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    [–] I am Rocksteady, from TurtleCoin project. Ask me anything about TurtleCoin SuperficialPickle444 2 points ago in TRTL

    This is great! Just started mining today, I'd love some shells TRTLv3A7WUiPFGWmLoVYif5vkfWZTPq3aXJvsoJPjUEYUtwat4H17sDMvNhbQk3jc6edoVU2y8SZgDBbTpqAAkDU3pbvu7DewtH

    [–] Australia Post is always late SuperficialPickle444 1 points ago in australia

    Because of your comment I just realized I’ve been using the US keyboard, thanks

    [–] Post your addresses to receive tasty Garlicoin!! (No bamboozle*) **While Supplies Last SuperficialPickle444 3 points ago in garlicoin

    mxnxwtf5fGHiNk6xVpRHW8mC8PtRciaQyV I’m a bit late but hopefully I can get a slice of the pie. Sorry for the newbie question but what is bamboozle?