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    [–] How do you survive living near a casino? TJfromOK 3 points ago in gambling

    It fucking sucks. I have multiple casinos all around me. Sometimes I even go when I’m working.

    [–] Trash meme inbound TJfromOK 1 points ago in memes

    Let’s keep in mind, the reason for the season. God wanted to impregnate a teenage virgin...... without her consent.

    [–] Why are we still talking about long snapping every other episode? TJfromOK 11 points ago in AdamCarolla

    He’s the Al Bundy of podcasters. Reliving old high school stories to anyone who is trapped in the studio.

    [–] Did anyone else feel like Brother Mouzone was just overhyped? TJfromOK 76 points ago in TheWire

    Well who the hell were they supposed to bring in? Especially after Shorty Boyd done went and cleaned his whole act up! Surprised us all.

    [–] Walmart looks for last call on 3.2 beer in Utah TJfromOK 18 points ago in beer

    Miller/coors is going to stop making 3.2 all together. Oklahoma was buying 67% of all 3.2 beer made. I’m sure AB will not make it either. Utah will have to update their laws.

    [–] Casey Anthony’s Parents Speak on A&E TJfromOK 3 points ago in CaseyAnthony

    I can’t believe they are doing this show!

    [–] Hey! It’s been a while. We should grab coffee soon! TJfromOK 2 points ago in funny

    “It’s not a pyramid scheme..... it’s a funnel system. “

    [–] Protection for oral sex TJfromOK 6 points ago in Swingers

    There are risks to everything. Every morning when you drive to work you risk dying in traffic. I love blow jobs more than driving to work! Lol..... If you are playing with people that are middle to upper class, your risk for infection is really not that high.

    [–] Half the land in Oklahoma could be returned to Native Americans. It should be. TJfromOK 36 points ago in politics

    Everyone in this thread lives somewhere else and has no idea what they are talking about. You make some good points. They don’t understand that Oklahoma is a modern settled state. There is no uninhabited land to give back. There is zero chance that people who own the land now would move or be forced to move.

    [–] Upside down pinapple TJfromOK 5 points ago in Swingers

    Ok, upside down doesn’t really mean anything...... but we (swingers) do use the pineapple as a kind of swinger flag. If you go to any pool parties, half the stuff there will be covered with it. Cups, towels chairs, etc. a lot of people will put stickers on their car as well. ..... oh and also house decor. My wife has a huge bronze pineapple on our porch. We have been to many swingers house that has minor pineapple accents throughout.

    [–] What is the most important event in history for the human species? TJfromOK 1 points ago in AskReddit

    It would either be the birth of Jesus or Mohammed, both have fucked up humanity. Hundreds of wars because our god is better than yours.

    [–] Tramp stamp anyone? TJfromOK 9 points ago in trashy

    Go OU beat Texas!!!!! also, this tattoo is terrible.

    [–] Red Bull cans in airplane? TJfromOK 2 points ago in redbull

    I travel with Red Bull cans in my luggage all the time. No problem.

    [–] Same spot every day. Pay attention!! I44 @ I40 TJfromOK 3 points ago in oklahoma

    But there is at least $300 to my mint condition Chevy Cavalier!! I don’t want to do any more damage to this collectors item. The cops need to see exactly where the crime was committed!!

    [–] When will we stop looking at vanillas and think they could be swingers? TJfromOK 1 points ago in Swingers

    Why would you not hit on them? We have definitely brought some vanillas to the fun side!