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    [–] Video of me after i was stabbed 12 times Tezor17854 1 points ago in ActualPublicFreakouts

    Sounds like albania/kosovo what a nice motherland i got....

    [–] She promised Tezor17854 0 points ago in Unexpected

    Not OC iam sorry i just wanted to share it with others

    [–] Scheiße, they discovered us Tezor17854 15 points ago in HistoryMemes

    Which one? Bavaria or germany?

    [–] Going bald Tezor17854 2 points ago in bald

    What methods would you suggest to stop losing hair? Iam 19 and i already got thin hair... would appreciate it

    [–] Grab a cookie Tezor17854 2 points ago in memes


    [–] I feel we’re all grateful for that one killer Tezor17854 18 points ago in deadbydaylight

    If you do good deeds and expect something in return then you never did it out of pure friendliness...