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    [–] Possible to JailBreak my S8+? Terminats 5 points ago in androidroot

    Again, what you're asking is impossible. You can't jailbreak an Android phone.

    If you Google "s8+ root" literally the first link is from a forum, supporting your claim that "forums are better". XDA is exactly that type of forum that you need.

    [–] Possible to JailBreak my S8+? Terminats 3 points ago in androidroot

    Ironically, claiming you're "tech savvy" unfortunately does not make you actually tech savvy.

    You can not jailbreak an Android phone.

    Now correct me if I'm wrong but rooting your phone does not give you the ability to change carriers.

    Also, if you know its a noob question, why not Google it? XDA is your friend.

    [–] HTC says keyboard ads were an error. Terminats 1420 points ago in Android

    "Due to an error, some customers are seeing ads on the phone keyboard. We're working to fix the error and remove these as quickly as possible"

    [–] Hiko insane runboost! Terminats 7 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    S1mple and Hiko played EU MM.

    [–] recovery from ramming Terminats 6 points ago in GrandTheftAutoV

    because it was taken from a video

    [–] Terrorist falls off a hoverboard Terminats 10 points ago in ImGoingToHellForThis

    How else would you call it? I seriously don't know any other name for it, they're branded as hoverboards literally everywhere.

    [–] Terrorist falls off a hoverboard Terminats 2 points ago in ImGoingToHellForThis

    well, he tripped and fell. the impact caused the bombvest to explode. or this is edited. probably edited. funny nonetheless.

    [–] Terrorist falls off a hoverboard Terminats 33 points ago in ImGoingToHellForThis

    I know it's not a hoverboard, I just didn't know any other names for it ;-;

    [–] How to throw $100,000 Terminats 3 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    Yeah, it works with incendiaries as well, don't know if it would stack 3 times though.

    [–] Steam For Android Version 2.1 Adds Community Market, Trading, Game Hubs, Discussions, And More Terminats 2 points ago in Android

    Yeah, it is kinda the same. But I think that's up to the developer to decide if its bundled to other OS's or not.