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    [–] If you ever need a pick-me-up - READ STEPHEN KING QUOTES Sufficks 15 points ago in writing

    Inspirational in that it shows even a critically acclaimed author who is generally regarded as a great writer still stumbles at points

    [–] Feels good man. Sufficks 5 points ago in trees

    Their job is to enforce the laws, not make them.

    But I’m sure you’re entirely always 100% “morally consistent” 🙄

    [–] How do I say things without using the word "feel"? Sufficks 1 points ago in writing

    You’re easily bothered by things that have no effect on you at all

    [–] How do I say things without using the word "feel"? Sufficks 7 points ago in writing

    To show my support for a correct answer that’s being drowned out by shitty answers that got more replies?

    When I replied to this post it had been downvoted to 0 while others had 10+ upvotes

    [–] How do I say things without using the word "feel"? Sufficks 12 points ago in writing

    This. So much this.

    I was going to say the same, but then I read this

    [–] My pre-game lobby yesterday Sufficks 20 points ago in FortNiteBR

    Oh so we’ve got an edge lord here I see

    [–] Oh Tfue... Sufficks 2 points ago in FortNiteBR

    I don’t think you can remove the celebrity status from the equation, especially when you consider that Drake was also a child actor and as hard as it is for celebrities to find people who understand their lives and can mentor them from personal experience, it’s even harder to find someone who can relate to being so famous at such a young age. Just my opinion though

    [–] Oh Tfue... Sufficks 6 points ago in FortNiteBR

    If only this was the actual line

    [–] Author who avoids adverbs other than King? Sufficks 1 points ago in writing

    He even says as much in On Writing. It’s more of a guideline than an actual rule

    [–] I just found a free very good and simple novel writing software Sufficks 7 points ago in writing

    Similar reason to why you use Word or Docs over Notepad. It’s built for the task of writing, organizing, and researching projects with multiple documents/parts in a way Word and Docs isn’t

    [–] I just found a free very good and simple novel writing software Sufficks 10 points ago in writing

    Scrivener has an app for the phone I use all the time, and it syncs via Dropbox anywhere you have internet

    [–] I just found a free very good and simple novel writing software Sufficks 1 points ago * (lasted edited 23 days ago) in writing

    You can do this with Scrivener, I write from my desktop, laptop, iphone, and ipad and never have issues. It syncs automatically via Dropbox once you set up an account and they have apps for each device.

    Edit: Just reread your comment and realized you said droid. Not 100% sure if there’s an Android app but I would be surprised if there isn’t

    [–] I'm a literary agent, AMA Sufficks 1 points ago in writing

    At least now we all know why you’re self pubbed. Clearly don’t work well with others.

    [–] I'm a literary agent, AMA Sufficks 5 points ago * (lasted edited 24 days ago) in writing

    This exact sort of entitlement literally kills careers daily my friend

    Hard to tell you what he thinks about your pitch when you refused to even give a real pitch because you don’t like the idea of it. Notice how you just listed some genres and names? That’s not a pitch, not even close. He said he’d respond with feedback to pitches and, as his other 100+ replies prove, he would have if you actually wrote one.

    Typical of a writer to not put in the effort to follow the guidelines of an agent and then expect that agent to give their gay erotica police procedural the time of day...

    [–] I'm a literary agent, AMA Sufficks 15 points ago in writing

    Then you’re wasting your time and your money instead of just your time

    [–] How can I improve my descriptions beyond just "large, red-bricked house" and "tall, skinny, blonde-haired boy" and such? I think I don't actually like writing descriptions and prefer to have purely action words describing what people are doing or dialogue itself. Is that okay? Sufficks 1 points ago in writing

    Not to say it’s bad, but I write and read a ton and played all the Pokemon’s where “Vermillion City” was a thing and I still had to look up what color vermillion would be. Prodigious is fine, but it kind of made me roll my eyes in that it doesn’t tell us anything more about the house than what a more digestible synonym could. The rest imo is fine

    [–] It's a cliche that no bad guy thinks that they're a villain - how do you humanise your villains? Sufficks 19 points ago in writing

    I really wish either of these arguments had a listed source because they’re both seemingly valid but also both seem like they could be an over generalization or more of a hypothesis than hard fact

    [–] Read "The Elements of Style." Seriously. Sufficks 4 points ago in writing

    I think you’re missing the point that it’s being offered as an “alternative” to a book it’s nothing one said it should be readable in a few hours, just that the two books aren’t comparable

    [–] I know this will never happen because of server limits but GOD would it be cool (credit/@lmfaohugo) Sufficks 0 points ago in FortNiteBR

    I agree this sub does often say “oh it’d be easy” without having any concept of the reality of the situation, most game subs are full of that, but you do know reddit isn’t just one person right...? It’s highly probable that a lot of the people who are still complaining aren’t the same people who have been “told over and over” lmao.

    [–] Official Discussion: Halloween (2018) [SPOILERS] Sufficks 56 points ago in movies

    The overall reversal of Laurie as the killer was probably my favorite part of the movie

    [–] Official Discussion: Halloween (2018) [SPOILERS] Sufficks 77 points ago in movies

    I didn’t mind that one as much, but the “you’re the new Loomis” was definitely a bit too on the nose

    [–] How would you describe the writing style of Stephen King's novel, IT? Sufficks 1 points ago in writing

    Another tome of his - The Stand - is written in a similar way and is just as long. Not sure if there’s an exact word for it.