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    [–] 37s are on SwissArmyBumpkin 1 points ago in 4x4

    Did you move the entire axle forward or hack into the foot wells?... and does it still have any downtravel? πŸ€”

    [–] Husky Messes Up A Small Dog SwissArmyBumpkin 10 points ago in EnoughInternet

    OOOOOOHH!! Don't go cutting yourself on that edge now

    [–] I made it 10 days and 20 hours. A donut wouldnt hurt right?? 😒 I'm dying SwissArmyBumpkin 1 points ago in sugarfree

    Just to be clear... if you have a "cheat day" from sugar it doesn't mean bingeing on it. Still have as little a possible. Hang in there, it will get easier. Now that I'm not addicted it's no longer a problem for me to put sugar in my coffee or have the occasional donut but in the past it used to affect my mood. Once you unwire you brain from being dependent on it you should be able to relax a bit and have a little sugar here and there but it takes time. It's worth it. Good luck πŸ‘

    [–] Someone asked for a picture of the Paracord wrap on my Bushman Bowie SwissArmyBumpkin 1 points ago in Bushcraft

    Mine became my workshop hack knife. I didn't like the hollow grind (would have to be the worst grind for bushcrafting) or the fact the round handle doesn't give you any feedback as to where the edge is. Worst of all the steel is like cheese. I have however carried a pocket bushman for 8 years as a work hack and quite like it despite its quirks

    [–] So my home town of Paradise CA burnt down today. SwissArmyBumpkin 5 points ago in pics

    ...anything you say can, and will be held against you..

    [–] Cat Hat SwissArmyBumpkin 13 points ago in PrettyGirls

    My kind of gal. No fake bs

    [–] Electric hedge trimmer. I’m not allowed to do yard work anymore. SwissArmyBumpkin 7 points ago in Shatter

    Looks like you forgot rule one - Never stick your fingers anywhere you wouldn't stick your dick

    [–] Stihl chainsaw powered 3/4" drive impact SwissArmyBumpkin 0 points ago in Skookum

    This is a "08" it was the same power plant for the chainsaw and quickcut

    [–] Stihl chainsaw powered 3/4" drive impact SwissArmyBumpkin 14 points ago in Skookum

    54 people don't know how impact wrenches work

    [–] HMB while I attempt this stunt with my Jeep SwissArmyBumpkin 114 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in holdmybeer

    Wranglers are too damn short to lift that high. Why is it so hard to understand? It's not like this the first one to do this

    [–] 21M/ Coffee Slinger SwissArmyBumpkin 6 points ago in EDC

    Interesting. I bought some labeled "eXtreme fade resistant"... and they're absolutely crap. Must've been made on a friday arvo because it's like there's no ink in them

    [–] how about fuck no SwissArmyBumpkin 19 points ago in EnoughInternet

    What? Your heel's off!

    [–] ARTIST : Desconhecido(a) SwissArmyBumpkin 17 points ago in Unexpected

    What bothers me the most is they put that battery in backwards

    [–] I turned myself into a woman, Morty. I'm female Rick! SwissArmyBumpkin -1 points ago in rickandmorty

    Now that's just inefficient, you ever see a line for the men's room?

    [–] Make sure you really want to keep it SwissArmyBumpkin 4 points ago in WTF

    I've actually been considering getting a tattoo that says "Tattoos are stupid"

    [–] Uhhh SwissArmyBumpkin 7 points ago in CrappyDesign

    Yep. Small Incandescent bulb. 15 watt if I remember rightly. Similar if not the same as you'd find in a old fridge