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    [–] Online Twitter User search with powerful filters Stuck_In_the_Matrix 1 points ago in pushshift

    I'm going to add functionality so people can add users if they don't exist in the DB and also give the option to track those users.

    [–] [update] is currently blocked Stuck_In_the_Matrix 1 points ago in pushshift

    It's still blocked till I can figure out how to resolve this -- but those sites aren't blocked. Is your browser blocking the referer header?

    [–] Conservative Icon George Will: Young Voters Now Consider GOP 'The Dumb Party' Stuck_In_the_Matrix 1 points ago in politics

    Every Republican voter at this point is evil.

    We have to be careful not to become like much of their base and paint with broad strokes. Not all of them are evil. A lot of them are simply misinformed or uneducated or brainwashed or in denial -- or a combination of all of those. Yes, many of them are evil -- but we can't sink to their level and have our own form of "derrrr the libtards are stupid."

    My father was a Republican his entire life and recently switched to the democratic party. He's not evil -- but he did say that the current GOP is nothing like it was in the past (even if it had shades of evil back in the 70's and before).

    We need to try and educate them and get their heads out of Facebook and Fox News. A lot of them are good people that are just stuck in what has basically become a cult.

    I honestly believe a fair chunk of current GOP voters can be educated and see reason. They're going to have to because this planet doesn't have much time left. Or rather, we don't.

    [–] Changing size of returned aggs? Stuck_In_the_Matrix 1 points ago in pushshift

    It looks like you don't have any date range. If you try to aggregate the entire history of Reddit, it will limit you because that is an extremely expensive operation.

    What exactly are you trying to do?

    [–] Science Discussion: Technology gives us ways to change ourselves that offer great rewards but also huge risks. We are an interdisciplinary group of scientists who work on human augmentation. Let’s discuss! Stuck_In_the_Matrix 5 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in science

    While there are many applications for this technology to help people and better society, I feel that there is also a possibility that we will find ourselves in a situation where the rich are able to augment themselves in ways that may make them more superior and capable compared to those who can't afford augmentations.

    How can the scientific community address situations like this and prevent further stratifying socio-economic classes where those who are wealthy can afford to augment their intelligence, strength, etc. compared to those who are unable to afford "enhancements?" There was an excellent sci-fi movie called Gattaca that explored the ramifications of gene-therapy and many of the more negative societal repercussions of doing so.

    [–] How long does it take for the reddit submission IDs to cycle? Stuck_In_the_Matrix 2 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in redditdev

    FYI -- the submission ids are just base 36 representations of the actual numerical id. If you're storing ids in a database, you may just want to make the column a bigint (if you are using Postgres for example).

    Using Python, you can convert the id to the corresponding integer like this:

    id = int("bz478w",36)
    >>> 724110512

    To go the other way, you can use this method:

    import string
    def base36encode(self, number, alphabet=string.digits+string.ascii_lowercase):
        if not isinstance(number, int):
            raise TypeError('number must be an integer')
        base36 = ''
        sign = ''
        if number < 0:
            sign = '-'
            number = -number
        if 0 <= number < len(alphabet):
            return sign + alphabet[number]
        while number != 0:
            number, i = divmod(number, len(alphabet))
            base36 = alphabet[i] + base36
        return sign + base36
    base_36_id = base36encode(724110512)
    print (base_36_id)
    >>> "bz478w"

    [–] Changing size of returned aggs? Stuck_In_the_Matrix 1 points ago in pushshift

    You can use the parameter agg_size to increase the number returned for any type of aggregation.

    [–] Could an animal come back from extinction due to evolving? Stuck_In_the_Matrix 0 points ago in askscience

    an extinct species returning with the exact same genetic makeup

    You don't need the exact same genetic makeup to be part of the same species. Do any two humans or other animals have the exact same genetic makeup?

    [–] Since this is hot lately, here is part of my collection of Uranium Ore Stuck_In_the_Matrix 1 points ago in ChernobylTV

    Mainly Uranium 238 with some Uranium 235 present (under 1%). Part of making fuel rods and bombs is enriching by extracting the U 235 from the ore.

    [–] Would my bot be banned if it did lexical analysis to guess a commenter's location? Stuck_In_the_Matrix 2 points ago in redditdev

    Starting with meta-analysis should keep you mostly in the clear. You don't need to be approved to use Reddit's API -- you just need to create a dev account and use the oauth model for authentication and then you can start practicing with the API.

    Reddit API documentation is here:

    Registering a dev account can be done here:

    If you aren't using this for commercial purposes, you can get started immediately. I would advise you to closely monitor your script because it is very easy to make mistakes when you first start out (such as having a bot respond to the same comments over and over, etc.).

    Remember to check the header responses for rate-limit information so that you don't make too many requests that end up as HTTP 429 errors (too many requests).

    [–] Would my bot be banned if it did lexical analysis to guess a commenter's location? Stuck_In_the_Matrix 7 points ago in redditdev

    It would probably depend on a lot of different factors. Are you doing this on a time-zone level or would your bot try to pinpoint the location down to the street if it could?

    There are probably ethical concerns with this if you are creating something that someone could use to target another individual -- but if you're doing this as a form of meta-analysis (e.g. this subreddit has primarily a gaming demographic) then that would probably be acceptable as well as fascinating.

    Generally, from an ethical standpoint, you don't want to go down a path where this tool could be used to create PII data. There may or may not be issues with Reddit's TOS -- the sections that would most apply here would probably be 2F and 3B. I'll highlight the most relevant bits:


    Privacy Policy. You will disclose in your application through a privacy policy how you collect, use, store, and disclose data collected from visitors, including, where applicable, that third parties (including advertisers) may serve content and/or advertisements and collect information directly from visitors that may include the use of cookies. In addition, by using the Reddit APIs, Reddit may use submitted information in accordance with our privacy policy (


    b. Restrictions. You must not, and must not allow those acting on your behalf to: i. use the Reddit APIs to encourage or promote illegal activity or violation of third party rights. ii. reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or translate the Reddit APIs or otherwise derive the source code from any Reddit API or any part thereof, except to the extent that this restriction is expressly prohibited by applicable law. iii. circumvent or exceed limitations on calls and use of the Reddit APIs as outlined in the API Documentation, or otherwise use the Reddit APIs in a manner that would constitute excessive or abusive usage or would disrupt or unreasonably interfere with the Reddit APIs or the servers or networks that provide the Reddit APIs. If Reddit believes that you are in breach of this section, Reddit reserves the right to permanently block your access to the Reddit APIs. iv. interfere with, modify, disrupt or disable features or functionality of the Reddit APIs, including but not limited to, any mechanism used to restrict or control functionality, or defeat, avoid, bypass, remove, deactivate or otherwise circumvent any software protection or monitoring mechanism of the Reddit APIs. v. use the Reddit APIs with the intent of introducing any viruses, worms, defects, Trojan horses, malware or any other items of a destructive nature. vi. sell, lease or sublicense the Reddit APIs or access thereto or derive revenues from the use or provision of the Reddit APIs, whether for direct commercial or monetary gain unless there is express written approval from Reddit. vii. use the Reddit APIs to spam, incentivize, or harass users.

    It's a bit nebulous, but creating a tool that specifically profiles users based on their location, age, etc. might be construed as a form of harassment if others use your tool to target people.

    TL;DR: If you're creating a tool that tells people /u/happy_or_sad12345 lives at 312 Main Street, you'll most likely end up with ethical issues. If you're creating a tool for meta-analysis on a more global level (this subreddit's primary demographic is ....), then that shouldn't be problematic.

    [–] What was the funniest moment for you? Stuck_In_the_Matrix 11 points ago in ChernobylTV

    That was such a powerful scene in so many ways.

    [–] Upcoming: AMA with Craig Mazin!!! Stuck_In_the_Matrix 3 points ago in ChernobylTV

    because sometime you have to laugh to avoid crying, so to speak

    I completely understand and agree with you on this, brother. This is very true -- especially when you are in a situation that you have little to no influence over.

    Stay strong my friend -- Venezuela and Brazilian governments both seem to have some major corruption ongoing. The Bolsonaro family appears to be particularly corrupt.

    All the best and be careful!

    [–] Since this is hot lately, here is part of my collection of Uranium Ore Stuck_In_the_Matrix 1 points ago in ChernobylTV

    Exactly! What's amazing to me is that I went in watching the show initially thinking I'd pick up some more interesting facts about the science behind Chernobyl and not only did I get that, but I got a very interesting look into Soviet political structure and how absurd some aspects of their government were.

    I don't think I've been more angry watching a TV show than I was when they were trying to convince the other nuclear engineers that the core had in fact not exploded.

    "Are you stupid?"

    Holy shit -- those guys were brainwashed.

    [–] Since this is hot lately, here is part of my collection of Uranium Ore Stuck_In_the_Matrix 2 points ago in ChernobylTV

    Not really -- it's a point source for radioactivity. If the rock is a few feet away, the background radiation is 2-5x above normal. I store it in a box with a lead lining and that box sits in a tin can. With that setup, even if it is a foot away from me, I'm only getting levels ever so slightly over background.

    [–] If you enjoyed the Chernobyl mini-series and are interested in other movies about nuclear energy, "Fat man and Little Boy" is a great movie Stuck_In_the_Matrix 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in ChernobylTV

    This particular scene is when Dr. Louis Slotin sealed his fate and eventually died because his screwdriver slipped. This was during the Manhattan Project -- and the core he was experimenting with was later called the "Demon Core" because it was linked to the death of multiple scientists.

    Dr. Slotin received over 1,000 rads of radiation when this happened and died 9 days later. More information is available here.

    It's a fascinating look at a period of US history during the atomic age. HBO should consider doing a mini-series about the Manhattan project.