReporter, LansingSun, MacombToday, WarrenSun... I'm certain I've seen links from these sites shared around local subs.

    [–] If we meme it hard enough, Niang will have a 25 pt game tomorrow and lead the Jazz to victory Stratiform 1 points ago in UtahJazz

    It's the rocket minivan that does it. He carries volume shots and launches 'em from deep! 25? We're just gettin' started!

    [–] If Beirut explosion was downtown Detroit Stratiform 5 points ago in Detroit

    This user has a history of comments like this and was banned.

    [–] based Stratiform 2 points ago in PoliticalCompassMemes

    We have sooooo fucking much infrastructure. Like I think people outside of the US fail to realize just the absurd amount of freeways and sprawling suburban developments we have.

    For better or worse (mostly worse if you're asking me), this is why same day delivery is a thing and everyone has their own private quarter acre in addition to public parks. We may not be the best at a lot of things, but goddamn do we do stuff.

    [–] Clarifying rules on Article Submissions to r/Detroit Stratiform 2 points ago in Detroit

    Let's be real here though, if it were up to me alone they'd still be banned for identifying a picture of someone way less nerdy looking than I am (that said at least he was a better looking dude) ... as me 😝 /s

    On a serious note:

    Yeah, it's a fine line between what's personal promotion and what's legitimate content. While there's 5 of us and we'll continue to discuss it .. my own perspective is that if someone's otherwise interacting on the sub and creating discussion, that's different than the hit and run "check out my YouTube and/or Etsy store!" from a 6 day old account. If we ban all content creators we lose articles, blogs, photographers, and all the discussion and banter that comes from it. And there's nothing stopping other content creators from sharing their stuff, blog, news or otherwise. We like to let the votes decide.

    Is there a line at which we'd say, "no, that's too much" - yeah, and we remove that, which is why you (usually) don't see it.

    That said I appreciate you sharing this and want to hear if others think the same or if any other publications get into spam territory. That's why we host topics like this every couple months. Complain here. Report spam. Tell us how we can be better (constructively please). It's not the mods' sub, we simply want to balance it or "moderate" it best for the community who have about 100 different ideas on how it should be.

    [–] Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine tests positive for COVID-19 Stratiform 2 points ago in Coronavirus

    I'm from the state up north of you and I'm typically more Democratic leaning, but even I can admit DeWine is a good guy. He has taken covid relatively seriously and he's one of those Republicans that stands for conservative values over the Trump authoritarian bullshit so many in the GOP are going toward now. I may not agree with it but I can respect it for what it is.

    I hope he's all right.

    I mean, uh, Ohio sucks ;)

    [–] Nintendo's Profits Increase By 5x With Animal Crossing Selling Over 22 Million Copies Stratiform 12 points ago in gamernews

    This doesn't surprise me. I've been wanting to buy a Switch since the pandemic came stateside and haven't had much luck.

    [–] This is so true... Stratiform 4 points ago in UtahJazz

    How about if you want to have a discussion, you come into it with an open mind and change the views you held ... when presented with new information? ...

    Let's see...

    Admittedly my perspective is probably a bit biased ... if he can keep that up the rest of the season I can respect that and get back on the Conley hype train ...

    Cool, so we're in agreement.

    Maybe I didn't express that well enough, but I want to like Conley. Obviously I want to see those numbers continue. My initial comment was simply to express that initial frustration was justified. Looking at the entire season he hasn't hit his levels in Memphis, but hey - new team. The next couple weeks may show a continuation of those February/March numbers, and if so - clearly my initial impressions need to change.

    [–] This is so true... Stratiform -11 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in UtahJazz

    Missed games and COVID delay aside, those are good numbers. Admittedly my perspective is probably a bit biased by the game I saw live (@Detroit) where he looked very... not good.. but if he can keep that up the rest of the season I can respect that and get back on the Conley hype train for next year.

    If he gets inured next week or goes back to shooting 3-13 on the regular...

    Also, I'm not sure why this is being downvoted. If you want discussion on a sub then you need these kinds of perspectives. If all you want is an echo chamber where the downvote button means "I disagree" rather than "this distracts from discussion" - then by all means.

    [–] This is so true... Stratiform 10 points ago in UtahJazz

    I think the frustration was/is justified. He started the season ice cold. Then as he started to look all right he got injured. Then he played half a game. Got injured again. Came back. Started warming up. Got injured. Then finally by late February he started looking like he was worth the lucrative contract he was cut.

    I mean, if it was a week or three for him to help with the system I could see it, but the injuries and setbacks basically made him a limited factor all year. We're 2-2 since the restart and other than @OKC Conley has looked good. If he stays healthy and can play for more than 5 games at a time, at this level, I'll change my tone in him.

    [–] based Stratiform 238 points ago in PoliticalCompassMemes

    If the government uses that money to actively improve my property through services such as schools, roads, parks, public safety, etc. Then it's fine and if I don't want to pay those taxes I can live somewhere with less services; however, unless the government regularly comes and cleans and maintains my rifle, I agree with you here. There's no reason there should be a steep tax on this.

    [–] Saw this and thought this was funny/cool Stratiform 8 points ago in Detroit


    > Auto-reply: /u/Stratiform is AFK, BBL

    [–] David Coulter defeats Andy Meisner in Democratic primary for Oakland County executive Stratiform 8 points ago in Detroit

    I'm concerned because we're now going into the primary with a Boomer former Representative from White Lake vs. the LGBT former Mayor of Ferndale. Obviously I'm with the Ferndale guy and I suspect he'll be very popular on reddit.

    But Oakland County is 1.3 million people, and very few are redditors.

    The county is pretty purple. The Democratic candidate wins Ferndale, Royal Oak, Berkley, Oak Park, Southfield, automatically - just as the Republican will win the townships automatically. What matters is who wins in places like Troy, Rochester, Farmington, Bloom-ham, Novi... and I don't know how those places swing now. I suspect Coulter's solid leadership over the last year or so will endear him to many voters, but I suppose we'll find out in a few months.

    [–] How many people in Detroit, like going to the Detroit Zoo? Stratiform 3 points ago in Detroit

    I love the zoo. Like, I'm probably excessive with how much I like the zoo.

    Back before like was all weird and covidy I'd take my kids typically 2 times a month. Their favorite animals are the butterflies, tigers, and penguins. My favorites are the bush dogs. We'd ride the merri-go-round and train. My membership recently expired for the first time since 2015, which is unfortunate. I can't want until things become a little more normal.

    Sigh.. on a happy note the penguins should be open by the time life resumes!

    [–] Job opportunity: Seen on FB, I have no other info, thought I would share. Stratiform 1 points ago in Detroit

    Normally we let this kind of thing slide, but this looks like you made this account literally for the sole purpose of posting this and that raises all kinds of questions, including putting it into advertising territory.

    If you have a regular account that you can use that makes this less spammy, go ahead and repost.

    [–] Saw this and thought this was funny/cool Stratiform 54 points ago in Detroit

    Wrong ASL in this case, but does anyone else get thrown back into the days of Yahoo Chat when they read this acronym?

    [–] Tlaib holds lead in rematch with Jones in Michigan's 13th District Stratiform 4 points ago in Detroit

    One of the things I hate about metro Detroit is just how many tiny little suburbs there are. It creates an this unnecessary division and fracture and redundancy in government. Many of these suburbs should incorporate. It'll never happen, but it should.

    The former Royal Oak Township for example would be the 2nd largest city in the state of it did. Instead it's 11 cities and a charter township, of which most can probably name a handful. I suspect the Wayne/Westland area is the same.

    [–] David Coulter defeats Andy Meisner in Democratic primary for Oakland County executive Stratiform 6 points ago in Detroit

    Haha, I actually did this. I wanted Coulter to finish his term and be able to smoothly transition to Meisner. I liked Meisner, because he has longer relationships at the county level and I think he would've had a better chance at winning the election; plus Andy's just a genuinely nice dude, but Coulter will be great too so he's got my support come November.

    [–] David Coulter defeats Andy Meisner in Democratic primary for Oakland County executive Stratiform 13 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in Detroit

    Summary: Coulter beat Meisner by just under 10%. He will face the winner of the Republican primary, Mike Kowall, in November for the 4 year term running 2021-2024. Coulter also won the vote to continue his appointment through 2020. Meisner will fully endorse Coulter for the primary. Coulter is the former Mayor of Ferndale. Kowall is from White Lake and previously served as state senator.