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    [–] What was the most porno situation you’ve ever had? TeisTom 3 points ago in AskReddit

    Now this is a comment which deserves awards got a good laugh out of me.

    [–] She's got her running face on TeisTom 20 points ago in aww

    Credit: Mainecoonqueens on IG

    [–] His name is buddy buddy is deaf and adorable TeisTom 1 points ago in rarepuppers

    Buddy needs to be in my arms for a swift cuddle

    [–] Moof moof, I am dog TeisTom 4 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in aww

    Not sure why you are getting hate nothing against you because it is a repost by definition just thought I would let you know I have posted it here before and thought people would like to see it again just this time I gave it a different title which I had made up so if it has been posted with this exact title I would be surprised.

    [–] Moof moof, I am dog TeisTom 21 points ago in aww

    I originally posted this a long time ago and decided to repost it with a different title which seemed better that my original, I have seen people use "Moof" for calves so came up with this title, I would love if you could link me to a post of this gif with the same title as that would be a strange coincidence. When I check my original gfycat through Karmadecay nothing comes up.

    [–] hey TeisTom 6 points ago in offlineTV

    Damn I need to get me a community I'm invested in been on reddit 4 years but never really fit into a proper community just shitpost here and there, I would stay here more often but I don't have much time outside work to check streams and such so I feel like an outsider in this subreddit just enjoy the funny clips so I stay subbed

    [–] hey TeisTom 7 points ago in offlineTV

    That's a lot of Offline TV posts I see on your profile. You are dedicated.

    [–] Human used confusion, It was super effective! TeisTom 21 points ago in aww

    This particular pupper is Ranger a two year old German shepherd with dwarfism so he will not grow any bigger than you see in this video.

    [–] Was struggling to get my Phosphorus kills... So I hopped on Ground War and hit the jackpot TeisTom 3 points ago in modernwarfare

    I haven't read anywhere about them changing it although it used to last a good 25-30 seconds but now only seems to last 15-20 seconds tops. I personally think the killstreak is very good because of its after effect making all enemies easier to kill and giving away their position by coughing. I've currently used the WP 84 times and had 211 kills with it this is playing 10v10 Dom so it definately isn't underpowered but could use a tweak here and there.

    [–] Was struggling to get my Phosphorus kills... So I hopped on Ground War and hit the jackpot TeisTom 4 points ago in modernwarfare

    I've been running White Phosphorus as a main killstreak since I unlocked it weeks ago but noticed within the past week that they nerfed the amount of time which it stays around after the main strike. I do not know if this was done in recent patches as I never read the patch notes but considering how "bad" the killstreak can be I don't think it deserved the nerf.

    [–] TIFU by getting the date wrong on my flight, and consequently, missing my only chance to go home for the holidays TeisTom 14 points ago in tifu

    u/TheGrayBeard is the kind of guy you would want to go get drinks with as I bet his company and conversations are just as wholesome as his generosity towards this poor redditor in a time of need. Man this whole thread has brought together some of the nicest people i have ever seen on reddit.