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    [–] Anyone who doesn't think smurfing is a problem is kidding themself’s SuprDog 4 points ago in Overwatch

    you guys really overplay the amount of accounts people have. Im sure there are some nutters with 4+ accounts but most people have only a main and second account.

    At least i do. A 10Euro pre paid card wouldn't stop most people at all.

    [–] what the fuck SuprDog 17 points ago in OverwatchCirclejerk

    I can't! My spirit is willing but my flesh wants nothing more than to commit adultery with Witch Mercy 😫💦

    [–] My Switch library is starting to look like my steam account with this amount of backlogging SuprDog 4 points ago in NintendoSwitch

    haha i love how people are bragging with this. I've seen so many people say

    "man my steam backlog is crazy, i have like 200-300 games i haven't touched yet that i still need to play and there are like 10 games coming up the next 2 weeks i need to buy!"

    And im like... dude wtf. Why do you buy new games you're not gonna play just to have them? Save your money lol.

    And its always older people. It begins around the mid 20s. As soon as people dont have enough time anymore to play video games daily they still have the habit buying like they could play 6h each day but they can't anymore because life is happening.

    Its kinda sad.

    [–] DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme 3: Scarlet PV SuprDog 15 points ago in NintendoSwitch

    Not sure where you're working but watching videos of anime girls with huge anime tits bouncing around in bikinis doing "exercises" and stuff is something thats not cool to watch at my work.

    NSFW doesn't mean its porn or nudes. Its just not safe for work. Thats it.

    [–] Throwback SuprDog 2 points ago in Competitiveoverwatch

    FeelsGoodMan today i got it again

    [–] Armor Set for Hammer? SuprDog 1 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in MonsterHunterWorld

    Are you on PC?

    These are the current meta builds (build for max dps) on PC right now:

    Afaik the "Styx" Hammer is only better compared to Diablo Hammer if the fight is longer than ~90 seconds. If you need more than 90 seconds "Styx" is the better choice.

    This will change though as soon as Drachen armor is available on PC.

    It's not much of a difference so dont sweat it if you want to keep using the Diablo Hammer.

    edit: Nevermind. Just saw that you are around HR16. So these sets are not yet important for you.

    [–] I DIDN'T KNOW THAT THE AIM IS FIXED FOR ATLEAST 1 DODGE! MY WHOLE LIFE WAS A LIE! SuprDog 15 points ago in MonsterHunterWorld

    Yeah even the tiniest movement resets this. But its PC with a mouse anyway, can just aim instead.

    [–] Doing a good job vs a bad job takes the same amount of time. SuprDog 5 points ago in funny

    Hey, "anywhere in Europe" here. Germany to be exact.

    I rent an apartment myself in a house with 6 other apartments and every year my grandma comes at St. Nicholas Day (december 6th) super early in the morning and gifts me a small chocolate Santa with 20 Euro glued on it and leaves it at my front door without ringing or knocking as a surprise.

    Last year i was sick and forgot about it and didn't leave the house for 4 days but the chocolate Santa was still there... even with the 20 Euro still glued on it.

    And my apartment door is the first door right at the front entrance of our house. So lots of people walk by each day.

    So no, Europe is not a shithole full of thieves as you think it is.

    [–] Sell me on your weapon SuprDog 1 points ago in MonsterHunterWorld

    Why use any other weapon when you can use a big Hammer.

    [–] His excitement for baths can not be contained. Look at him get that water! SuprDog -10 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago) in aww

    dont they teach you this shit in school? Yeah you're dying... jesus christ.

    [–] PETA billboard SuprDog 3 points ago in funny

    no im vegan :)

    [–] Is there a way to improve Antialiasing? SuprDog 2 points ago in MonsterHunterWorld

    Hm not sure what the problem could be. No i dont have any performance mods or 3rd party software besides nvidia geforce experience but i dont use it on this game.

    My settings currently:

    z-prepass: off

    1080p locked 60fps and vertical sync off. The huge fps sinks usually are v-sync and volumetric rendering but you probably have that already turned off.

    [–] 80 years later SuprDog 7 points ago in pics

    Im German and here where i live we do have crosses in the city and we do have like you suggested further down the comments nativity scenes too. Especially at the christmas markets.

    [–] Arch Tempered Kirin 3:06 SuprDog 1 points ago in MonsterHunterWorld

    Man i wish i had the Glutton

    [–] Thousands march in Germany calling for end to coal power SuprDog 9 points ago in europe

    Its still only around 30-40% of the total production. And its nice that wind/solar can produce around 30-40% but what about the days/weeks where wind/solar production is below 5-10%?

    Reliable am i right?

    [–] Thousands march in Germany calling for end to coal power SuprDog 14 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago) in europe

    You're arguing against something im not arguing for.

    Im not saying nuclear is better for the environment but nuclear sure is better if you need a steady high amount of energy.

    edit: Electricity is expensive in Germany and its getting more expensive in Januar 2019. It's great. Love the decision to get rid of nuclear. Was a great idea.

    [–] Thousands march in Germany calling for end to coal power SuprDog 22 points ago in europe

    Have you heard of this amazing thing that is now dirt cheap called solar energy? There are also big spinning things that make the air into electricity, it’s magic!

    Yeah super reliable energy thats easily stored and can be used all the time :)

    Like right now! Great weather currently for green energy.

    [–] Germany: Billionaire Backing May Have Helped Launch AfD SuprDog 18 points ago in europe

    People left of me being paid by Soros and people right of me being paid by Fascists.

    Im not getting paid seems like i need to choose a site.

    [–] GO FOR BROKE FT. Hammer BRO! SuprDog 1 points ago in MonsterHunterWorld

    Had something similiar happen to me. Was at the area above the camp zone 12 those 3-4 little platform where Kirin can jump from platform to platform.

    Kirin was casting its electric attack in a straight line in front of him and i tried to dodge but accidentally jumped off the platform... but exactly in the path of the attack. Said fuck it and jumped back midair with a charged jumping attack on his head.

    Killed it right before it had the chance to cast it. Felt pretty good.