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    [–] Halo + Hue sync ThatTallGuy21 2 points ago in Hue

    This is exactly why I didn't get the light strip or light bar for my TV, and instead opted for a cheap bias light that turns on and off with my TV.

    [–] DON'T BUY PHILLIP'S HUE ThatTallGuy21 1 points ago in Hue

    Fellow addict checking in. I agree with another poster that for me the right blend has been to use switches and bulbs. Here's where I'm at today.

    1. Hallways, basement stairway, and Garage all get Hue bulbs and motion sensors. Switch plates get a matching switch cover. Basement door gets a SmartThings multipurpose sensor to auto turn on basement hue light when coming downstairs.
    2. Living room, family room, office, and guest room get hue lights, dimmer switch, and a 3D printed cover to hide the switch.
    3. Kitchen gets bulbs and a Friend's of Hue click switch for dimming and on/off feature.
    4. Front yard gets bulbs and a Friend's of Hue click switch for on/off and scene changing feature - I.e. holidays.
    5. Foyer gets GE 3 way zwave switch since I don't want to climb up and change the bulbs.
    6. Master bedroom and nursery get hue click switch, Hue bulbs, and GE zwave switch for turning fan on/off.

    [–] One Out Of Five TV Homes In Several U.S. Cities Has Cut The Cord – Study ThatTallGuy21 5 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in cordcutters

    Live in the Northeast can confirm. Friends and family love having their cable. I guess it's a safety blanket for older people and something to have on when it snows for 7 months? I truly don't get it though. Happiest cord cutter moment for me was when I bought my first house and it ended up having excellent antenna reception. Been bouncing back and fourth between internet packages and just watching antenna, Netflix, prime, etc. I've saved so much in two years.

    Edit: Age group of cable subscribers I know are 30+ years old. The younger crowd seem more inclined to not have cable. I'm going to assume this is partially by choice but largely by other debt/payment obligations, like student loans. That's how it was for me at least in the beginning.

    [–] Smart Doorbell. ThatTallGuy21 2 points ago in SmartThings

    As a new ST user I think I saw Nest only integrated through a third party program called NST Manager. I don't know if it supports the doorbell tho. Sorry I'm not much help but just wanted you to be aware of that.

    [–] Could someone compare the experience between Hue Lightstrips vs Hue Play Lightbars ThatTallGuy21 1 points ago in Hue

    I read in the bestbuy reviews that the pack of two play bars are not separate units that you could move to two different locations. Instead they have wiring that connect each unit together. I was going to do something similar to what you planned but once I read that I decided against the purchase.

    [–] New convert from Hue - need help understanding what to expect before using ST motion sensors ThatTallGuy21 1 points ago in SmartThings

    Yeah, I'd like to know as well. Everyone over on the Home Automation subreddit seems to swear by zwave as well.

    [–] A start to an expensive hobby ThatTallGuy21 1 points ago in homeautomation

    Sorry for hijacking your post. Unless someone can point me in the right direction I'll just start my own thread about my problem below.

    That's not my hold up. That makes sense. What I struggle with is that I need a physical switch that's functional (for the wife - cause she doesn't want to voice activate them everytime) and I still need to use the hue lights (because my unique floorplan).

    Previously I've used the hue dimmer switch and put switch covers over the switch. It solves the physical switch problem but doesn't look great.

    Right now I think the below is my only solution unless I'm missing something..

    [–] A start to an expensive hobby ThatTallGuy21 1 points ago in homeautomation

    If you install an on/off switch which powers your hue bulbs, are you saying that it would cut the power and the bulbs would become "dumb bulbs"? Or does the neutral wire from the switch make it so the bulbs would always work regardless of the switch being turned on or off?

    I was just trying to figure this out today, but I'm struggling to understand how switches work.

    [–] A start to an expensive hobby ThatTallGuy21 1 points ago in homeautomation

    Are one of these zwave switches being installed where you have your hue bulbs? If not, what do you do, use a switch cover?

    [–] Indoor or outdoor sensor for Garage? ThatTallGuy21 1 points ago in Hue

    I'd say it could range from maybe 20 degrees in the winter (if it goes down to 0) to maybe 80 degrees in the summer (if it goes to 100).

    [–] First restaurant reservation using Duplex ThatTallGuy21 5 points ago in GooglePixel

    Do you see activity that shows the number and name of the place it called? Maybe you have a reservation booked for somewhere else?

    [–] Nest Developers Questions ThatTallGuy21 1 points ago in Nest

    Sorry I haven't tried since asking. Life got in the way. I'm going to assume if it's still displaying you can just ignore it tho like the previous person mentioned. Good luck!

    [–] Looks like Ikea is brining their smart blinds to the US this April ThatTallGuy21 3 points ago in homeautomation

    Hopefully there's an option to mount outside the frame. Most modern windows today that I looked at take up the entire inside of the frame.

    [–] Z-wave switches in 2019? ThatTallGuy21 1 points ago in homeautomation

    What z-wave hub are you using with it?

    [–] Z-wave switches in 2019? ThatTallGuy21 1 points ago in homeautomation

    Wow thanks for the thorough response! What HomeSeer/ZWP option would you recommend if I spent a little more?

    And finally.. I gotta ask, because you've been super helpful. Do you have an ETA of when Inovelli may roll out their new line or have new stock? Any chance you can tell me a year, quarter, or month? lol

    [–] Z-wave switches in 2019? ThatTallGuy21 1 points ago in homeautomation

    Hey Eric thanks for the response! Will Inovelli have any switches that'll turn on a paddle fan in the future? I have two paddle fans in my home where the switch controls the light and fan.

    1. SmartThings and - is the eventual direction but is taking me longer to rollout. For now I'll be using SmartThings.

    2. More simple I guess? Not too familiar with difficulty level. I just want to be able to replace 1-3 units in a 3 gang box so size of the unit matters. I'm looking for 3-way, single pole, and single pole (for a paddle fan/light combo). Dimmer would be a plus.

    3. I have 3 different 3-ways in my home. So would I need to replace all 6 switches or just 3 of them? I live in a newer home built in the early 2000s so all my wiring should be more current.

    4. Cost is somewhat a factor. I'd prefer they be closer to $20 than $40. But ultimately quality and convenience is more important (i.e. setting it up and forgetting it).