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    [–] Normal nudes is (f)ull of lames, so here I am. Tex_the_God -1 points ago in FlashingAndFlaunting

    Never in my life have a seen a girl post nudes and get downvoted because she doesn't get it lmfao

    [–] HOW?! Tex_the_God 19 points ago in blackmagicfuckery

    This guy New Yorks

    [–] HOW?! Tex_the_God 1 points ago in blackmagicfuckery

    Its showtime!!!

    [–] HMF while I do my mating call. Tex_the_God 2 points ago in holdmyfries

    Uhhhh shes in r/prettygirlsuglyfaces

    She posted this like 2 weeks ago?

    [–] How can you frick that bad Tex_the_God 119 points ago in NotMyJob

    I thought it was for XStation 4one???

    [–] HMF while I do my mating call. Tex_the_God 5 points ago in holdmyfries

    Shes a real redditor and shes a delight.

    [–] yum 😋 Tex_the_God 7 points ago in HungryButts

    Why didnt you post this one lmfao

    [–] i’m horny and wet but my bf won’t give me attention Tex_the_God 1 points ago in AsiansGoneWild

    I mean he is right, everything that you've said has thrown some MAJOR red flags and I hope your bf realizes he can do better than you. With your lopsided titties.

    [–] Time to go home Tex_the_God 2 points ago in BetterEveryLoop

    I like how the guy with the face mask is just like "whoa there little buddy!"

    [–] Ivory Tex_the_God -8 points ago in suicidegirls

    I still think its hilarious that like I knew this girl for years and now her nudes all over the internet