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    [–] What the ... SwissArmyBumpkin 1 points ago in WeirdWheels

    Having twinnies on the back can't be doing the green much good on sharp turns

    [–] My absolute favorite EDC knife. Best man gift from my bro 6 years ago. SwissArmyBumpkin 1 points ago in EDC

    6 years and you can still see the grinding marks on the secondary bevel. You're obviously nicer to your kit than I am 😂

    [–] Swords SwissArmyBumpkin 8 points ago in comics

    Oh hey! This one is about swords!

    [–] 🤦‍♂️ SwissArmyBumpkin 2 points ago in ShittyCarMod

    Plasti fucking woeful

    [–] Found in the trash at work. SwissArmyBumpkin 0 points ago in EDC

    I gave mine away to somebody I didn't even like. Such was my opinion of it 😂

    [–] 33F - Wondering what dating sites to consider? (Prefer sites NOT inundated with DTF type of dudes). SwissArmyBumpkin 0 points ago in datingoverthirty

    Little tip regardless of what app you use. FFS don't post pictures of yourself with other men! Even if it's your brother or whatever, we obviously don't know who it is, and we f&@king hate seeing it. 😂 Good luck ✌

    [–] This is Amazing SwissArmyBumpkin 21 points ago in specializedtools