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    [–] Tragic TS_SI_TK_NOFORN 2 points ago in funny

    Must have worked for Virtucon. People never think how things affect the family of a henchman.

    [–] The take-out burger I ordered was all packaged separately so the bun doesn't get soggy. TS_SI_TK_NOFORN 5 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    Sounds like Kramer's pizza idea, a restaurant where you make your own pies.

    "We give ya the dough, the sauce, the cheese, you pound it, slap it, flip it into the air, put your toppings on, and you slide it into the oven."

    [–] How To Teach Your Kids A Lesson TS_SI_TK_NOFORN 2 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    And that's why you don't yell - J. Walter Weatherman, the best Weatherman to teach your kids a lesson.

    [–] DIS MINE NOW TS_SI_TK_NOFORN 2 points ago in funny

    Clearly people have never seen Tropic Thunder

    [–] Salt Lake mayor goes under cover, stays in homeless shelter to get information about growing homelessness issues. TS_SI_TK_NOFORN 19 points ago in UpliftingNews

    I wish more politicians would do things like this.

    Congressman Leo Ryan (the one killed during the Jonestown massacre), after the Watts Riots of 1965, (then Assemblyman Ryan) went to the area and took a job as a substitute school teacher to investigate and document conditions in the area. In 1970, using a pseudonym, Ryan had himself arrested, detained, and strip searched to investigate conditions in the California prison system. He stayed as an inmate for ten days in the Folsom Prison, while presiding as chairman on the Assembly committee that oversaw prison reform.

    I don't know a single politician in office today that would go half the lengths for their constituents as Congressman Ryan.

    Politicians today don't even have the courage to have town halls, let alone have the courage to stay in a for-profit prison under a pseudonym to fix the criminal justice system. Cowards. I'd love to see Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell stay 10 days in Rikers or GITMO.

    [–] Prime Minister claims laws of mathematics 'do not apply' in Australia TS_SI_TK_NOFORN 1 points ago in nottheonion

    As a former NSA employee in Cyber Security, technical experts testifying at this hearing explain why this mentality is bad.

    This is the hearing where Rep. Ted Lieu told the law enforcement witnesses to "just follow the damn constitution" at the 1:30:13 time mark.

    These people don't understand you can't have it both ways. You can't have security with a back door just for the good guys.

    Makes me think of this gem from My Cousin Vinny, "do the laws of physics cease to exist on your stove?"

    Fucking morons.

    "I'm not a ______________, but..."

    A. climatologist

    B. scientist

    C. doctor

    D. cryptographer

    E. racist

    Here's Neil deGrasse Tyson commenting on the backgrounds of politicians.

    [–] Xbox One Insider Program - June 21st: New Preview Beta Build Available (1706.170616-1900) TS_SI_TK_NOFORN 1 points ago in xboxone

    I haven't been keeping up with the Jones' on the Xbox One Preview/Insider, but have wanted to participate since learning about it way back when but never could snag an invite. Are there openings to join/participate? Is it still by invite, or has it changed?

    I've been in the Windows 10 Insider program for a while testing and evaluating the Enterprise edition insider builds in my test environment. Does the Xbox One Insider program parallel that/is it similar? I didn't notice when Preview became Insider...

    [–] 54 years ago today, Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman in space. #WomenInScience TS_SI_TK_NOFORN 2 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    According to conspiracy theorists, the first woman in space burned up on re-entry.

    The Judica-Cordiglia brothers (alleged source of recording) are two former amateur radio operators who made audio recordings at Torre Bert that allegedly support the conspiracy theory that the Soviet space program covered up cosmonaut deaths in the 1960s. The pair claimed to have recorded audio of several secret Soviet space missions that ended in tragedy and mystery. This has generated public interest for more than 50 years, despite a considerable number of detailed rebuttals to the brothers' claims.

    [–] Republican Congressman Says God Will 'Take Care Of' Climate Change TS_SI_TK_NOFORN 1 points ago in nottheonion

    "Jesus take the wheel" is literally the motto of the United States. "In God we Trust".

    [–] Ex-CIA chief John Brennan: 'Russia brazenly interfered' in US elections TS_SI_TK_NOFORN 2 points ago in worldnews

    ♪♪ It's beginning to look a lot like treason ♪♪

    ♪♪ Everywhere you go ♪♪

    ♪♪ They'll be looking at 5 to 10 ♪♪

    ♪♪ In a supermax prison ♪♪

    ♪♪ Like Leavenworth for all Trump's worth in this shitshow ♪♪

    [–] WannaCrypt ransomware: Microsoft issues emergency patch for Windows XP - Microsoft takes unusual step of providing direct support to unupported systems as targets in 74 countries - including vast swathes of UK hospitals - have been impacted by ransomware attack across the globe TS_SI_TK_NOFORN 18 points ago in worldnews

    The US government, including the NSA, has heavily used Windows XP well beyond its EOL because of the vast number of critical applications that were not supported on 64 bit operating systems.

    There is a shitload of publicly available information to prevent this shit that nobody utilizes. Microsoft even has a freely available tool designed to combat zero day vulnerabilities, EMET Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit, that I doubt is widely utilized.

    NIST National Vulnerability Database

    DISA Information Assurance Support Environment - Security Technical Implementation Guides

    NSA Information Assurance

    FCC Cyber Security for Small Business

    [–] Woman, who lied about being sexually assaulted putting a man in jail for 4 years, gets a 2 month weekend service-only sentence. [xpost /r/rage/] TS_SI_TK_NOFORN 1 points ago in videos

    "Truthful testimony is essential to the administration of justice and the functional capacity of every branch of government."" Scholars and jurists consider trials a search for the truth.' 6 However, perjurious testimony hinders discovery of the truth. The crime of perjury is committed when a person "makes a false statement under oath or equivalent affirmation, or swears or affirms the truth of a statement previously made, when the statement is material and he does not believe it to be true."' 7 Perjury is punishable in every United States jurisdiction. 8 It harms the integrity of the criminal justice system and undermines both the "real and perceived legitimacy" of the legal system.' 9

    David Weiner, former chair of the ABA Section of Litigation, described the impact of false statements in the court system. He explained, "[p]erjury strikes at the very heart of our system....When people lie in court, it undermines the whole process. The problem is so bad that it is severely evaporating confidence people have in the court system. "20 The decline in confidence is not limited to the public, but impacts the bar and bench as well. Perjury is an "affront to justice."'" As one commentator noted, "[1]iars are hard to detect, run to ground, and punish. Discovery often comes by happenstance. As a consequence, perjurers do great harm, and do it more often than we are willing to admit. "22

    If there are no consequences for dishonesty in the courtroom the system is tacitly sanctioning dishonesty. "The judicial branch, unlike the executive and legislative branches of government, depends almost entirely on its perceived legitimacy and moral authority to carry out its important functions."23 The courtroom should always symbolize justice, and members of the bar and bench must relentlessly pursue the truth. The sanctity of the criminal justice system requires the prosecution of perjury.


    [–] Officer fatally shoots 15-year-old in Balch Springs TS_SI_TK_NOFORN -2 points ago in news

    Let's ignore John McClain for a moment. Let's ignore the unconstitutional taking of life without due process. Let's ignore that this kid did nothing wrong. And let's ignore the possibility that the driver's actions weren't intentional.

    The earliest known depiction of a gunpowder weapon is the illustration of a fire-lance on a mid-10th century silk banner from Dunhuang.

    In 1908 Henry Ford made the Model T.

    We're using 10th century weapons, in the 21st century, to stop something invented in the 19th century.

    50 years ago computers used to be the size of a two-car garage. Now they fit in the palm of your hand. I can use my cellphone to control the vibrating speed of a dildo on the other side of the planet, but we can't stop a fucking car without shooting it?


    We have non-lethal weapons. This kid didn't even do anything wrong, and even if he did, he wouldn't be alive to get his constitutionally protected right to a trial. The Department of Defense has a non-lethal weapons program. But, when law enforcement was given access to military hardware through the 1033 program, they got MRAPs, Bayonets, Grenade Launchers, Assault Rifles, Combat Knives, Cargo Transport Planes, and Tractors.

    Let's take a look at the Department of Defense's Non-Lethal Weapons Program, shall we?


    Caltrops are designed to stop and disable vehicles. This technology has the potential to support multiple missions including:

    • Force protection
    • Vehicle checkpoint operations

    Caltrops are four-pronged, heavy gauge steel puncturing spikes that can be thrown or linked together to cause immediate, irreparable, catastrophic failure of pneumatic tires. These devices significantly impede wheeled vehicle progression at access control points and checkpoints. Multiple Services employ these devices.

    M2 Vehicle Lightweight Arresting Device Net

    The M2 Vehicle Lightweight Arresting Device is designed to stop a vehicle. This technology has the potential to support multiple missions including:

    • Force protection
    • Vehicle checkpoint operations

    The M2 Vehicle Lightweight Arresting Device is a man-portable, expandable, single-use, rapidly deployable net equipped with a unique barbed spike system that can puncture and lock-up the leading tires of a small vehicle. This net can stop a 5,500 pound wheeled vehicle traveling at 30 mph, within 200 feet in a controlled manner at access control points and checkpoints.

    Portable Vehicle Arresting Barrier

    The Portable Vehicle Arresting Barrier is designed to stop a vehicle. This technology has the potential to support multiple missions including:

    • Force protection
    • Checkpoints

    The Portable Vehicle Arresting Barrier is a transportable, pre-emplaced, reusable vehicle stopping net capable of stopping wheeled vehicles of up to 7,500 lbs in a controlled manner. While emplaced in standby mode vehicle traffic is unimpeded. The device is capable of changing from standby to capture mode within two seconds.

    Running Gear Entanglement System

    The Running Gear Entanglement System is designed to stop a vessel. This technology has the potential to support multiple missions including:

    • Port protection
    • Vessel stopping

    The Running Gear Entanglement System is a compressed air launched net made from spectra rope with weighted loops. The weighted loops help stop propeller propulsion of the vessels by entangling the propeller. The device can be side-launched or shoulder launched from vessels or piers.

    Spike Strip

    Spike strips are designed to stop and disable vehicles. This technology has the potential to support multiple missions including:

    • Force protection
    • Vehicle checkpoint operations

    They are a hand emplaced, prefabricated strip of materiel with embedded, hollow steel spikes used to impede vehicle progression. Spiked strips cause a rapid deflation of tires within 10 seconds, allowing for controlled deceleration at access control points and checkpoints. Multiple Services employ this device.

    [–] Ex-Congresswoman accused of living large on charity funds TS_SI_TK_NOFORN 5 points ago in news

    That is a whole nother bowl o' wax.

    I've got family that has served honorably in law enforcement. And I've been a victim of criminal cops that have traumatized me for life. But all you have to do is look at what happened to Florida State Trooper Donna Jane Watts after she pulled over off-duty Miami Police Officer Fausto Lopez for speeding through Broward County in his marked patrol car at speeds exceeding 120 mph.

    88 officers from 25 agencies across Florida looked up Trooper Watts' private information. After the traffic stop, Watts said she became afraid of the police: She received online threats, hang-ups on her home phone and cellphone, police followed her for no reason, cars stopped and lingered on her cul-de-sac and pranksters sent pizza to her house.

    Watts alleged that other law enforcement officers created a "life-threatening" situation that caused her to fear so much for her safety she became physically ill and began living as a "hermit."

    She also began opening her mailbox from the side instead of from the front in case there was something in it. She eventually moved from her Coral Springs home to the Florida Panhandle, her attorney has said.

    In the months that followed, officers from across Florida looked up information such as Watts' home address, picture, Social Security number, date of birth and a detailed vehicle description in the state's official database.

    Trooper Watts held another officer accountable and she was retaliated against to the point she feared for her safety FROM the police.

    [–] Kansas man arrested after growing cannabis to control seizures TS_SI_TK_NOFORN 5 points ago in news

    I'm not a lawyer, but is there a way this whole issue can be approached through the lens of Estelle v. Gamble and Helling v. McKinney?

    Estelle v. Gable (and later expanded on in Helling v. McKinney) established the principle that the deliberate and failure of prison authorities to address the medical needs of an inmate constitutes "cruel and unusual punishment". It held that "deliberate indifference to serious medical needs of prisoners constitutes the 'unnecessary and wanton infliction of pain'...proscribed by the Eighth Amendment."

    Can the argument be made that by keeping things like cannabis and MDMA from people with medical conditions they alleviate is a deliberate indifference to serious medical needs of prisoners citizens? I mean, do people have to be prisoners for the 8th Amendment to apply?

    At this point, keeping these life-saving drugs illegal is like making blood transfusions, organ transplants, and penicillin illegal...

    [–] Blowjob Robots are Here TS_SI_TK_NOFORN 1 points ago in videos

    "Blowjob Robot" sounds like an insult you'd use for a Trump supporter.