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    [–] we are going to be so wasted... Tarnish3d_Ang3l 10 points ago in LoveNikki

    I stopped playing a little over a year ago. I was at v14, I had just spent far too much for it to be reasonable. But I agree with you when I started playing the game seemed fair. The events were designed so one event would give you a munitions for the next, be it stamina or diamonds. From what I've seen in this sub it's starting to get greedy with hell event after hell event. I actually when back to the game after I quit and it just so happened to be a hell event that as long as you poured diamonds it would be finished in a couple of days. It wasn't fun for me anymore.

    [–] Extrovert, adopt me!! Tarnish3d_Ang3l 64 points ago in funny

    Or in the case of my friend group. All of us are introverts we met at work became friends now we rarely see each error due to our hermit tendencies. We can go 3-6 months without seeing or talking to each other but when we do get together it's like no time passed.

    [–] Character interactions in a nutshell Tarnish3d_Ang3l 2 points ago in Persona5

    Ryuji had charge gods hand which was devastating tho

    [–] True Tarnish3d_Ang3l 15 points ago in gaming

    Then there was the small percentage of shoppers that would ask a question in order to quiz you in order to prove that they are in fact more superior. But if you answered correctly they would scurry away like wounded animals. Also former best buy employee

    [–] What screams “I peaked in high school”? Tarnish3d_Ang3l 1 points ago in AskReddit

    See mine was damn expensive. It doesn't really look like a class ring so I will wear it from time to time. It just seems like a shame to just keep it in a jewelry box

    [–] I did it! Tarnish3d_Ang3l 1 points ago in finalfantasyx

    I personally loved Blitz, however i spent most of my playthrough not playing it so when it came time to get the celestial weapon pieces it just took forever and felt like a bit of a chore. However if i played a few games here or there it wouldn't have felt so forced and would have enjoyed it more by the end.

    [–] "Give my family a free vacation. NO!!! NOT THAT ONE! TAKE US ALONG ON YOUR VACATION." Tarnish3d_Ang3l 2 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    This happened when i was a kid, we would usually travel without my dad as we had a business and couldn't come. At 3 in the morning we had to call our lawyer to draft a letter go wake my dad up get him to sign it then bring it to the airport so we didn't miss our flight

    [–] What are some predominantly "girly" things that should be normalized for guys? Tarnish3d_Ang3l 1 points ago in AskReddit

    My husband had his first when he was 28 because he didn't feel like waiting in the salon waiting area. According to him it was the best decision he ever made

    [–] "Give my family a free vacation. NO!!! NOT THAT ONE! TAKE US ALONG ON YOUR VACATION." Tarnish3d_Ang3l 149 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    Not to mention they would need a notarized letter from the parents saying the kids could leave the country without them.

    [–] The more ads, the less motivated to see it Tarnish3d_Ang3l 1 points ago in funny

    Was it unbreakable? I remember being rather displeased not because it was a bad movie necessarily but because it was completely misrepresented and I had seen all the fun parts from the trailer .

    [–] The paint job on this house looks 3D Tarnish3d_Ang3l 3 points ago in confusing_perspective

    imagine coming home drunk to this and trying to figure out how to get in.

    [–] When Boruto starts fluctuating between being loved and hated over the upcoming years Tarnish3d_Ang3l 8 points ago in Boruto

    The slice of life eps are tetius if that's not what you are looking for but it kinda makes sense considering they are going through a period of peace. There probably isn't many missions so the group is going through their daily lives. I would rather some training eps tho.

    [–] I did it! Tarnish3d_Ang3l 3 points ago in finalfantasyx

    The lighting isn't that hard if you use the crater trick. and blitzball is just time consuming.

    [–] PsBattle: This cat walking in front of the Eiffel Tower Tarnish3d_Ang3l 37 points ago in photoshopbattles

    I was checking to see if anyone else would make the reference .. now photoshop can stay closed :)

    [–] How many of you spend real $ for otome games? Tarnish3d_Ang3l 1 points ago in otomegames

    Oh girl I once spent over 200 in one evening on a shall we date game. I have to be super csfeful when playing on mobile

    [–] Bet the door was was open too. Tarnish3d_Ang3l 1 points ago in untrustworthypoptarts

    i used to do this when i was a kid. If i was scared because my siblings convinced me to watch a scary movie i would take all my plushies and arrange them strategically around my room to watch over me while i slept.

    [–] That's not how corruption works Tarnish3d_Ang3l 2 points ago in untrustworthypoptarts

    Came her to say that. I feel his web page needs a splash page warning before actually entering it.

    [–] Creepy dude stares at me for 2 hours and follows me out of a bar Tarnish3d_Ang3l 5 points ago in LetsNotMeet

    on the flip side I wouldn't rely on the staff completely.

    I once got blind drunk at a bar and ended up falling asleep on a table (not my finest moment). My friends also out of their minds left me there (not their finest moment either). The bouncer woke me up and told me i had to leave (which i agreed to) as i was leaving i remembered i should probably tell my friends i was leaving. The bouncer told me he already told them so off i went out the doors.

    When i got outside i realized there was no way he would know who i was with and turned around to talk to him, to which he just shook his head. He didn't attempt to get me a cab or ask if i could get home, just shook his head and sent me off into the night. At the time I didn't have enough cash on me for a cab, so i had to walk my drunk ass to the bank to take money out, then i walked to the most public spot i could find under a lamppost and called a cab.

    I was lucky that i had enough sense to do this safely, and that i actually had the means of getting home. But with the bouncer not asking any of these questions it really could have put me in a predicament. I would always suggest whenever you go out have an exit plan in place, if you are relying on someone else to get home, make sure you have an alternate just in case.

    [–] why ronnie why Tarnish3d_Ang3l 3 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    i don't understand how someone can be so backwards. When I was a kid my mom put the fear of god into me about possibly breaking something in a store and would make me respect the store as i would our own house. I just don't get how someone can write an entire article about their complete and utter disregard to human decency.

    [–] Waiting Tarnish3d_Ang3l 1 points ago in funny

    obviously chicken wings