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    [–] Nest Developers Questions ThatTallGuy21 1 points ago in Nest

    Sorry I haven't tried since asking. Life got in the way. I'm going to assume if it's still displaying you can just ignore it tho like the previous person mentioned. Good luck!

    [–] Looks like Ikea is brining their smart blinds to the US this April ThatTallGuy21 3 points ago in homeautomation

    Hopefully there's an option to mount outside the frame. Most modern windows today that I looked at take up the entire inside of the frame.

    [–] Z-wave switches in 2019? ThatTallGuy21 1 points ago in homeautomation

    What z-wave hub are you using with it?

    [–] Z-wave switches in 2019? ThatTallGuy21 1 points ago in homeautomation

    Wow thanks for the thorough response! What HomeSeer/ZWP option would you recommend if I spent a little more?

    And finally.. I gotta ask, because you've been super helpful. Do you have an ETA of when Inovelli may roll out their new line or have new stock? Any chance you can tell me a year, quarter, or month? lol

    [–] Z-wave switches in 2019? ThatTallGuy21 1 points ago in homeautomation

    Hey Eric thanks for the response! Will Inovelli have any switches that'll turn on a paddle fan in the future? I have two paddle fans in my home where the switch controls the light and fan.

    1. SmartThings and - is the eventual direction but is taking me longer to rollout. For now I'll be using SmartThings.

    2. More simple I guess? Not too familiar with difficulty level. I just want to be able to replace 1-3 units in a 3 gang box so size of the unit matters. I'm looking for 3-way, single pole, and single pole (for a paddle fan/light combo). Dimmer would be a plus.

    3. I have 3 different 3-ways in my home. So would I need to replace all 6 switches or just 3 of them? I live in a newer home built in the early 2000s so all my wiring should be more current.

    4. Cost is somewhat a factor. I'd prefer they be closer to $20 than $40. But ultimately quality and convenience is more important (i.e. setting it up and forgetting it).

    [–] Everything is fucking broken ThatTallGuy21 3 points ago in googlehome

    I use to say "Play the latest news" every single morning and then one day a couple months ago it broke. I got two error messages back to back - which still happens today. Instead after looking at their documentation I found I have to say "Play news".

    Super intuitive.... Honestly that's probably my biggest gripe tho. So I can't complain too much.

    [–] Do switches and plugs work together? ThatTallGuy21 1 points ago in TPLinkKasa

    Thanks for the info! If you can group them with your voice I don't see why they couldn't do the same with a physical action occuring from pressing the switch. I'll have to wait and see if a firmware update comes out.

    Another interesting use case would be to turn their camera on anytime I turn the light off in my nursery.

    [–] Trying to run a Nuvi 200 in 2019 ThatTallGuy21 1 points ago in Garmin

    I agree, it would be plugged in a majority of the time. The only time it wouldn't be, would be if we need to use our cigarette lighter to charge other electronics -- so I'd just hope it'd keep a charge during those times. After testing it all day yesterday that doesn't appear to be a problem.

    While I agree that traffic alerts would be really beneficial, I'm going to try it and see how it goes. Even if I'm just using my phone when we get close to any large cities, I'd be happy. The reason I'm trying to go this route is that I don't want to degrade the performance of my phone's battery and I just want to try something else.

    Any who, I was also able to find another forum online yesterday that provided the most up-to-date maps released 11/2018. The forum also noted that a standard 8GB SDHC card should work as long as the firmware is up-to-date to 5.10, which it is. I've found a card on Amazon that appears like it should work. Someone else even mentioned that it worked in their 285wt model which came out 2 months after mine, so I'm going to attempt to upgrade the SD card and maps. Worst case scenario I'm out $6.

    Amazon card-

    [–] What are your long-shot, tinfoil-hat predictions for the next two to four years? ThatTallGuy21 2 points ago in PoliticalDiscussion

    I'm all for calling Trump out on his BS when he or the crowd does something cringe worthy but I couldn't find that and yet I watched all the debates. I tried finding a video on YouTube and could only find this... he said - "People are not going to be dying on the sidewalk or in the streets." And the crowd did quite the opposite by cheering.. Have a video to share of this?

    [–] I had an issue this morning with my Yale lock doing this. Ghost or signal issue? ThatTallGuy21 1 points ago in Nest

    Do you have 2 factor authentication on? No idea what this is related to but that'd be my first thing I'd be signing up for if I didn't previously enroll in it.

    [–] Who says you can't be fabulous while making noodles? ThatTallGuy21 1 points ago in funny

    Oh so this must be the Shen Yun dancing I've seen a ton of advertisements for... so beautiful..

    [–] Taking your Google Home from room to room has never been easier. ThatTallGuy21 1 points ago in u_Ninety7Life

    I see this is an older comment but it's because the point of this isn't to say you can't use your phone, it just gives you a different option. If you want louder music with a phone, you'll need to plug it into a speaker or use Bluetooth. This removes the need for a phone and cords.

    [–] Is anyone else tired of shitty Nest products and services? ThatTallGuy21 2 points ago in Nest

    Can you save the video feed to your own personal server with Arlo?

    [–] Is anyone else tired of shitty Nest products and services? ThatTallGuy21 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in Nest

    I'm also interested in knowing as well. Is Netgear's Arlo, Logitech's line, or something else a better alternative?

    [–] That's not what I meant by "In the bedroom" ThatTallGuy21 7 points ago in googlehome

    You should be able to filter explicit music and videos from playing on each home device. May be helpful. Lol

    [–] ESPN Has Lost 14 Million Viewers In 7 Years Thanks To Cord Cutting ThatTallGuy21 3 points ago in cordcutters

    A podcast episode I listened to talked about how they started tanking when their executives began catering to what people on social media were complaining about and saying they wanted. It was because of this and feeling the need of being political and making political statements that it began to turn people off.

    I for one started tuning out when sports, which was always something fun to follow, began to become a chore. When I frequently found myself wondering why someone was making political statements or I saw every show turn into your typical big box new station with people yelling at each other about sports, I threw the towel in and said enough. Wasn't paying for it any longer.

    [–] Screw you Nest ThatTallGuy21 3 points ago in Nest

    It's on the following sub-page -

    It's over the next 5 years and they're partnering with other organizations.

    [–] Screw you Nest ThatTallGuy21 2 points ago in Nest

    I feel your pain. I have 7 smoke detectors, a 3rd gen thermostat, a sensor, and an indoor camera. I want their doorbell and other outdoor cams but enough is enough for me. Time for me to go on auto pilot for awhile like the company has done.

    [–] Screw you Nest ThatTallGuy21 -2 points ago in Nest

    Sorry I was going purely off of the tweet they sent out yesterday on Giving Tuesday. The link within it sent me to the initiative homepage, but after reading it, it didnt give the info you referenced. After looking a second time today I see what you're saying. It's wonderful they did/do that, and knowing that context certainly makes it better. I'm not really arguing about the fact they're being philonthropic. That's amazing. I think it's just how they handled the situation. Sending out a link for people to donate money to United Way doesn't seem to be surprise worthy to get people all worked up on the wake of all the other issues going on. If anything it comes off more like they don't understand the frustration their community is going through. This is why you see the negative comments to the tweet.

    [–] Screw you Nest ThatTallGuy21 1 points ago in Nest