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    [–] Pete Dunne: Anti contract ✖️ Anti independent ✖️ Anti David Starr ✔️ ThatBrownDude 1 points ago in SquaredCircle

    I remember that, they both ran at Jim and tried to put him in an armbar during their introduction.

    [–] Live WWE Stomping Grounds 2019 Discussion Thread! ThatBrownDude 6 points ago in SquaredCircle

    "Daniel Bryan trying to save the planet, Otis trying to look like it" Fuck sake Graves lol

    [–] PWInsider: Notes from 24/7 Title Change At Drake Maverick's Wedding ThatBrownDude 55 points ago in SquaredCircle

    He turned up at a Progress chapter as ring crew, shook all the fan's hands as we queued to get in. Helped maintain the ring in between matches and stuff.

    [–] Chris Brookes with one of the pictures of the year. ThatBrownDude 1 points ago in SquaredCircle

    I'm instantly reminded of Cole Train going down that slide in Gears of War 3.

    [–] AITA for watching a WWE pay per view (Money in the Bank) on my phone while at a wedding that was meaningless to me? ThatBrownDude 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    YTA dude, I'm a big wrestling fan and I've missed my share of PPV's due to commitments else where, it's no biggie, the wrestling isn't going anywhere!

    Also just get the Network subscription man! It's gotta be so much cheaper than buying the PPV's each month.

    [–] Taichi being Taichi ThatBrownDude 30 points ago in SquaredCircle

    It's like when a toddler tries to copy their parents.

    Lance and Davey are now Taichi's parents.

    [–] 6.13.2019 E3 Nintendo Treehouse Day 3 MegaThread ThatBrownDude 58 points ago in NintendoSwitch

    Man I really love these Treehouse streams, such chill viewing, I'll have it on in the background sometimes and listen to the presenters and devs talking whilst playing. So glad Nintendo do this every year.

    [–] WON: Session Moth Martina expected to sign with NXT UK ThatBrownDude 18 points ago in SquaredCircle

    Here's a thread where David Starr addresses the Moth wearing the Independent T-shirt and then going for a try out situation.

    [–] NXT Taping Spoilers Discussion Thread ThatBrownDude 3 points ago in SquaredCircle

    That's pretty cool, very similar to Progress's Natural Progression tournament.

    [–] I painted Nacho Libre, oil on canvas ThatBrownDude 50 points ago in movies


    WT. 306 lbs

    HT. 6'07"

    Signature Move: Throwing People

    [–] Hangman Page vs Jungle Boy vs Jimmy Havoc vs MJF booked for AEW Fyter Fest ThatBrownDude 6 points ago in SquaredCircle

    Here's his entrance for his last match in Progress before he left for AEW. Keep in mind Progress stopped using his original title due to copyright stuffs but they bought it back one last time.

    I was actually there for this and it was amazing when you can hear everyone singing along.

    [–] Lars... WHY is Lars? ThatBrownDude 2 points ago in SquaredCircle

    It always makes me laugh when they get these Monster heels going after way smaller people and then commentary act so shocked that they did something like throw them really far. It's like "No shit he threw him far look at the size difference"