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    [–] Filmmakers In Boise! TRextheCorgi 2 points ago in Boise

    We are hosting workshops this fall for screenwriting, auditioning, cinematography, and directing at my work (downtown Boise) if you are interested in attending. PM me if you would like to chat :)

    [–] “Don’t worry, I can do this” TRextheCorgi 22 points ago in gifs

    Not an Aussie. Thats a Bernese Mountain Dog.

    [–] He sees you when you’re peeing. TRextheCorgi 38 points ago in corgi

    "Everyfing cumin out ok hooman?"

    [–] For those of us "putting it off" TRextheCorgi 1 points ago in loseit

    Hello u/RudeDark! I would be happy to be your accountabillibuddy! I lost 120lbs over 1 year by doing CodeRed. I'd be happy to email you the document if you want. I went from a size 22 to a 10 and I'm now working on toning up. I used to be an emotional eater. Happy? eat. Sad? eat. But now I only eat to FUEL my body. I'm 100% here for you and your weightloss journey! :) You have 3 months? A lot can change in 90 days! Please PM me if you want any advice/help/motivation.


    [–] What's an inside joke you have with yourself? TRextheCorgi 1 points ago in AskWomen

    Best way to start a friendship! 😂❤ Currently listening to Cruel Summer (Lover Album on repeat all weeeek) I am digging "happy in love" Taylor, although "angry bitter" Taylor was fun too.

    [–] What's an inside joke you have with yourself? TRextheCorgi 3 points ago in AskWomen

    Oh my gosh. Sister. We are both active in progress pics, fasting, and like T Swifty. Can we please be Reddit besties?

    [–] What's an inside joke you have with yourself? TRextheCorgi 2 points ago in AskWomen

    This made my day. I don't know you, but I love you for this. Thank you.

    [–] What are your plans for this Labor Day weekend? TRextheCorgi 2 points ago in AskWomen

    Saturday- Work out, kayak, archery, BBQ with friends. Sunday-Church, teach Sunday school, my 2 year olds bday, my friends bday party. Monday- SLEEP, then play lots of fetch with my dog :)

    [–] What does love feel like to you? TRextheCorgi 2 points ago in AskWomen

    The sun feels warmer on my skin, food tastes better, showers feel more relaxing, I sleep harder, my worries go away and I can't wait until the next time I see him :) Its like normal life, but in HD.

    [–] What unexpected struggles did you go through in your twenties and how did you overcome them? TRextheCorgi 1 points ago in AskWomen

    When I was 27 I had an unplanned pregnancy. I was very grateful that I had 3 options: raise, place or abort. I decided to place for adoption. My co worker and his wife really wanted a child but had trouble getting pregnant. I asked them if they wanted to adopt and they agreed. My little one is now 2 years old and loved by so many people. Its an open adoption so I get to see him when I want and once he is 7-8 we will tell him "I grew you in my belly, she grew you in her heart, everyone loves you." Adoption is a beautiful thing and I'm glad I made that choice. Through a lot of processing/counseling I am doing very well and dropped 120lbs after having the baby. Some people don't understand and ask things such as "why did you give up your kid?" I don't believe I "gave up" anything. I didn't tie him to a balloon and say "byyyeee! Good luuuuckkkk!" I placed my child with a caring, loving, financially stable couple who adores him. :)

    [–] I just finished my first backpacking trip! TRextheCorgi 2 points ago in CasualConversation

    Thanks! :) It was nice to turn my phone off for 5 days and burn some major calories. Haha! Now planning my next backpacking trip!

    [–] My daughter and her cows read a comic book at the State Fair TRextheCorgi 1 points ago in pics

    Adorable! 4-H was the best 13 years of my life! 😊 Great opportunities for full ride scholarships

    [–] Guys, what shows that cater to a female audience are you watching or watched? TRextheCorgi 1 points ago in AskMen

    Awesome show! I really want to get my boyfriend into this show. I love Mary and the outfits :)

    [–] Got this show off on clearance for $6! E. Flamingo TRextheCorgi 2 points ago in succulents

    Anytime! If you google pics of each you can see distinct differences :) my sempervivums love to be outside in the heat. My echeverias get sun burnt