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    [–] My boyfriend [M/18] started acting distant a few days after I [F/19] moved to my own state. After asking him about it, he bombards me with this. What should I do? SuicideAngel77 3 points ago in LongDistance

    It's really difficult to get through to him... This side of him comes out only when we have an argument about something. The other times he's cold and distant and only talks about sexual stuff with me.
    When I was with him, everything seemed fine... He was so devoted, loving and caring towards me and then it all just meted out.
    Talking about professional help will only result in getting one word replies from him... I think I have no choice but to wait till I'm face to face with him inorder to have this discussion.

    [–] Loneliness SuicideAngel77 1 points ago in OCPoetry

    I understand completely why you're unable to connect to this piece, it does leave a lot of question marks. I wrote it specifically for someone, so the references are personal and of course, not understood by just anyone. In the poem, I've chosen to depict "Love" as an animal, because of the feelings of companionship that an animal brings (this is subjective).

    The boy in question had had a hard past, and so he is more closed off than he used to be. This poem is all about that- Me sending "Love" in the form of an animal, to love him- because he has lacked love all his life, from his parents and friends alike; to make him understand that "Not all people are cruel", of course Love the animal knows this fact very well.

    The girl in question is me- it refers to an incident when I couldn't stop myself from crying in the class, and he sat there in his seat frozen (we were not on talking terms at that time due to a misunderstanding). I know we have feelings for each other, but he is scared- too scared, because he hasn't really experienced love, and a girl from his past broke his heart once. So Love the animal tries to convince him that not everyone is the same, that it's okay to express his emotions, and to give us a chance too someday.

    Hope this cleared up many things, and I hope the poem is better understood in this context, even if it's not very well-written. :)

    [–] I have a better offer but he wants it for less regardless.. SMH SuicideAngel77 4 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    "Sorry I have better offers"

    "Give me a better offer"

    That's not how this works ... That's not how any of this works

    [–] The Cold Summer SuicideAngel77 2 points ago in OCPoetry

    Okay, so I'm not sure I understood your poem perfectly, but I'm going to tell you which lines I liked best and how I interpreted them.

    Still warm, devoid of frost

    Remain alone, but never lost

    He'll change homes with different locks

    These lines remind me of a vagabond, somehow. I'm not sure whether the "creature" in the poem is a human, most probably it's not meant to be, but nevertheless these lines speak to me of the "vagabond-ish" nature of said creature and how he's always wandering but never lost. I love it.

    The cold claims a different hot

    Young brains chose to flip and rot

    I believe the "chose" could have been "choose" here, then it would make a bit more sense. "The cold claims a different hot" this is a fantastic line, and the succeeding line seems a forced attempt at rhyming to me. I'm not sure what the last line means, perhaps you could try to reword it better and make it so that it doesn't come off as forced, as well as get across your message clearer.

    Anyway, that's my take on it. I could be way off the mark, but it was an enjoyable read! Keep up the good work :)

    [–] Been writing weird poetry SuicideAngel77 2 points ago in OCPoetry

    Wow, there's a lot going on here for readers to interpret! I want to start by saying that I really liked these lines-

    we grow in our ways, differ in our tastes

    ego takes root and tears us apart

    And also this one

    we meet, giggle at our boundaries

    the queers overhear and call it music

    The underlying theme of the queers and the straights was something I wasn't expecting, I do feel it could have been more well-defined and explored, however leaving it vague is also totally fine and in fact gives the poem a nice touch.

    and stop trying to make dead flowers look happy

    The bluntness of this line at the end really hit me hard and resonated with me. I totally relate to this, you've got a strong ending right here. Keep up the good work!

    [–] Trying to sell things on Facebook. Choosing beggar becomes master con-artist SuicideAngel77 59 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in ChoosingBeggars

    "Why did you delete your email order though?"

    "I am slow" bahaha the things people say when they're backed into a corner. Not to mention she conveniently "deleted" the only piece of evidence that would have backed up her claim, faster than you can say Jack Robinson.