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    [–] Oops Taylordprints 3 points ago in DadReflexes

    I've officially seen this on almost every sub I'm following lol.

    [–] Walked in on the SO sleeping. I’m not sure she’s human. Taylordprints 1 points ago in funny

    You can see the pressure being put on her toe to keep her foot on the wall like that. I have a hard time thinking that someone can sleep and have that much pressure on one toe to maintain that pose.

    I've been wrong before though.

    [–] Should be taken with food and water. Taylordprints 8 points ago in funny

    My aim wasn't to take a jab at all service members and I apologize if that is how it read to you. I also respect and appreciate the points you made in your reply.

    [–] Take with plenty of water. Taylordprints 1 points ago in gatekeeping

    Everyone should be treated well that have treated others well.

    [–] Is this text in this picture photoshopped? Taylordprints 1 points ago in conspiracy

    Fake glasses and her original shirt color was yellow.

    Totally photoshop