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    [–] Chilliwack, B.C., homeless camp residents get trespass notice Strofari 16 points ago * (lasted edited 11 hours ago) in britishcolumbia

    As someone who has seen it up close and personal, (my sons bike was stolen out of the backyard one night, the next morning we noticed and sure enough it was there at the camp, no wheels, it took a couple large threats to get them back) I say good riddance.

    The camp is rampant with stolen property, high and drunk people, needles all over the place, bags of human shit, just an absolute pile of garbage.

    No matter how much help is offered, these people consistently choose to live there, shoot drugs, and steal property. No one has forced this on them, they’ve done it to themselves.

    And for the record, yes the lady in the picture is a crackhead, who is a known prolific offender.

    [–] Painted those new lines, boss! Strofari 31 points ago in NotMyJob

    I see you’ve found their training hill.

    [–] Aurora Borealis in Iceland Strofari 8 points ago in pics

    You mean Land Rover defender advertising.......

    [–] r/personalfinance might approve, r/justrolledintotheshop knows better. Strofari 27 points ago in Justrolledintotheshop

    I have two, similar ones, but the Canadian tire brand. Nothing bad about them.

    But buy Fucking jack stands. God.

    [–] Non rare in circulation $1 coin. $20 OBO..... Strofari 9 points ago in delusionalcraigslist

    Misleading title. Should read

    “Not rare, in circulation, Canadian $2 coin”

    [–] 'No pets allowed': B.C. group rallies for legislative change for renters Strofari 10 points ago in vancouver

    I have 4 kids, and a poodle, no one will rent to me. Even with decent credit, and a $75k a year job, with unlimited work/overtime.

    “Too many kids, and a dog, sorry”.

    The worst one I’ve seen through a property management company was “5 bedroom, 3 bath house on 1.5 acres. No more than 5 occupants, and no pets, except horses because we have a barn for them.”


    [–] What is this red rock found on beach? Strofari 17 points ago in whatisthisthing

    That is an agate, and a nice one at that.

    [–] TIL - In 2011 It Cost 2.41 Cents To Make A 1 Cent Coin. Strofari 3 points ago in todayilearned

    Which is sadly illegal as I’ve found out.

    Not the hard way, just because I have a shit ton of silver quarters, and I looked into it.

    [–] Why? Strofari 0 points ago in Shitty_Car_Mods


    Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

    [–] Can an applicant for a rental refuse a credit check? Strofari -8 points ago in PersonalFinanceCanada

    I fail to see how someone credit history is any of your business.

    There are multiple ways to get to know a person without pulling their credit history.

    It’s an invasion of privacy, as well as an inaccurate portrayal of a persons worth, and character.

    You can ask all you like, but you cannot deny a person based on their refusal to release their sin#.

    [–] Can an applicant for a rental refuse a credit check? Strofari -4 points ago in PersonalFinanceCanada

    Would you be willing to let me run a credit check/account balance on you to make sure you have enough funds/good enough credit rating for me to feel comfortable renting your unit? In case the furnace breaks? Or the fridge?

    If no, than asking for a credit check on you tenants is not something you should do.

    Your potential tenant has every legal right to not disclose their sin #, as they have no legal reason to do so, and you no legal reasons to ask.

    [–] Didn't see this coming... Strofari 3 points ago in Shitty_Car_Mods

    Leave my Astro/ Safaris alone!!!!!!

    [–] Inna Ishchenko - Ukraine’s The Voice (2016) [Folk] Strofari 1 points ago in listentothis



    Totally haunting.

    I don’t even understand what she’s saying.


    [–] [Serious] Teachers, what's the worst thing you've done to a student? Strofari 353 points ago in AskReddit

    I thought they only worked Tuesdays as a kid.

    Now my buddy makes $120,000 a year clear and a is a a proud garbage man.

    [–] One in five West Vancouver households is "low income" Strofari 25 points ago in vancouver

    How is this Trudeau’s fault again?

    Ninja edit:

    For the record, I mostly agree with the federal liberal government on certain things, I refuse to allow someone, (or anyone for that matter) to be blamed for an issue that has been created be previous provincial governments.

    [–] Is it illegal to leave a credit card or bank card unsigned? Strofari 11 points ago in PersonalFinanceCanada

    Unsure of the legality, but when I was a younger bartender, I would routinely see tourists cards with “ID or no tip” written on the back.

    All of mine are signed “ask for ID”.