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    [–] I hear y’all like weird title games SuperEagle1 3 points ago in NCAAFBseries

    Georgia Tech will consistently be top 10 because the AI has no idea how to stop the option lol. Rice hired a HC who ran the option in my current dynasty and made the fiesta bowl 2 years later.

    [–] I hear y’all like weird title games SuperEagle1 2 points ago in NCAAFBseries

    I’m Houston, but I really can’t explain how Troy got in (especially over 12-1 Penn State. Guess the P5 bias is gone).

    [–] LSU and Les Miles have settled the remaining buyout he's owed. SuperEagle1 56 points ago in CFB

    Jeff Long (KU AD) and Miles are buddies. When Miles was at LSU and Long was at Arkansas they started a Miles to Arkansas rumor a couple times so that Les would get a raise.

    [–] Russell Crowe's $150M ‘Master and Commander': 15th Anniversary of the Franchise That Never Was SuperEagle1 20 points ago in movies

    Check out Outlaw King, it just came out on Netflix. Stars Chris Pine as Robert the Bruce and it’s from the director of Hell or High Water. I thought it was quite good.

    [–] What’s your weirdest national championship game combo? SuperEagle1 4 points ago in NCAAFBseries

    I’ve seen Penn State-Fresno State and Auburn-Nevada. Nevada actually won while still being a member of the MWC.

    [–] Netflix’s Narnia Adaptations Will Be Live Action SuperEagle1 9 points ago in movies

    That actually would be really good casting but Tilda Swinton was so good I kinda wish they’d bring her back.

    [–] Zach Smith going on Twitter Tirade about Tom Herman cheating on his wife. SuperEagle1 14 points ago in CFB

    I don’t think it was ever confirmed but the story I’ve heard from Georgia fans is that when he was DC there he showed up at Mark Richt’s house in the middle of the night and tried to fight him. Also, he supposedly left FSU because his wife found out he was banging coeds.

    [–] How to run the ball from Ace and I-Form? SuperEagle1 1 points ago in NCAAFBseries

    Probably different in different games, but I’ve won the heisman with 5’10 speed backs pretty much running exclusively in Ace and I-Form in NCAA 12. You just have to run a lot of lead draws and stretch routes.

    [–] REAL American DESIMATES the competition with TRUTH and WORDS. SuperEagle1 7 points ago in ToiletPaperUSA

    “Hello fellow American. This you should vote me. I leave power. Good. Thank you, thank you. If you vote me, I'm hot. What? Taxes, they'll be lower... son. The Democratic vote is the right thing to do Philadelphia, so do.” -Charlie Kelly, Founder, Turnung pount use

    [–] Should CU move on from Mike MacIntyre? SuperEagle1 10 points ago in CFB

    I’d give Matt Wells a shot. Making Utah State as good as they are is no easy task.

    [–] Who will the head coach be for Maryland Terrapins? SuperEagle1 8 points ago in NCAAFBseries

    If they go to a bowl they should offer Matt Canada the job permanently.

    [–] This is not cool Hollywood! Tobey Maguire is an oppressed gamer! SuperEagle1 5 points ago in GamersRiseUp

    How was replaced as Spider man because he was a gamer! Just another example of disgusting Hollywood discrimination

    [–] Any times this game has made you actually sad? SuperEagle1 18 points ago in NCAAFBseries

    Not at the same level but my Heisman winning Senior RB getting knocked out of the bowl with a concussion on the third play of the game. Really didn’t want his career to end like that.

    [–] What are some programs you guys like to build up? SuperEagle1 9 points ago in NCAAFBseries

    Idaho because Kibbie Dome, Tulane because they’re in a really good spot for recruiting, and Buffalo because I like their logo.

    [–] What quote from a video game stuck with you? SuperEagle1 1 points ago in AskReddit

    “Hey everyone! This store discriminates against the poor!”