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    [–] This is for me. SuicideAngel77 9 points ago in ExNoContact

    This is so me right now. But one thing I keep telling myself is, if it's meant to be, no amount of running away on his part will prevent him from eventually coming back around. And if it's not meant to be, no amount of crying, begging or hoping on my part will bring him back.

    In the end, you lost someone who gave up on you when things got hard whereas he lost someone who never would have given up on him. Your loss is actually a gain. Always remember this.

    [–] [HELP] Dos and Don'ts for MBBS 1st year? SuicideAngel77 1 points ago in india

    Thank you so much for your input! I feel much better and more prepared now. I'll try my best not to stand out and just focus on my own goals. 💕

    [–] [HELP] Dos and Don'ts for MBBS 1st year? SuicideAngel77 4 points ago in india

    Oh my God, I didn't really hope anybody would bother to help in such detail. Thank you so much!! I'll definitely keep all of your points in mind when I get to college especially the ones about practical experience and overworking myself. Thanks again 💗💗

    [–] I can’t stop freaking out! SuicideAngel77 2 points ago in BreakUps

    Are you my ex-boyfriend? The situation is eerily similar to mine lol I've read your other posts... You seem extremely emotionally charged right now. I would advise you to take a deep breath... Think about things for a minute. Was she really good for you or are you just remembering things through rose-tinted glasses? Are you truly compatible with each other? Is this the right timing for both of you? Can you trust her (or yourself) not to run away when things get hard? You mentioned that she's in a rebound relationship right now. Unless she was cheating on you way before the breakup, I can assure you that she's only trying to fill the void you left behind, if that makes you feel better. Don't go rushing back to her just yet, especially if she's still with someone else. Think about the relationship, figure out where you went wrong and work on yourself accordingly, if she really cared about you like you said she did, she'll be willing to give you another chance.

    [–] Fateful Encounter SuicideAngel77 1 points ago in ExNoContact

    Thank you for saying this. 💗

    [–] Choosing Beggars: Gaming Edition SuicideAngel77 4 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    It was probably a typo anyway lol I was just joking. No need for apologies

    [–] My boyfriend [M/18] started acting distant a few days after I [F/19] moved to my own state. After asking him about it, he bombards me with this. What should I do? SuicideAngel77 3 points ago in LongDistance

    It's really difficult to get through to him... This side of him comes out only when we have an argument about something. The other times he's cold and distant and only talks about sexual stuff with me.
    When I was with him, everything seemed fine... He was so devoted, loving and caring towards me and then it all just meted out.
    Talking about professional help will only result in getting one word replies from him... I think I have no choice but to wait till I'm face to face with him inorder to have this discussion.