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    [–] What ‘kind’ gesture actually annoys you? Tarnish3d_Ang3l 2 points ago in AskReddit

    This happens all the time with my mom. She has a problem with the thyroid and gets random coughing fits. Usually when this happens I do nothing because she gets more stressed trying to answer me than trying to breathe again. Sometimes if people are over they start looking at me weird that I'm not helping my mom without realizing that helping her would only make it worse. Usually if it go on a little longer than usual I will quietly get her a glass of water and leave it close for her in hade she needs it.

    [–] What ‘kind’ gesture actually annoys you? Tarnish3d_Ang3l 4 points ago in AskReddit

    Not quite the same but a similar thing happened to me. My house was on a busyish street. there are two north bound lanes and 1 south lane. I was turning left going south so I had to cross 2 lanes to go into the third. This idiot for some reason decided to stop in the N lane farther from me and kept telling me to go even though there was no one ahead of him.

    Being a new driver I knew he should just go but also felt pressured because he was just stopped there. As I was inching out someone I get into a collision with someone going N in the other lane.

    I ended up being at fault cause I was turning left. It would have taken this guy half a second to just drive past my house, and I could have made my turn safely but he decided to be "nice"

    [–] When you pick an obviously bad choice - and die. Tarnish3d_Ang3l 3 points ago in otomegames

    The funny part is that I'm pretty sure I did it twice by accident that point I figured it was time to go to bed

    [–] What becomes creepy if you're too good at it? Tarnish3d_Ang3l 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Being able to know where other people's thing are when they can't find it after noticing it once randomly. My old roommate and I lived in a complete mess and i would frequently come across her stuff while looking for mine.

    She would exclaim to herself quietly "where did I put my sweater" which I would reply.."beside the table under the thing behind the book" and she would find it there. I would just have a good memory for random stuff but after a few times she was weirded out.

    [–] What is the most effective psychological “trick” you use? Tarnish3d_Ang3l 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I used to do this when I was at reception and people were asking about information I couldn't give them. My go to was "oh..I don't know..I'm JUST the receptionist" they asume because I used the word just that I was too low on the ladder to know anything or they think I'm dumb. 100% worked every time. Funny thing is that reception knows far more than people assume.

    [–] What dumb rule did you have at your school? Tarnish3d_Ang3l 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Oh boy my school's rules about our uniform and appearance were intense.

    Shoes: must be back leather with no other colours present. (I was told to take black marker to the yellow stitching on my doc Marten shoes). girls: heel height was no more than--grade 5: 0.5 inch, grade 6: 1 inch, grade 7-8: 1.5 inch, grade 9-12: 2 inches. This was measured on the first day of school, if it was over the allowed height you got sent to the principal who would officially measure the shoe. If you were over you had to buy new shoes; this was confirmed the next day

    Pants: must be grey and non fitted

    Belt: must be worn with pants. Must be black leather with basic buckle. (I once got a detention b/c my belt buckle was too shinny)

    Kilts: must not be more than 4 inches above your knee. This was measured.

    Dress shirt: stiff collar non-fitted button down shirt; the shirt must be tucked into your pants or kilt. After many years and complaints they let girls buy fitted shirts.

    Undershirt/Bra: you were not allowed to wear anything colourful under your dress shirt..this included bras

    Socks/tights/knee highs: must be navy blue

    We were also required to wear ties.

    Friday's were full dress uniform where we were required to wear a blazer and girls were required to wear their kilts

    THEN there were the rules about your general appearance.

    No hair colour. Period. If you coloured your hair even to a different natural colour or highlights you were forced to colour it back.

    No nail polish until high school where only neutral colours were allowed

    No piercings or tattoos.

    No visible jewelery other than stud earings

    No makeup until high school where only neutral colours were allowed.

    .. if even one of these rules were broken you got a uniform infraction which meant you received a detention. If you had several infractions at a single time you got a detention for each infraction.

    Additionally if you were caught with a not easily remedied infraction you were prevented from writing your final exams to which you got zero.

    [–] Spending too much money on otome? Tarnish3d_Ang3l 3 points ago in otomegames

    I had to stop playing mobile otome games period. I have zero self control when reading; I need to know what happens next. The tickets were not sufficient, and I always paid for the premium stories because I hated watered down versions of things.

    It's been many many months since I've done a micro transaction and I've not really missed it. I've decided I will only buy full priced games. If that means I have to wait a while between stories or games I'm fine with that. Plus the full priced games are usually better anyway.

    [–] Dad creates app that locks a child’s phone until they answer a text Tarnish3d_Ang3l 4 points ago in offbeat

    I swear this was on shark tank a few years back however it was a mom not a dad who "created" it. Is this the same app or did someone steal the idea?

    [–] What was your "I cant believe this is happening right now" moment of your life ? Tarnish3d_Ang3l 7 points ago in AskReddit

    Whenever I would buy clothes I would try them on at home to show my dad what I got. It hit me that he was gone when I was about to walk into his office to show him the new clothes I bought, except the clothes were meant for his funeral. It was the most surreal moments on my life.

    [–] Woman who partied while children died in hot car to serve 40 years in prison Tarnish3d_Ang3l 2 points ago in news

    I don't think it's fair to blame the granny. Some people make stupid life altering decisions regardless how they were brought up. Example my sister and I were raised the same way, however she got crazy into hard drugs and completely ruined her life; she is incapable of taking care of children. However myself on the other hand did not make those same choices and I am a normal adult who could not even imagine the choices she made. Hard drugs change people. Don't always blame the parent of a fucked up individual.

    [–] I need relationship advice on my girlfriend who's currently dealing with depression Tarnish3d_Ang3l 1 points ago in depression

    That's a really tough question to ask my friend. There really isn't something you can tell her, she has to figure it out, or see it herself.

    I have a mix of depression and anxiety and there really isn't something my husband could say to "fix" it really. I'm going to therapy to work on it but it's a process.

    The whole not seeing her part is rough but it really depends on how adimant she is about the suggestion. Maybe reach out to see how she is doing, go for a friendly coffee and just chat. It might not be what you want exactly, but it's something.

    I would love to give you a suggestion in this but I'm really not qualified to do so, so it would be foolish to try. I'm sorry. I truly hope this works out for the both of you.

    [–] Please stop asking me to smile Tarnish3d_Ang3l 5 points ago in depression

    I personally detest the what's wrong? Are you okay? Meanwhile I actually think I'm good in that moment and somewhat content. I think what's actually happening is not caring to hide how I actually feel, uses up way less energy so I feel better..sort of?

    [–] I need relationship advice on my girlfriend who's currently dealing with depression Tarnish3d_Ang3l 1 points ago in depression

    This hurt to read. My husband is the only one right now that's helping me keep it together just a little bit.

    I feel like if I was truly alone I would crumble. I just don't understand how taking away the "one happy piece" of her lift is going to help her with depression even if there are some codependent tendencies.

    I'm not really qualified to really give my opinion but I think she needs to get a second one.

    [–] Can’t stop thinking about just crashing my car Tarnish3d_Ang3l 2 points ago in depression

    I heard this is super normal. At least that's what I was told. Personally I'll be driving and daydream a really bad accident where I am slowly dying...usually I will think if the current song on the radio would fit the's fucking weird

    [–] What’s your comfort video game you go back to? Tarnish3d_Ang3l 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Harvest moon. Just last yr I downloaded the ps2 version of it and sunk several weeks into it