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    [–] Ryan Gosling's Acting Range SuccessPastaTime 16 points ago in videos

    Nice Guys was what really made me realize he's got talent. Plus, he always seems to pick roles in movies that are good. Some actors just know if a film is good, and they consistently seem to be in good films.

    Anyway, his comedic chops in Nice Guys was what made that movie for me. Russell Crow was great, but Gosling was the best part IMO.

    [–] 1000 lvl Boss Logic SuccessPastaTime 1 points ago in facepalm

    Wow, what a great form of activism, you get to do what you love, get paid an obscene amount of money that I don't think anyone could justify and act like you are actually doing something to help people. Ahhhmazing.

    [–] Explosions in the Sky - First Breath After Coma [instrumental rock] SuccessPastaTime 11 points ago in Music

    Saw GSY!BE last year, it was such an amazing show. I'm so glad they continue to perform.

    [–] Is the Earth flat? SuccessPastaTime 3 points ago in videos

    Good to see another video by this guy. Really enjoyed his moon hoax video.

    [–] Decided $35 for 100ml is too much on my wallet SuccessPastaTime 19 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in Vaping

    I recommend a scale buddy. It's so much quicker to mix up a batch. I have been DIYing for years now, don't even bother looking at juices on the market. I also don't bother making my own flavors either, I have a local store that sell premixed American Vapor flavor concentrates, and just mix them in. I could be saving even more money, but a $5 30ml bottle of that will last me months. I usually create 200ml batches once a week (I vape too much now, need to cut back, but I am only vaping 1.5mg/ml).

    [–] Looking to for an acoustic SuccessPastaTime 2 points ago in guitarlessons

    Go for Yamaha, save the rest of the money man. I bought a Yamaha FSX800C and it's a fantastic acoustic.

    [–] US postal service was on point this week! Got my vape mail 2 days earlier than expected! SuccessPastaTime 1 points ago in Vaping

    In my experience, and not just vape stuff, USPS is the best of all shippers I’ve tried. With USPS I almost always got my stuff on time, and even early a couple of times. With FedEx and even UPS, there have been times where my tracking shows it has arrived in my city like 2 days early, but they’ll wait until the predicted shipping date to deliver. I’ve even had a FedEx shipment that came to my city, to suddenly be shipped to another city, arriving 4 days late. It was insane.

    Guess I’ve been lucky with USPS though.

    [–] What is the best piece of tech you recommend to buy for under 50 dollars? SuccessPastaTime 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Awesome man. Thanks for the info about this. I’m gonna implement. I’ve have a RPi2 I’ve not used much for a few years. Now it has a use.

    I’m more of MCU person (Arduino, ESP32/8266).

    [–] Which generally appreciated movie/TV show character do you really dislike, and why? SuccessPastaTime 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Just started watching 24. I really dislike Chloe and I heard she is a major part of the show from her first appearance then on.

    I don’t like her because she’s super rude and annoying, but apparently indispensable. Her actress does a great job pulling off annoying as fuck, and I give her credit for that. She was on It’s Always Sunny too, and she seems to often play weird characters.

    Not a huge fan of the show so far, but I really like the concept of each season spanning 24 hours, just having 24 episodes per season kind of drags on a little too long.

    [–] People Like This Should Be Banned From Creating Steam Reviews SuccessPastaTime 3 points ago in Steam

    I enjoy memes, they can be funny, even the really non-sequitur ones, but I really don't get this whole culture around them. It's just annoying and it really seems like the general purpose is to annoy people who "just don't get it?"

    It's another form of youth rebellion, but it just seems like its more focused on trolling and annoying "normies" rather than originality and creating a counter-culture to the previous generations.

    [–] For the last month we have been making a true christian minecraft server to get all minecrafters to sub to pewdiepie. So here's this.. SuccessPastaTime 2 points ago in PewdiepieSubmissions

    I respect that, but I feel that fart powered cars matter to more people. Farts are basically free, only requiring an abundant amount of beans and asparagus, both of which are highly affordable and easier to eat than gasoline and diesel.

    [–] People Like This Should Be Banned From Creating Steam Reviews SuccessPastaTime 9 points ago in Steam


    I'm so fucking tired of fucking stupid fucking dumb fucking internet culture where children are just using all their effort to be annoying as fuck.

    Edit: MEMES MEMES MEMES!!!!!!! Now, I better go about ruining something for everyone else.

    [–] YouTube commenter gives the most accurate description of Gus. SuccessPastaTime 57 points ago in breakingbad

    BCS is legit some of the best writing I’ve ever seen in a TV show, even more so than BB, IMO. Both are top of their class though.

    [–] Yeeeeaaah.mp4 SuccessPastaTime 43 points ago in videos

    Oh man, his clear coat is going to be ruined.

    [–] Just started watching Mad Men last night! Utterly amazing!! SuccessPastaTime 8 points ago in madmen

    I always found the season where Don is seeing Sally’s teacher (I think it’s season 3, at least part of the season, the part when he’s seeing her) to be my least favorite part of the show and the slowest. As soon as Don enters his house and Betty surprises him when she finds the box with the pictures Adam left him, things pick back up.

    No offense to her character, but I just found the whole of that to be boring.

    When I first watched this pet, it wasn’t a problem, I just don’t like it as much on rewatches. Doesn’t mean I skip it or anything though, haha.