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    [–] Wade to Lebron off the backboard one last time Teantis 1 points ago in nba

    Game 7 ECF lebron to wade in the air wade throws the oop back to lebron without landing. Fucking kill me, it was so sick though.

    [–] [NBC Sports Boston] Kevin Garnett has an issue with Anthony Davis' agent, calling Rich Paul's handling of his client's trade request "unprofessional" 👀 Teantis 1 points ago * (lasted edited 12 hours ago) in bostonceltics

    I dunno if I'm AD this seems like all a good play. Try to force a trade to LA, it doesn't work, afterwards let everyone think rich Paul is a fucking dick, you (AD) walk it back, say you're open to wherever. Summer rolls around and you can play all the teams against each other and send signals one way or another that you'll sign or not with them. At the end of the day you're still AD, you're still gonna get the fattest contract anyone can give you, and you can still somewhat control your destination. Play it right and you can blame everything on rich Paul, ball out in your new place and everyone will love you again.

    Edit: win a championship with Boston, re-sign, Boston loves you, LA fans blame magic and demps.

    Don't re-sign with Boston, sign with LA. Boston kinda hates you but is mostly pissed at ainge for trading away brown Tatum or smart for you and losing the gamble, everyone 'knew' he wouldn't re sign anyway.

    Get traded to Lakers re-sign, you and lebron get what you want. Boston holds onto Tatum and we got a rivalry boys. But you AD still got your max and your big market and you end up where you wanted

    Tl;dr it seems perfect for him. Just let rich Paul take the fall. This isn't gonna be KD levels of legacy breaking where you gotta do mad work to somehow redeem your image.

    [–] /u/xxSQUASHIExx describes how his family was targeted after Putin's rise to power in Russia, and why Paul Manafort may have broken his plea deal on purpose. Teantis -1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 hours ago) in bestof

    States where rule of law is very weak. Elites can act with impunity compared to normal citizens even and up to including violence and only check on their power are other powerful individuals.

    Edit: lol OK I get down voted for giving the actual definition of what an arbitrary state is.

    [–] The Incredibly Complicated, Potentially Insurmountable Legal Situation Facing 21 Savage Teantis 1 points ago in hiphopheads

    Makes it easier a bit, but it's not guaranteed by any means. And you have to do a ton of paperwork still. If you're not from a western European country there's a greater chance it doesn't work out also.

    [–] /u/Gammelpreiss gives a personale and well argumented explaination to why German citizens trust Russia more than the US. Teantis 4 points ago in bestof

    They're not gearing for war. They're doing the same exact shit the US did in its rise to power. Monroe doctrine, Roosevelt corrolary, that's essentially what China is doing. I know because I'm sitting here in the new Chinese carribean. They're taking their sphere of power, just like the US did in the early 1900s. I would really really prefer they did not, as an American, as a Filipino, and as a residenr of the Philippines. But the US is fucking this up in so many ways. The TPP for example that reddit hated and Americans hated? No western media even talks about what an enormous loss that was foreign policy wise. Pro American elites all across SEA bemoan the death of that shit still 3 years later.

    The Chinese are working their way into every strategic industry here in the PH with a very clear long term strategy that will bring the PH to heel eventually. Where are the Americans? Pro us cabinet members are literally begging American companies and the gov to get in and buy some of these things before the Chinese do, the US is totally absent. We are getting our asses handed to us over here, and everyone can fucking see it except America apparently. I bitterly look forward to the retrospectives in 8-15 years in American press "who lost japan/korea/Taiwan/ Philippines?" you you assholes when you were talking about a fucking wall in Texas.

    [–] /u/Gammelpreiss gives a personale and well argumented explaination to why German citizens trust Russia more than the US. Teantis 1 points ago in bestof

    Most of this is true for southeast Asia. The US is capricious, unreliable, and can't be counted on to even have the same mind 2 years later. This isnt about us bad Russia good, it's about the severe failings of US foreign policy and no one feels like it can be counted on on any sort of reasonable time frame at this point. I'm an American dual citizen who grew up in the US, living in SEA, and I agree with all these things and desperately want the US to fucking sort its shit out because we are getting our asses kicked here in perception and Americans don't even seem to know what we're losing.

    [–] /u/xxSQUASHIExx describes how his family was targeted after Putin's rise to power in Russia, and why Paul Manafort may have broken his plea deal on purpose. Teantis -8 points ago in bestof

    Manafort has long life experience with arbitrary states. Which most people in America and in this thread don't have. Your calculus changes when you know deeply, in your bones, that people hold the power of life and death over you and basically the only defense you have is how much of a hassle killing you would be, and what kind of thinking happens when you know that

    [–] /u/xxSQUASHIExx describes how his family was targeted after Putin's rise to power in Russia, and why Paul Manafort may have broken his plea deal on purpose. Teantis -2 points ago in bestof

    Real easy shit to say from wherever you're sitting. My wife is a journalist in an arbitrary state and we are hearing grapevine rumours right now that she's caught the attention of the president's inner circle in a hostile fashion and its fucking scary as shit. We haven't even gotten to the active persecution/jailing/imminent and concrete threat of death part. Just that she's caught the hostile eye, and we know the law is no defense and if shit goes down the wrong way no one's gonna ride to our defense or save us.

    [–] ELI5: What’s the difference between a mafia and cartel? Teantis 1 points ago in explainlikeimfive

    Because OPEC doesn't really work anymore, the producer countries don't abide by the quotas because they have conflicting interests and western countries did do something to stop OPEC, tar sands, shale, and fracking and us and Canadian encouragement of those things were specifically to break OPECs lock on oil prices.

    [–] "When Chelsea go on a bad run, it becomes a crisis quicker, with Arsenal, people accept they probably aren't going to win anything." Joe Cole and Michael Owen Teantis 16 points ago in soccer

    Is it something about the media environment in the UK? Because I read articles that essentially say that exact thing about the American sports I follow regularly. Or maybe something about football, since there's basically no stats that have a real predictive value it's harder to make the case that this is just a normal bad spell so guesses based on feeling and recency bias take peecedence. American 'calm down' articles often use stats to say 'look at xyz these statistically unlikely unlucky things that won't keep up based on our previous data so chill'

    [–] Maria Ressa: "Finally out. Thank you for your Support! #HoldTheLine" Teantis 2 points ago in Philippines

    Everything thrown at her has been with the intent to harass. This one's a minor one compared to the other measures and I don't think was actually intended to stick, the tax and pdr ones were intended and are more than just hassle.

    [–] the devil works hard but enrile works harder Teantis 8 points ago in Philippines

    There were all these obsequious eulogies for Henry Sy when he died, don't see why Enrile won't get the same polite forgetting of his badness.

    [–] Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: LeBron James is bigger than the GOAT debate, he's a hero for our time Teantis 5 points ago in nba

    Sports hate, yeah. Called him his least favorite player and criticised his play in his big book of basketball in comparison tk the other great players and called him a ninny a bunch

    [–] Don’t be sad it’s over, be happy it happened... Teantis 1 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Lol what do drone strikes have to do with funding and budget spats between his admin and congress. First misdirection and then emotional appeal. And just dodging the fact that a republican congress twice held our country's credit rating hostage while asking for across the board budget cuts.

    [–] Don’t be sad it’s over, be happy it happened... Teantis 2 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Hmm guess who makes budgets? Oh right it's congress. Who controlled congress for most of Obama's admin and played brinkmanship with the debt ceiling. Oh right the Republicans. Plus being in two inherited wars.