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    [–] Gumball_irl Th3-WolfFang 15 points ago in furry_irl

    Wait a second...

    [–] hmmm Th3-WolfFang 0 points ago in hmmm

    The Irish Gato

    [–] Foggy Night Th3-WolfFang 1 points ago in fivenightsatfreddys

    Holy shit! Show up in that at Comiccon! That's the most realistic animatronic suit I have ever seen! That's freakin' dope as hell!

    [–] Overpower_irl Th3-WolfFang 2 points ago in furry_irl

    What about femboi folfs?

    [–] hmmm Th3-WolfFang 1 points ago in hmmm

    Evan Peters is that you?

    [–] new game+ unlocked Th3-WolfFang -1 points ago in DeathStranding

    This really shows the true character of people. There were some people that cowered in fear, some that protected whoever was closest to them and some that were too shocked to react. That's actually kinda interesting as a social experiment...

    [–] Guys bad news! Th3-WolfFang 1 points ago in Minecraft

    This had better be some worldedit vreative thing not a survival library...