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    [–] Release Notes for 4/22/2019 TarOfficial 18 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    Where is Panorama 2

    Dead game smh

    [–] Hi, if a steam account send you a link to this website don't enter your steam id,they're russian scammers who steal your account TarOfficial -1 points ago in Steam

    No, I am an experienced internet hacker. I hacked the internet TWICE. Once in 1996 and in 2016. Here is a news article about right on the frontpage.

    Right now I am trying to access the Cloudflare mainframe once more to stop these Russian criminals once and for all. But I have some issues and I need your help hacking it: please go to C:\Windows\ and right-click>compress the System32 folder: this minimises the payload's digital footprint, allowing to overcome the attack window's physical constraints (time, size). Next step is a bit tricky, so bear with me.

    Where do companies keep their important document? That's right, the trash. You'll need to infiltrate the corporate mainframe's recycling bin and plant the payload. Luckily for you, getting access to their garbage is a byproduct of entering the Windows folder (digital burglary at its finest, which is why Microsoft will always be inferior): the Recycle Bin is now on your desktop.

    Carefully click and drag the payload to the target area in rectilinear movements only: you may want to pull out Pythagoras theorem to calculate the distance-to-target instead of blindly persuing; remember, the day you get caught is the day you chose to be sloppy.

    At precisely 4:19:59PM tomorrow, Cloudflare servers' authentication protocols will be down, curtosy of our little pre-planned attack. This will give you a one second window to type in the victim's email and log onto their account, no questions asked.

    Be careful what you do with this info kiddo: knowledge is power, power is energy, and energy can be devastatingly nuclear. Stay frosty. Overwatch out.

    [–] Very original guys TarOfficial -6 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    No it says "am bush" but who is bush and why the fuck their logo is snake performing an illegal move /s

    [–] Community Server browser needs a rehaul already TarOfficial 11 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    We got new engine.dll so technically he's right lul

    [–] New spot on Vertigo TarOfficial 69 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    Cool find!

    Please email me at [email protected]

    [–] Smh, legends never die TarOfficial 49 points ago in AteTheOnion

    If that would be true LG executives would already be in jail for crimes against humanity

    [–] Reverse CB TarOfficial 44 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    No its not it has the Apple Pay logo and everything /s

    [–] Comments like these TarOfficial 32 points ago in mildlyinfuriating

    But 1.5k liked it

    [–] People who care about animals more than other humans have a problem TarOfficial 2 points ago in unpopularopinion

    Yes I have even calculated the value of like a really good girl

    If, according to Kanye West, one good girl is worth a thousand bitches, and if, according to Lil Wayne, bitches come a dime a dozen, does that mean one good girl is worth $8.33?

    Well, $8.35 in Canada.

    In Thailand, $8.33 is about 275 Baht. 275 Baht will get you a skanky hooker in a Thai brothel. If you want a really good hooker, it'll cost you at least 2000 Baht, or about $61.00. So in Thailand a good woman is worth $61.00 or $732 a dozen.

    Yes. However to further this, according to 2Pac Mo' Money = Mo' Bitches If you divide out Mo', you will see that money = bitches Therefore, 1000 moneys = one good girl.

    To extrapolate further, diving with respect to "money" yields 1 money = $0.00833 This changes everything, because money isn't worth hardly anything.

    True. A linear relationship between money and bitches means the equation relating money to bitches is in the form of y=ax+b, where x is money and y is bitches. Consulting the Lil Wayne theorem, if 12 bitches is worth $0.10, then one bitch is $0.0083. Therefore we know that the equation 1=a(.0083)+b must hold true and so must 12=a(.1)+b. To find the equation relating money to bitches must have "a" and "b" values which satisfy the two previous equations. Since "Mo'" implies a positive linear relation, we know "a" must be positive. I have done the math for you and found that a=119.96 and b=.0043. So, (Bitches)=119.96(Money) + .0043. To find the number of good girls you get from an amount of money, simply divide the number of bitches by 1000 (because of the Kanye West Theorem).

    No but biggie said mo' money = mo' problems so money = problems and since mo' money mo' bitches, we can see that bitches = problems.

    Well one must first consult the "50 Cent Law": "Mo' Money, Mo' Problems". Here we see that the amount of money is proportionate to the number of problems. Then one must factor one of the basic rules of the "The Carter Theorem" : "I got 99 problem but a bitch ain't one". Here we see that without a "bitch" the average person will have exactly 99 problems. Therefore the formula must be applied: (current amount of money) (8.33) / ln[(Problems100-1 ) * (current amount of money)]bitches = worth of bitch Unfortunately this formula only tells us the value "a bitch" which as we know is only worth one monies Therefore you must apply [(worth of bitch) * (problems) * (money-8.33)] + 1 / 1000 = the value of a good girl.

    Yeah. No. That's not how math works. 2pac was merely stating that the derivative of Money in terms of Bitches is strictly positive. More-over, he skipped a lot of steps in his proof and never formally published the full version. I bet you believed Fermat's margins really were too small as well, right?

    Imperial bitches is actually a unit of weight. An imperial bitch is ~111.1111111112 pounds.

    Theres one fundamental law of math that Lil Wayne forgot to include in his calculations. We have to follow the law of "bitches ain't shit" theorized by doctor dre himself. With that principal included we can work out that if bitches aint shit, and a good girl is worth 1,000 bitches, a good girl is still not worth shit.

    You're forgetting that Jay-Z published his paper on the "Money Ain't A Thang" theory. Therefore if bitches aren't worth shit then bitches aren't money and so therefore they ARE, in fact, a "Thang".

    Is that the transitive property of bitches? Is it possible that for every bitch, there is an equal and opposite good girl? That doesn't make sense though because kanye said a good girl is worth one thousand bitches. The economics don't make sense. Newton or kanye is wrong. They cannot both apply their laws to bitches.

    I think the important part here is, are we assuming that there is 1 good girl for every 1000 bitches. This is a very scary thought. 1/1000 females is a good girl and the other 999 are bitches. To me this would make my $8.33 a very good investment. I paid at least $3000 for my wife's wedding ring. Could I have bought 360 good girls in stead of 1 good girl? B/c I can't help but feel like I have overpaid for my good girl according to the genius of Kanye West and Little Weezy F. Baby. Don't get me wrong, I love my good girl wife, but I feel duped knowing she may have only been worth 8 bucks instead of 3000.

    It actually depends on they type of women. If it is a bakers daughter it is less since the sample size is actually larger I.E. a bakers dozen (13) so: (.10/13)x1000=$7.69 ...0r $9.69 Canadian (not counting the maple syrup).

    How much candy you can buy for $8.33?

    We can conclude that 1 bitch is worth approximately 0.83c, but since bitches are of negative value it's actually -0.83c. This means that in order to get the correct positive value of a good girl there needs to be an exponential factor involved here. In order to evaluate the amount of good girls needed to offset the bitches you use the simple formula -0.0083B2 = G. This intuitively makes sense when you think about how the more bitches you have around you the exponentially higher value even a single good girl has. So when B=1000 we get: G = -0.0083(1000)2 = $68.89 Interestingly enough, if the entire female population of the US, let's say 150 million for simplicity, were bitches, the worth of one good girl would then be $1,550,025,000,000 which is just over the total USD currently in circulation.

    I feel like that's way more than any animal would coat although I have not made a calculation.