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    [–] 'Kill Him With His Own Gun' Rioters Chanted as a DC Police Officer Fought for His Life Supremetacoleader 3 points ago in politics

    This particular Officer's message to those Rioters who helped him escape the crowd when the crowd was about to kill him:

    "Thank you....but F*ck you for being there!"

    [–] AOC, Omar and Twitter sued for $88 million for "overbearing pain and suffering" due to Trump ban Supremetacoleader 148 points ago in politics

    A California man is suing Twitter and two progressive congresswomen in connection with President Donald Trump's suspension from the social media platform, citing "overbearing pain and suffering."

    The flakiest of Snow flakes

    [–] The Supreme Court Won’t Explain Why It Just Greenlit New Abortion Restrictions Supremetacoleader 797 points ago in politics

    On Tuesday evening, the Supreme Court released its first abortion decision since Senate Republicans confirmed Justice Amy Coney Barrett to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The court’s unexplained, unsigned order allows the government to restrict access to the abortion pill. It also provides a strong signal that the new court is willing to indulge restrictions on abortion, even though the Court did not bother to explain why. Some may be inclined to write off the Court’s decision since the incoming Biden administration could change the specific regulation at issue in the case, which required women to pick up mifepristone in person from a medical facility. But the decision serves as a standing invitation to states to impose yet more draconian restrictions on abortion.

    Quite the flex