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    [–] Blep TeisTom 9 points ago * (lasted edited 4 hours ago) in aww

    Shame on me I blepped when I should have blopped.

    [–] Blep TeisTom 2 points ago in aww

    Thank you!

    [–] We hereby welcome you to RPAN Day 2! TeisTom 1 points ago in pan

    Not sure what the purpose of this new RPAN is but I'm interested to see how it works out.

    [–] The House of Pain TeisTom 1 points ago in apexlegends

    Some players really surprise me, you have a guy grenade spamming the building you're sitting in and you don't think to walk out the back door...

    [–] Cuteness under the blanket. TeisTom 1 points ago in aww

    To be fair it was posted 2 days ago on this subreddit and then 16 days ago and then 1 month ago on this sub so as far as reposts go this one is fairly fresh.

    [–] [BUG][PC][Multiplayer] Prestige Masters can no longer show customized Prestige Icon in lobby TeisTom 2 points ago in Blackops4

    Although unrelated did you know the PC zombie leaderboards haven't updated kills, score etc since from the 3rd month of the game.

    [–] After 15 years in the Maine lobster industry i got to see this! TeisTom 2 points ago in aww

    I feel like some of these reposters aren't even trying. Why claim something is yours when karmadecay exists.

    [–] Duckling waterslide!! TeisTom 18 points ago in aww

    Just so people know the ducklings aren't doing this for fun, It's a machinery method of feeding them without feeding them too much, The feeder and heater is at the top of the slide just out of reach so when the ducklings lunge to get food they fall down the slide. This is a display at a trade show.

    [–] Se🅱choof saved us TeisTom 3 points ago in RotMG

    The video calling out hackers and talking about the state of the game was interesting but deca haven't actually done anything to stop hackers recently have they?

    [–] I had accepted defeat and looked away from my screen. I was shocked when I heard mirage talking TeisTom 4 points ago in apexlegends

    Been on reddit long enough to see it. I reckon with a slightly more comment provocative title this would have blown up quicker.

    [–] TIFU by attempting to find the most fucked up subreddit TeisTom 1 points ago in tifu

    Holy, I have not seen a subreddit that messed up in a while. Most of them have been quarantined or banned.

    [–] Any body else have to play like this? TeisTom 3 points ago in apexlegends

    How do you get it to look like that? I used the config to turn off and turn down all of the settings I could but it still looks pretty good. I play in 2k does that affect my ability to get the graphics down to this standard or have I not input all the right codes for the graphics settings?

    [–] The real bloodhound centurion skin TeisTom 6 points ago in apexlegends

    I was really looking forwards to owning that skin until I found out I cannot earn it through the event by playing.