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    [–] Keep it 300 TJfromOK 7 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Can’t wait till he’s stoned and calls in an order to Poppa John’s ... May I have your name please? “nigga I’m poppa John”

    [–] What's the most useless thing on a woman? TJfromOK 9 points ago in TheWire

    I thought we were friends? Did you fuck up the last 2 packages Ziggy? “Yes” are you beat to shit? “No” then take a walk my friend....... white Mike,

    Loved that part

    [–] Vehicle was being professionally shipped across USA. Driver has disappeared with vehicle. TJfromOK 47 points ago in legaladvice

    As someone who deals with shipping companies on a regular basis..... I can tell you this type of stuff happens all the time. It can be 2 weeks or a month, but it will turn up. They have probably dropped it in one of their lots and are waiting until they have other shipments heading your direction. It will turn up.

    [–] What is this and where is it available? TJfromOK 3 points ago in redbull

    Hmm.... that’s weird. I haven’t seen this before, but it is definitely on Red Bull glide racks. That makes me think that it definitely belongs to Red Bull. They might be testing it somewhere.

    [–] Hit $3,200 betting $1.80 TJfromOK 10 points ago in gambling

    Look man.... it’s gambling!! Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. It’s what I like to do, it makes my heart race. It sounds like gambling isn’t your sport.

    [–] Hit $3,200 betting $1.80 TJfromOK 2 points ago in gambling

    7 moon 7 moon. Triple bar. If the triple bar would have been a 7 I think it would have paid around $10,000

    [–] Hit $3,200 betting $1.80 TJfromOK 1 points ago in gambling

    It was a nickel machine. I was only betting 36($1.80) max bet was 180($9) I have done better not hitting max bet on this particular type of slot

    [–] What are some ways you have quit gambling in the past? TJfromOK 2 points ago in GamblingAddiction

    I ordered a new debit card and tore up the pin without looking at it. Can only run my card as credit, can’t get $ out the atm. I have to physically go to the bank to get cash. I have a history of getting too much cash out at the casino.

    [–] My best hit TJfromOK 1 points ago in gambling

    What casino? I’m assuming since it’s VGT that’s it’s in Oklahoma? I have lost more $$ on the lucky leprechaun than anyone alive!! Lol

    [–] Finally!!! Pretty good hit on slot TJfromOK 2 points ago in gambling

    It turned red and spun about 6 times. In the pic, was what the final hit was. The 7 eagle, 7 eagle .. triple barrr.,,,,, if the triple barrr would have been a 7 I think it would have paid, $39,999. DAMNIT!

    [–] Finally!!! Pretty good hit on slot TJfromOK 12 points ago in gambling

    I hit $9,928 in an Oklahoma Indian casino. Nickel slots... was betting 7.20 though 144 nickels. If that last triple bar would have been a 7, I think it would have paid 40 grand.

    [–] 220 in and 3 spins later.. TJfromOK 1 points ago in gambling

    Was this on .75 cents?

    [–] (26F) A cop fucked me against a dumpster TJfromOK 8 points ago in SluttyConfessions

    A cop fucked me by hiding behind a sign in a speed trap.

    [–] Soooo do I take it all to $5 pulls? TJfromOK 2 points ago in gambling

    I would probably pocket $2,500 and play $500

    [–] Can you still win big on Class II machines? TJfromOK 2 points ago in gambling

    Oklahoma here. All Indian casinos slot machines here pay off of bingo patterns. The machines here pay wayyyyyy more frequently than Vegas. I see regular winners in the 2,000 - $20,000 range every time I go. I once won 6 different jackpots for a total of $37,000 in 1 week back in 2009. My luck hasn’t been as good lately. Lol I probably used it all up in that week!

    [–] Just cleaning out the car TJfromOK 2 points ago in WTF

    It’s the only way to get stripper glitter out if your car!!!!

    [–] Several teachers filing for office TJfromOK -14 points ago in oklahoma

    The only possible way to get more days off than a teacher!!! Lol

    [–] I made this boot, what do you guys think?.... TJfromOK 6 points ago in somethingimade

    Wow, that looks really difficult and intricate! Love the way the boots look.

    [–] Gambling has just ruined my life TJfromOK 18 points ago in gambling

    $500 is nothing to kill yourself over!! I would be dead thousands of times over by now. Lol cut your losses... gambling is NOT for you.

    [–] He spits the truth. TJfromOK 0 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Well then they should be able to turn a profit. They shouldn’t need government funding.

    [–] M/30/5'10" [441 > 211 = -230 lbs] (6.15.16 to 4.5.18) (22 months of weight loss, keto + lifestyle overhaul) TJfromOK 1 points ago in progresspics

    Fantastic!!! amazing work.... I felt like a whole different person when I lost 60lb, I can't even imagine. "live life and have some fun you deserve it"