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    [–] LSU AD Joe Alleva expected to step down SuperEagle1 4 points ago in CFB

    No fucking way we move to the Big 12. Our BOT and boosters are a bunch of good ol’ boys who hated playing second fiddle to Texas in the SWC and would never do that again.

    [–] Steve Alford has agreed to a deal with Nevada and is expected to sign the contract today. SuperEagle1 21 points ago in CollegeBasketball

    He defended him, refused to suspend him despite a credible accusation, allowed him to remain on the team after he was convicted, despite a large public outcry, and even tried to organize a “prayer meeting” between Pierce and his accuser.

    [–] Accidental Trick Play SuperEagle1 3 points ago in NCAAFBseries

    Okay, why is WKU in the Pac-12?

    [–] Arkansas has offered Hillcrest Prep G Kyree Walker SuperEagle1 17 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago) in razorbacks

    He was supposedly down to Nevada and Memphis before Musselman was hired, let’s hope he follows Muss.

    [–] Should Arkansas Pay $6 million a year for Chris Beard? SuperEagle1 3 points ago in razorbacks

    Off topic but why the hell did Ohio State pay Holtmann that much?

    [–] [Duarte] Sources: Kelvin Sampson has signed contract with the University of Houston SuperEagle1 12 points ago in CollegeBasketball

    Supposedly the Musselman situation is still in flux, but the new name being thrown around is Gregg Marshall.

    [–] Best use of a song in a film? SuperEagle1 15 points ago in movies

    What makes this even better is that it was pretty much the first example of previously existing songs being licensed for a movie. It was just used as a placeholder during post initially, but it worked so well that no other song could fit.

    [–] Vin Diesel announces he has joined the cast of the Avatar sequels SuperEagle1 22 points ago in movies

    He actually starred in one of Sidney Lumet’s last films, Find Me Guilty. He really surprised me with how good he was in that, and the movie has a pretty good performance from Peter Dinklage as well.

    [–] I’m hearing HY has his guy SuperEagle1 4 points ago in razorbacks

    Not OP, but I heard both of those guys as well as Steve Alford. Hopefully they’re just being floated to make fans more excited for Musselman.

    [–] The Spice Must Flow: New 'Dune' Movie Starts Shooting SuperEagle1 26 points ago in movies

    No Feyd-Rautha yet, which is probably the biggest part left.

    [–] Mens Basketball Head Coach Rumor Megathread. SuperEagle1 2 points ago in razorbacks

    Great recruiter who can never turn that into real success on the court. Furthest he was able to take UCLA was the sweet 16, and that was with some of the top recruits in the country.

    [–] What is the greatest upset in sports history? SuperEagle1 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Stanford over #1 USC in the LA coliseum in 2007. For context, USC was definitely the top program in College Football at that point, with Pete Carroll having coached them to 2 national championships and regularly churning out top NFL draft picks. Stanford, though their football program had a decent history, had been the laughingstock of the PAC-10 for the better part of the decade. Beating the team that was considered by most to be the best in the country, on their home turf, in one of the most notoriously tough stadiums in the country, was a definite turning point for their program. According to the betting line I think it remains the biggest upset in College Football history.

    [–] Lmao, jesus christ this was on the front page of ESPN's COLLEGE FOOTBALL webpage SuperEagle1 35 points ago * (lasted edited 17 days ago) in CollegeBasketball

    CBS is projecting him to go to the Knicks, which would probably be this sub’s personal hell.