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    [–] A pirate's hme TREURNIET 1 points ago in pirates

    Its like a floating dock where pirates can go to hang out amd have a drink. Its always on the move tho so outsiders can not track it down.

    [–] A Pirate's home, Digital (photoshop), 4K TREURNIET 71 points ago in Art

    Thank you, yes i really love that style of brushwork it always has an amazing flow to it.

    [–] Sargeras TREURNIET 37 points ago in wow

    Hi, the artist of this piece here. Thank you for reposting my work. Hope you guys enjoy it. Made this piece just before the expansion and iam not dissapointed with what we got from sargeras so far. Especialy that we get to fight the avatar of sargeras! If you want to see more of my work check out my artstation and/or deviantart:


    [–] Self Promotion Megapost, 04 April 2016 TREURNIET 1 points ago in IndieGaming



    Nimbi is a puzzle adventure game set in the imagination of a kid called Nimbi. On his journey Nimbi will obtain various Animal Onesies, these grant him with special abilities that will help him overcome complex obstacles and challenges. The game is set in an colourful fantasy world with interesting characters and deep story.

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