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    [–] Wild Horses SystemOutPrintln 1 points ago in funny

    I remember that, that's one of the reasons why I like the subbed version better that and a few other jokes are hidden in the subs.

    [–] 100% Content Vol. 5 - Goons Lose a Titan in Delve feat. CapF and Friends SystemOutPrintln 4 points ago in Eve

    Fun fact, that structure bomb killed the bubble tackling me right before my siege was done.

    [–] Dear CCP - where is the July MER? SystemOutPrintln 4 points ago in Eve

    Yeah whole businesses close in parts of Europe for a week or two during the summer.

    [–] non british people of reddit, what do you find odd about britain? SystemOutPrintln 1 points ago in AskReddit

    There's a big difference between letting the light come on and running out of fuel, in my car it's like a 35 mile difference. I almost always get fuel after the light comes on and have never been at risk of running out of gas.

    [–] Man confronts guy who stole his bike, then things take an unexpected turn. SystemOutPrintln 2 points ago in PublicFreakout

    OP also used a cringy clickbait title just a step above


    [–] How did that get there? SystemOutPrintln 7 points ago in WatchPeopleDieInside

    wive's backs (plural intentional)

    Is it grammatically that or "wives' back"

    Honestly not sure

    [–] Yondu confederation, a public contract SystemOutPrintln 11 points ago in Eve

    We are currently here:

    1. OC
    2. New Meme
    3. Old Meme
    4. Played Out
    5. Dead Horse <---- here

    [–] Ideas for API app? SystemOutPrintln 1 points ago in Eve

    I'm gonna second this, imo the way to start work on a successful program (and in this case the determination of success is OP not burning himself out before it is completed) is:

    1. Have a use case/problem in mind
    2. Determine what tools you can/should use to solve that case
    3. Have at least a conceptual plan of the different parts of the solution and how they fit together.
    4. Actually start the coding work.

    [–] Ideas for API app? SystemOutPrintln 1 points ago in Eve


    You control your colony by writing JavaScript

    No ty

    [–] For people that are always hungry SystemOutPrintln 1 points ago in ATBGE

    Just replace the chopsticks with metal tubes

    [–] Unpopular Opinion: Allowing supers to dock was the worse change of the “Citadel” expansion SystemOutPrintln 3 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in Eve

    keepstars all over the place, including in the hands of smaller, non-major bloc groups.

    There are 2:

    • Camal - which I'll give you is a smaller group but still at least somewhat has a relationship with PL

    • Basgerin - which is intentionally in the middle of nowhere (WRT null) and is essentially only used as a super trading hub (which it is actually in a good position for)

    E: Forgot one:

    • A bait keepstar in Wiskeber

    [–] Unpopular Opinion: Allowing supers to dock was the worse change of the “Citadel” expansion SystemOutPrintln 4 points ago in Eve

    The little guys are always going to be fucked harder by changes like this than the big guys.

    Yeah all those little guys with keepstars are going to get totally fucked by this...

    [–] Unpopular Opinion: Allowing supers to dock was the worse change of the “Citadel” expansion SystemOutPrintln 6 points ago in Eve

    Add in the Flex FOB, allow it to be put anywhere, there is your beachhead. Sure it could be spammed but un-fueled they can be killed without a timer.

    [–] Wank stain 😂 SystemOutPrintln 5 points ago in ScottishPeopleTwitter

    That makes sense because icy hot on balls was a p common dare growing up around here.

    [–] Protestor hold umbrella over journalist SystemOutPrintln 6 points ago in HumansBeingBros

    2 things:

    • I don't think the start of school is their biggest concern so I really don't think that will be what breaks up the protests
    • I think there are a good many that aren't even students that are already going to these protests instead of work

    [–] What is a clear and objective food crime that people are getting away with because we're fighting about pineapple pizza? SystemOutPrintln 11 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in AskReddit

    Yeah comparing prices across different currencies isn't really effective (even with conversion) a better comparison is how many hours the average worker has to work to purchase the good, but that's harder info to come by.

    BR monthly median salary: 11,096
    BR cost: 4.98
    Cauliflower/mo in BR: ~2230

    US monthly median salary: 6,566
    US cost: 2.74
    Cauliflower/mo in US: ~2400

    [–] PSA: Some 3rd party tools will be broken this weekend SystemOutPrintln 3 points ago in Eve

    Yup, first found out about it due to our Auth system so those might be wonky as well.