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    [–] Next Gen "Smart TV Kit" by Google ThatTallGuy21 0 points ago in googlehome

    We need a mean girls meme in here about Google trying to force the Chromecast. I'm personally getting really tired of it's limitations. I want a FireTV or FireTV Recast equivalent with Google Assistant support. I don't want to use my phone for everything.

    [–] When does Nest release new products? ThatTallGuy21 2 points ago in Nest

    Yeah I'd like that. Going back to the window sensors idea tho, if they had those where Google's weather forecast could tell me a window is open before it's about to rain, or the morning off, or while it's raining that'd be awesome. Two scenarios that I could avoid with my family.

    [–] When does Nest release new products? ThatTallGuy21 8 points ago in Nest

    They have nothing in terms of helping prevent water damage, which is a big concern of mine as a homeowner. So sensors and an auto shutoff valve would be a game changer. Window sensors would also be super helpful. I'd like my thermostat to not turn on the AC if windows are open. Would be nice if I got a notification if this happened. I also think a floodlight with a camera would be great as well. Just a few.

    [–] When does Nest release new products? ThatTallGuy21 3 points ago in Nest

    Right. That's what I was thinking. Crossing my fingers.

    [–] I hesitantly switched from SmartThings to Home Assistant. Here's my (long) take. ThatTallGuy21 2 points ago in homeautomation

    Thank you for saying this and the great write up. Like you, I would constantly see people ignoring the issues the poster would bring up and just say use HA. While annoying at times, it made me curious. I liked the idea of having something locally as it made sense for some of the things I wanted to do. I quickly jumped in with my new Raspberry Pi 3 B+.

    However, having a very limited amount of experience with programing, I'm quickly feeling like this will just be something to tinker with, and nothing I could rely on. I'm questioning my abilities to support or configure the system without giving it a ton of my time. In fact, while I spent a weekend setting things up, one of my biggest accomplishments was utilizing an API for Dark Sky - something I've never done before. I set things down for a week and as soon as I picked it back up again I found that it no longer returns weather info. No idea why, as nothing changed. I then thought I'd try my hand at transferring all my Nest devices into HA. I went to create a developer account and they weren't letting people create them at the time for the next few weeks. So while YMMV, my experience thus far has been pretty underwhelming.

    Not ready to throw the towel in yet, but it definitely feels like I have a long road ahead of me. Feeling like I may need to move to smartthings as I spend time building out my HA solution. Just wanted to share my experience.

    [–] My Home Assistant Setup. Share yours! ThatTallGuy21 3 points ago in homeassistant

    I really hope we get an answer to this... This would be great to know about before I start my setup.

    [–] Google command: "Hey Google, tell me about the air quality in _______, ___" ThatTallGuy21 1 points ago in googlehome

    Uhh.. just tried and there were three options.. 1. air check 2. Air bare 3. World air quality index

    Answered Air check and got, "alright, here's air bare." Then got a response.

    Answered Air bare and got "something went wrong with your request, try again later."

    Answered world air quality index and the response was "placeholder underscore, for underscore permission", and then it beeped to get an answer for me.

    The future is now.

    [–] Did Google ever fix podcasts? ThatTallGuy21 2 points ago in googlehome

    Maybe so they can provide integration between podcasts and Chromecast audios? Still can't believe you can't ask your Google home or phone to play on a CC audio. Which means no home group :(

    [–] Mic sensitivity ThatTallGuy21 2 points ago in googlehome

    YES... I rarely get a response after the first attempt now. It has to be software based. I'll also frequently get a response a moment or two after I've said the hot word. Which requires me to wait a moment for it to activate.

    [–] Rating question when turning lights off? ThatTallGuy21 1 points ago in googlehome

    Haha. That's exactly how I felt. At first, I was like, you did your job? To be fair.. the more I think about it, the lights in both rooms turned off at the same time, instead of one after the other, and no phrase was said afterwards. Just a request to respond to the survey. So maybe that's the functionality they're testing..

    [–] Help with different versions of HA ThatTallGuy21 1 points ago in homeassistant

    Right. I guess I'll start with to see how I like it and go from there. Any downside to using Is there another one you recommend I look into instead?

    Thanks fellow tall person.

    [–] Help with different versions of HA ThatTallGuy21 1 points ago in homeassistant

    Are people able to create their own? Or am I forced to use Lovelace?

    [–] Help with different versions of HA ThatTallGuy21 1 points ago in homeassistant

    I understood about half of what you said, so it looks like I won't be going that route! 😀 If I went the route of, do I have the ability to utilize an overlay or theme that I design?

    [–] This is why you don't drink and climb trees ThatTallGuy21 1 points ago in WTF

    Knew someone in college who did the SAME exact thing. They broke their leg falling out of it. Thankfully that's all they broke.