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    [–] Who says you can't be fabulous while making noodles? ThatTallGuy21 1 points ago in funny

    Oh so this must be the Shen Yun dancing I've seen a ton of advertisements for... so beautiful..

    [–] Taking your Google Home from room to room has never been easier. ThatTallGuy21 1 points ago in u_Ninety7Life

    I see this is an older comment but it's because the point of this isn't to say you can't use your phone, it just gives you a different option. If you want louder music with a phone, you'll need to plug it into a speaker or use Bluetooth. This removes the need for a phone and cords.

    [–] Is anyone else tired of shitty Nest products and services? ThatTallGuy21 2 points ago in Nest

    Can you save the video feed to your own personal server with Arlo?

    [–] Is anyone else tired of shitty Nest products and services? ThatTallGuy21 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in Nest

    I'm also interested in knowing as well. Is Netgear's Arlo, Logitech's line, or something else a better alternative?

    [–] That's not what I meant by "In the bedroom" ThatTallGuy21 6 points ago in googlehome

    You should be able to filter explicit music and videos from playing on each home device. May be helpful. Lol

    [–] ESPN Has Lost 14 Million Viewers In 7 Years Thanks To Cord Cutting ThatTallGuy21 3 points ago in cordcutters

    A podcast episode I listened to talked about how they started tanking when their executives began catering to what people on social media were complaining about and saying they wanted. It was because of this and feeling the need of being political and making political statements that it began to turn people off.

    I for one started tuning out when sports, which was always something fun to follow, began to become a chore. When I frequently found myself wondering why someone was making political statements or I saw every show turn into your typical big box new station with people yelling at each other about sports, I threw the towel in and said enough. Wasn't paying for it any longer.

    [–] Screw you Nest ThatTallGuy21 3 points ago in Nest

    It's on the following sub-page -

    It's over the next 5 years and they're partnering with other organizations.

    [–] Screw you Nest ThatTallGuy21 2 points ago in Nest

    I feel your pain. I have 7 smoke detectors, a 3rd gen thermostat, a sensor, and an indoor camera. I want their doorbell and other outdoor cams but enough is enough for me. Time for me to go on auto pilot for awhile like the company has done.

    [–] Screw you Nest ThatTallGuy21 0 points ago in Nest

    Sorry I was going purely off of the tweet they sent out yesterday on Giving Tuesday. The link within it sent me to the initiative homepage, but after reading it, it didnt give the info you referenced. After looking a second time today I see what you're saying. It's wonderful they did/do that, and knowing that context certainly makes it better. I'm not really arguing about the fact they're being philonthropic. That's amazing. I think it's just how they handled the situation. Sending out a link for people to donate money to United Way doesn't seem to be surprise worthy to get people all worked up on the wake of all the other issues going on. If anything it comes off more like they don't understand the frustration their community is going through. This is why you see the negative comments to the tweet.

    [–] Screw you Nest ThatTallGuy21 1 points ago in Nest


    [–] Screw you Nest ThatTallGuy21 2 points ago in Nest

    Any idea if Google customer support handles Nest issues or if a separate Nest customer service group still handles problems?

    [–] Screw you Nest ThatTallGuy21 6 points ago in Nest

    When they sell high priced, premium hardware and the service plans are more expensive than competitors, and then they seemingly neglect development and support and go silent most times. Then they announce they have a surprise for Giving Tuesday, it's fair to think that it could be something that possibly could benefit their user base. Instead they partnered with someone. They didn't even donate any money made from sales according to the post. They basically said they're wearing a LiveStrong bracelet. Which doesn't imply much in terms of actual action. They didn't even do what Plex did and donate 50% of all new subscription purchases. That's the difference.

    [–] Screw you Nest ThatTallGuy21 4 points ago in Nest

    Most of these issues pre date Nest being integrated within Google. The level of suck hasn't changed since being integrated.

    [–] Very Disappointed ThatTallGuy21 3 points ago in Nest

    IMO they seem way too focused on things that don't matter and continue to be set on auto-pilot. Even under Google. I'm super sceptical of the incoming rebrand and plan to continue holding off on buying any more Nest products. Instead of making the software side solid to match their hardware (which I agree with you), which would allow them to build a more solid brand through innovation and support they spend time letting the marketing group go wild.

    Example: 1. On Monday they teased everyone with a big announcement for Giving Tuesday. Instead of delivering anything worth while they wait all the way until around 9pm last night to announce they've partnered with United Way. Did they announce part of your purchases would go to them? No, they went and just gave a link for us to donate to United Way. What a fucking joke.

    I'm sick of seeing this company squander good hardware and pretend like it's part of a completely different industry. They make home hardware for adults, like thermostats and smoke detectors, not sneakers for pre teens.

    [–] Nest Twitter Announcement ThatTallGuy21 7 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago) in Nest

    Wait... Wut? This seriously can't be the fucking announcement for today... For fuck sake this company sucks and grinds my gears.. I get that they want to do good things and help society but when you're failing to keep your fucking service up and are having product issues with things like the Nest Hello, and seemingly appear to coast by on the success of a single affordable thermostat, maybe you should spend more time focusing on those issues instead. That way you'll still be around for any considerable amount of time to actually make a difference in the world. Fuck.

    [–] Nest Temperature Sensor Black Friday? ThatTallGuy21 2 points ago in Nest

    Not much help, but I'm in the same exact boat. Been looking through all the BF ads and haven't seen the sensors mentioned at all. Woulda thought Home Depot would have at least had the same sale like they did a few weeks ago.

    [–] Some people think I’m crazy. I say I’m just getting started! ThatTallGuy21 1 points ago in googlehome

    Awesome. This really helps. Thanks! Do you know if I'm able to use the inovelli switches to replace a regular toggle switch which currently only operates a overhead paddle fan? Or do I need to use something like the Hampton bay component you're using?

    [–] Some people think I’m crazy. I say I’m just getting started! ThatTallGuy21 1 points ago in googlehome

    I've thrown around the idea of getting some smart switches. After different ones do you have a preference on which you like best? Have you had any issues with the Xiaomi sensors losing their connection or needing to reset them? What are your opinions on SmartThings? I've heard a lot of issues around reliability, like things going down. Also.. Do you have the V2 hub or V3 one?

    [–] Some people think I’m crazy. I say I’m just getting started! ThatTallGuy21 2 points ago in googlehome

    What wall switches, garage door controller, fan/light controller, tilt, leak, and temp sensors do you have? Also, are you running home assistant? Is that what you have running on the 3 wall tablets?

    [–] Should I go with a Payne gas furnace? ThatTallGuy21 2 points ago in HVAC

    Good to know. Sounds like with Carrier I'd be paying more for a HE warranty that I'd never use then. Better off getting a cheaper off brand if all else is the same and just placing the money aside to replace the whole unit down the road.