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    [–] Urgent/Time Sensitive: Where can I find a single room bathroom on campus? SucculentHemorrhoid 5 points ago in uwo

    New nursing building has one on each floor. Nice knowing that you won't be judged by anyone in there too because they're used to the smell of fresh shits

    [–] Subreddit meetup SucculentHemorrhoid 40 points ago in uwo

    We can introduce ourselves by usernames

    Oh no

    [–] Anything for metal fans to do here? SucculentHemorrhoid 8 points ago in uwo

    Metallica is coming to the Rogers Center in Toronto in July. Just just go alone. Everyone else at a Metallica concert is alone

    [–] What/who did you know about before it became popular? SucculentHemorrhoid 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Anyone remember when "memes" were a thing back in like 2010 when most people didn't know what a "meme" was? It was usually things like "How do I shot web" and "All your bases are belong to us" and Youtube Poop

    [–] Switching from Social Science to Science SucculentHemorrhoid 1 points ago in uwo

    Yeah, you can even enter a module in 3rd year as long as you shadow the program