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    [–] I don't think that's the best water source.. TELLS_YOU_TO_FUCKOFF 26 points ago in civ

    Atleast offer constructive criticism and tell OP how to screenshot.

    (OP, its the Print Scrn button, F10 or F12 in steam too I believe)

    [–] Close call (Superflight) TELLS_YOU_TO_FUCKOFF 22 points ago in HitBoxPorn

    I mean, the point of the clip on this sub is not about the action, it's about the hitbox; and while it's not a super impressive hitbox, it is still damn satisfying, no?

    [–] The most English burn delivered by James May 😂🔥 TELLS_YOU_TO_FUCKOFF 30 points ago in thegrandtour

    Im pretty sure he means the difference in height between his and Jezza's intellect is so large that is what he is afraid of.

    [–] Was gonna do a summary of our UCL run, didn't finish it so here's the unfinished part TELLS_YOU_TO_FUCKOFF 3 points ago in coys

    Ive been working on a RO16 and quarterfinal video, maybe I could stitch on to this one and give it back to you for a semi final video finale haha

    [–] Dele meeting a fan TELLS_YOU_TO_FUCKOFF 35 points ago in coys

    Dele's hand looks like hes also a bit excited to meet a fan

    [–] [DISCUSSION] Is this considered LoFi Hip Hop ? TELLS_YOU_TO_FUCKOFF 9 points ago in LofiHipHop

    And you are part of the problem by not giving any constructive criticism and posting such a useless comment....

    [–] suck it and see dropped 8 years ago today! TELLS_YOU_TO_FUCKOFF 4 points ago in arcticmonkeys

    Don't sit down cause I've moved your chair slaps me in the face and punches me in the bollocks every concert

    [–] I was going to compare the transfer fees of the UCL Final lineups, but three players in... TELLS_YOU_TO_FUCKOFF 9 points ago in coys

    A silver medal and another year of shit jokes, unfortunately.

    But its mental to think we did what we did this season with this squad and this manager, to dare is to fucking do.

    That said, if we do the Liverpool method and invest in our squad, a backup Striker if Nando and Janssen go a quality right back and some midfield depth/general depth, we can match Liverpool and City next season.

    [–] 2020 CL pots confirmed - who do you want in our group? TELLS_YOU_TO_FUCKOFF 9 points ago in coys

    Agreed, but please shut the fuck up.

    I would die happy if I got to see the lads came to Telia parken and stomp FC Copenhagen

    [–] Post-Match Thread: UCL Final - Tottenham vs Liverpool (June 1, 2019) TELLS_YOU_TO_FUCKOFF 1 points ago in coys

    This. Even though we are emotional, I still think it was a pen. Mane was a clever, cheeky bastard for flicking it up into his arm; it honestly changed/won the match for Liverpool...but its the rule, and no VAR check to even confirm it was a bit sad, but thats fucking football. Sissoko definite had his arm up to order the defense and it was rather unnecessary as well, but again, thats fucking football.

    We'll be back again though and on to the next season.


    [–] Post-Match Thread: UCL Final - Tottenham vs Liverpool (June 1, 2019) TELLS_YOU_TO_FUCKOFF 1 points ago in coys

    Agreed, but how the fuck did the linesman not call that final Liverpool corner before Origi scored. It was well off the line and he told Trippier to move it earlier when it was much closer.

    [–] I'd like to play as a Lizard Wizard who casts Blizzard. Any tips on how to make this build work? TELLS_YOU_TO_FUCKOFF 18 points ago in skyrim

    Most important tule is that you get a companion named King Gizzard so you guys become King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

    Nobody Will Understand the reference I suppose

    [–] Moderation på r/Denmark TELLS_YOU_TO_FUCKOFF 5 points ago in Denmark

    Du er en mod på /r/ArtisanVideos ?

    En af mine favoritter subs, tak!