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    [–] A man gave the shirt off his back to a homeless man on an NYC subway car SuprDog 2 points ago in gifs

    I hope you get a disease that will bankrupt you because after you've spend all your money on it, lost your job and are on the brink to being homeless, i could say i would've loved to pay 10% more in taxes so it wouldn't had ruined your life :)

    [–] Europeans neither have dishwashers nor reliable Amazon or Uber. SuprDog 81 points ago in ShitAmericansSay

    and only having 5 vacation days a year might be a reason

    And dont take them all at once or you get fired on the spot because bless god and the U S A for at will employment!!!

    [–] Germany is the EU's largest producer of ice cream (16.5 % of EU total production) SuprDog 6 points ago in europe

    Lidl sells the Gellateli brand (owned by Nestlé though) and their ice cream is really good and pretty cheap.

    Those are great and they only cost 1,50 Euro.

    [–] Funny how posts about hackers and cheaters spread since pc launch SuprDog 7 points ago in MonsterHunterWorld

    I usually dont care if someone cheats in a singleplayer game. If thats the way you want to play the game, fine. You don't want to farm 100s of hours for specific gear and rather cheat it in? Yeah go ahead.

    But ruining it for others online just sucks. Dont be like that.

    [–] [News] PC Next patches and problems to be addresed SuprDog 2 points ago in MonsterHunterWorld

    I'm quite surprised at the numbers of complaints about this. I mean, you just have to deal with it for what ? 1/10 of what the game has to offer

    Well its the first time Monster Hunter is on PC for western players. And if you are new to this game and, i dont know, the first 50 hours of gameplay are riddled with this multiplayer bullshit i understand why people are complaining. Because it absolutely sucks huge balls.

    It's just really really poor coding or lazyness. Not sure whats worse.

    [–] There is currently a texture bug on PC causing all textures to be rendered on the lowest setting no matter what. No workaround has been presented yet. SuprDog 1 points ago in MonsterHunterWorld

    You can just "plug and play" on PC too if you dont care about any of this.

    If you're cool with running games on 30FPS more power to you. But PC gives you the option to play with settings for greater visuals or performance.

    [–] Random cat I met in Greece SuprDog 0 points ago in aww

    This cat doesn't appear to be a feral cat.

    It looks well fed, it's not dirty and looks well groomed. Could just be a outdoor cat.

    [–] What was the stupidest thing someone has asked you 100% seriously? SuprDog 14 points ago in AskReddit

    I dont know the numbers and they are probably waay lower than in the US but i grew up pretty "rural" in German standards but we had 2 black kids in my class at school.

    Maybe it's because i live near a US military base but it's not unusual to see black people in Germany. Sure, not nearly as much as in the US but it's not something outlandish.

    [–] Viktor Orban moves to ban gender studies courses at university in 'dangerous precedent' for Hungary SuprDog 4 points ago in europe

    comes from someone that votes left-ish. Those kind of people are ridiculous and should be ashamed and fairly criticised for some of the bullshit they write.

    They are also the kind of nutjobs that make the left seem crazy because of their ridiculous extreme agendas.

    They are basically the left's breitbart and alex jones.

    [–] Viktor Orban moves to ban gender studies courses at university in 'dangerous precedent' for Hungary SuprDog 6 points ago in europe

    Study gender studies, get degree, get hired by buzzfeed, huffington post, polygon, kotaku or some other dipshit news site, start writing articles about minorities and how evil the average white man is to them.

    gain extra cred if you're somewhere on the LGBTQ+ spectrum.

    [–] Internet Usage Based on Time of Day SuprDog 44 points ago in europe

    but Germans waste time on forklift simulator


    [–] What was the stupidest thing someone has asked you 100% seriously? SuprDog 40 points ago in AskReddit

    Im from Germany and 10 years ago i was in the US and visited a friend i've met on a vacation in Egypt. I dont know the context anymore but we were talking about black people. And he said something like "Have you ever met a black person?" and i was like "yes of course we have black people in Germany" and he looked at me like a deer in the headlights "Wow really? There are black people in Germany?"

    He was genuine. Thought it was funny because he legit thought there are only black people in America and Africa.

    [–] I've never felt more guilty uninstalling a program SuprDog 57 points ago in funny


    Sawcon deez nuts. Gottem.

    See? 25 and still a meme lord.

    [–] I've never felt more guilty uninstalling a program SuprDog 39 points ago in funny

    25 here. It's not because you're getting older, its because you stop caring.

    Im 25 and still go to sawcon to experience all the freshest memes.

    [–] Währungsverfall der Lira: Türkei will negative Kommentare zur Wirtschaft bestrafen - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Politik SuprDog 3 points ago in de

    Leute die in der Türkei für ihn gewählt haben sind selber schuld. Mir tun nur die Leute leid die nicht für ihn sind und dennoch darunter leiden müssen.

    Deutschtürken die meinen Erdogan wählen zu müssen sind die größten Spackos. Bequem in Deutschland und Sozialstaat leben aber dann der Türkei so ne scheiße reindrücken.

    [–] The same street, 72 years apart SuprDog 1 points ago in pics

    Im German. No jokes allowed.

    [–] The same street, 72 years apart SuprDog 1 points ago in pics

    Actually the Russians did.