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    [–] Food for Thought: Even successful writers don't make a lot of money. Sufficks 8 points ago in writing

    This sub loves writers who find success, especially ones who were active in the community prior to that success, but not ones who present an edge case (and dare I say nutcase) writer’s Googled net worth and use that to say “look, most successful novel writers won’t ever even make a lot of money, but ME? I make a lot of money” lmao

    Edit: Not to mention then also go on to ignore all valid criticism

    [–] How the hell does Stephen King balance quality and quantity? Sufficks 4 points ago in writing

    I agree that quality and quantity aren’t mutually exclusive but this pottery metaphor seems a little odd and idealistic to me. I get the point they were going for, but I don’t agree with the imagined conclusion. I would think that if my professor told half of the class “you’re going to be graded on how many pots you can make and not how good they are” we’d be churning out baked globs of clay that barely even resembled a pot as quickly as possible, not bothering at all to observe and alter the process or improve on it because what’s the point in that scenario? If there’s no drive to improve between attempts I don’t see how repeating the same bad technique will eventually result in improvement on its own. I also don’t agree that those being graded on quality would spend the entire time theorizing and never touching the clay, unless maybe it was specified that they only got one shot at doing it. Those being graded on quality have all the same opportunity to repeat their process over and over but they have an actual reason to want to improve with each attempt.

    Seems to me that you have to at least absorb what you’re doing and strive to do things better on the next attempt or you’re just going to keep creating more of the same low quality product.

    Maybe I’m thinking about this too hard though.

    [–] Is James Patterson's Masterclass worth the money? Sufficks 3 points ago in writing

    No one said it would, but if you’re paying $180 for full access why limit yourself?

    [–] What's a good example of bad world-building? Sufficks 1 points ago in writing

    If that’s true then why did they remove all of the novels and expanded universe from canon before releasing the new movies...?

    [–] Simple Questions and General Discussion - April 12, 2019 Sufficks 1 points ago in streetwear

    Could try Grailed, unlikely you’ll find old seasons sitting anywhere for retail

    [–] How did this go unnoticed during QOL month? Sufficks 10 points ago in 2007scape

    I get the salt at how little Jagex pays but “just hire more people” is such a lazy response even if it was possible, it’s so much deeper than just needing more devs

    The vast majority of this game comes from mid 2000s era engine code that the current dev team inherited and had no part in designing, not to mention that broad engine work on a game that’s as expansive as OSRS, constantly live, and so outdated at the ground level would require an insane amount of time and effort invested just for the possibility to then spend more time and effort correcting small QoL stuff like this. Hiring a team of devs to go down that path who then have even less familiarity with the code and have to be let go after finishing the engine work would make absolutely no sense for any company...Why do you think WoW has only rarely done any engine work? Almost no MMORPG’s, and very few games in general, will rebuild their entire engine unless they’re launching a massive expansion or an entirely new game (like they did for RS3). It’s just not worth it for the payoff in most cases

    [–] [Suggestion] Change examine text for trebuchets Sufficks 1 points ago in 2007scape


    You’re telling me that’s what’s in the picture?

    And not this?


    [–] Death doesn't automatically makes something deep, engaging, or worthwhile. Sufficks 3 points ago in writing

    There are plenty of revenge plots, horror plots, etc where an early death sets the protagonist and the plot in motion. It doesn’t have to be emotionally affecting to the audience at first because it’s emotionally affecting to the main character and throughout the rest the story ideally we’ll learn why and be affected not necessarily by the death itself but by the life altering effect it had on the main character(s)

    The difference is when it’s used well it’s usually a single death like the death of a loved one or loved ones and not the exaggerated, edgey “everyone and everything around me is death” examples given by OP. That allows the audience to connect immediately because even if uou don’t care about that specific character, you can still identify with the pain of losing a loved one. Maybe it’s not your cup of tea but to say there are no cases where death should take main stage early on in a story without enough time to invest in the characters that die is pretty short sighted, not every death in the beginning of a story is meant to shake the audience to their core.

    EG Law Abiding Citizen, True Grit, Scream, The Regulators, I Know What You Did Last Summer

    [–] Jagex working on account security Sufficks 5 points ago in 2007scape

    Not sure what this is supposed to be saying about Jagex but I know these guys from high school so cool to see this video here lmao

    [–] [Suggestion] Change examine text for trebuchets Sufficks 4 points ago in 2007scape

    Yeah pretty sure this is a catapult not a trebuchet but owell

    [–] No more weekly dopamine :( Sufficks 4 points ago in 2007scape

    And now it’s becoming stressful to keep up the pace so he’s slowing down.

    What are you even trying to say?

    [–] If you are wondering why there is so few bots today, Venezuela suffers second blackout within a month. Sufficks 2 points ago in 2007scape

    Well this is just provably not true or they wouldn’t ever ban anyone botting on a members account which they do all the time, but hey this is reddit where logic doesn’t matter and JAMFLEX BADD

    [–] 🦀🦀 WE ARE AWARE 🦀🦀 Sufficks 3 points ago in 2007scape

    Doesn’t make it any less true tho does it

    [–] Wanting to Be a Writer But Not a Reader Sufficks 1 points ago in writing

    I dunno what you’re writing now, but ever think about getting into a genre that requires less world building and more of a focus on intricate plotting? Something like mystery instead of fantasy comes to mind, but that’s just an example.

    Always important to write what you love to write and read, but I know the world building was a big part of what drove me away from delving further into writing fantasy and sci fi back in the day and maximizing the part of the process you enjoy is always nice. Just a thought!

    [–] Wanting to Be a Writer But Not a Reader Sufficks 8 points ago in writing

    The Author Stories podcast with Hank Garner is another great treasure trove of examples of “there is no right way to be a writer.” I’ve heard people go on the podcast and say that reading everyday is vital to their success, and I’ve heard equally (and sometimes more) successful people say they rarely read other’s work at all anymore. Their reasoning could be debated and of course for some people it’s useful, but point is there’s no one prescription on how to create good stories and nothing is “vital”.

    IMO the real danger only arises when you start to use “I just need to read more” as a form of procrastination from actually writing, or when you use “that author didn’t read much” as an excuse to not study the form and avoid ever reading anything at all.

    This is completely anecdotal, but for what’s it worth the best writers I know personally are often not those who are the most infatuated with the written word and tearing through novels.

    [–] Is purism killing ideas? Sufficks 2 points ago in writing

    These kinds of discussions in my workshops always seemed like a waste of time to me. It’s obviously impossible for me to be comprehensive without actually reading your story and hearing why you think it should be considered cyberpunk, but I think there’s a bigger underlying issue than whether or not it fits

    The real issue I have is that there’s so much focus on genre during your first rough draft at all. If you’re aiming to write to a specific market then understanding and defining that market/genre can be helpful, but it shouldn’t limit your creativity or define what you can or can’t do within your story. A genre/market is best looked at as guidelines rather than hard and fast rules, which I think you seem to agree with. It can help you do research, it can help you establish beats and themes and set pieces that you might want to include, but once the storytelling begins I firmly believe your story can and should evolve and push the boundaries of genre so long as it does so with a deep internal understanding of why.

    So, on that front I think that you’re justified in being slightly annoyed that their view of the genre is so specific and narrow, but I have to question what value you’re ultimately getting out of the cyberpunk distinction this early in the game anyway. A great story sells whether it fits cleanly in any genre or not, and a mediocre one won’t sell no matter how many popular tropes it hits. Many successful writers don’t ever define their own genre and leave that up to the marketing team, and some of the most respected and best selling authors have regularly been nightmares for their respective marketing agencies to place within established bookstore genres. So why even bother trying to pin down the genre, especially in a first draft which will likely change drastically before the whole thing is finished

    tldr; You should try suggesting that your group spends its time discussing how to make the story the best it can be, not just the best it can be within the confines of any specific genre

    [–] People overly focusing on “plot holes” Sufficks 1 points ago in movies

    Except that Adelaide has a long heart to heart talk with Red while they’re fighting at the end and says she (who you are meant to think is Red but is really Adelaide) was mad and started all of this because “you saw me and you could have taken me with you and saved me from all this but didn’t” which makes virtually no sense in the context of the swap and the chaining up of Adelaide as it was presented.

    That’s a plot hole

    [–] Loot from 120K revs, mostly unskulled Sufficks 2 points ago in 2007scape

    🤦🏼‍♂️ The projecting is strong with this one.

    You say I compartmentalize, yet you’re the one constantly nitpicking each post and talking semantics while ignoring the actual topic because you can’t admit being wrong. Makes sense lol

    Bye now, thanks for the downvotes

    [–] Loot from 120K revs, mostly unskulled Sufficks 2 points ago in 2007scape

    Nah, now you’re the one changing around the argument to make yourself sound right. The conversation in the original post is about possibly making $4 playing a game you’re already playing anyway for fun, nothing more. You’re the only one who tried to change that narrative into “well he might get dependent on the income, or maybe his $4 an hour gold farming business really takes off and then he can’t stop” lmao. No one suggested he use it to supplement his income and just because “many people” turn their hobby into a job doesn’t mean that this will undoubtedly happen to everyone, which is the way you originally presented your argument

    [–] Mod Ash Smackdown Sufficks -2 points ago in 2007scape missed the entire point of my reply but ok, how about this then - even autoclicking once every 20 mins with autoclicker is substantially less autoclicking and has substantially less impact on the game than using it for stun alching, thieving, etc which still makes the splashing example a bad one in comparison to basically any other use of autoclicking...which was my entire point.