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    [–] Good custom conferences SuperEagle1 3 points ago in NCAAFBseries

    Classic Conferences: SEC West: Alabama, Auburn, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, LSU, Tulane. SEC East: Georgia, Georgia Tech, Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, Vanderbilt.

    Southwest Conference (Turn the MWC or CUSA into this): Arkansas, Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, TCU, Baylor, Houston, SMU, Rice.

    Big 8: Oklahoma, OK State, Kansas, Kansas State, Nebraska, Missouri, Colorado, Iowa State.

    [–] Cutting and persuading players to stay SuperEagle1 5 points ago in NCAAFBseries

    Yeah sometimes I don’t try to convince them to stay so that it feels more real for me. They probably don’t have a good reason to stay either. If it’s a player I really like though, I’ll try to keep them.

    [–] Texas A&M, Texas presidents want to review rivalry SuperEagle1 38 points ago in CFB

    Why does Texas, the largest Big 12 school, not simply eat the others?

    [–] Texas A&M, Texas presidents want to review rivalry SuperEagle1 3 points ago in CFB

    It’s more then half now with Kentucky and Louisville. The SEC and Big 12 could definitely work something out for UT-A&M and Kansas-Mizzou.

    [–] Texas A&M, Texas presidents want to review rivalry SuperEagle1 17 points ago in CFB

    Yeah, it was. Many an LSU season was spoiled during the Battle for the Boot. I am fully in support of bringing it back to rivalry week.

    [–] Watching Sicario and Soldado back to back really shows how stylistically strong the first one is SuperEagle1 50 points ago in movies

    Stefano Sollima pretty much completely rewrote the 3rd act during filming and changed up the script. That’ll do it.

    [–] Go home Bowl Projections, you’re drunk SuperEagle1 5 points ago in NCAAFBseries

    My conference realignment has kinda screwed up Bowl tie ins, but South Carolina and Auburn are both still in the SEC. And SCAR can’t even get to 6 wins.

    [–] [Rapoport] Official statement on Linehan firing SuperEagle1 1 points ago in nfl

    Some Cowboys fans on Twitter are now seriously suggesting that they hire Art Briles.

    [–] 2019 4* S Jalen Catalon commits to Arkansas SuperEagle1 18 points ago in CFB

    Hell yeah brother, cheers from Fayetteville,

    [–] Recruiting has gotten very weird in this dynasty. SuperEagle1 24 points ago in NCAAFBseries

    Worth noting that despite still being in a G5 conference, Troy has three 5* recruits including the top QB recruit in the country.

    [–] Hhhahahahhhahahahahahahahhahahahhahahhhahahahaahahahhahahahahahahhahahhahahhahahahahahahahahahaaaha SuperEagle1 83 points ago in ChapoTrapHouse

    Bobby Newport didn’t really have any harmful opinions of his own, and he actually liked Leslie and most of her ideas. Ben is way worse.