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    [–] GOP confidence grows on Kavanaugh The-Autarkh 1 points ago in politics

    The last time any party had 67 or more votes in the Senate was the Democrats from 1965-1967.

    Very unlikely to be matched in 2020. Kavanaugh won't be impeached over this if he's confirmed. But SCOTUS may need to be reformed.

    [–] Macron rejects trade deals with countries outside Paris climate agreement The-Autarkh 1 points ago in politics

    Macron Rejects Trade Deals With Countries Country Outside Paris Climate Agreement


    [–] Taking full advantage. The-Autarkh 1 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    Great one by David Horsey.

    [–] Evergreen brilliance The-Autarkh 1 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    Paul Noth's prescient toon from 2016.

    [–] Trump touts poll showing Republican Party favorability highest in 7 years The-Autarkh 1 points ago in politics

    Nobody is suggesting apathy here. People actually vote more when they believe there is hope and they're part of something bigger. Scaring them with a false impression that they're behind is counterproductive.

    And again, favorability isn't the same thing as voting intention. Show me a big move in the generic ballot averages, and I'll pay attention.

    [–] ‘Back in the foxhole together’: Conservatives rally around Kavanaugh amid accusations The-Autarkh 25 points ago in politics

    One of the most depressing tweets I've read in the last few days, from Stephen Bainbridge, my former corporate law professor (who is brilliant in his field and a great teacher):

    The great difficulty I have with #Kavanagh is that I don’t have anything invested in him; to the contrary, he’s the sort of east coast elite prep school conservative I abhor. And I sort of believe #Ford. But I loathe the liberal politicians and activists trying to destroy him.

    In other words:

    • Brett is a douche.

    • Dr. Ford was probably sexually assaulted (making Brett a brazen liar).

    • We should put him on SCOTUS anyway to own the libs.

    Negative partisanship is a helluva' drug.

    [–] On Reddit, Russian propagandists try new tricks The-Autarkh 2 points ago in politics

    Specific methods may vary, but Russians posting propaganda at T_D is hardly a new trick.

    [–] Trump touts poll showing Republican Party favorability highest in 7 years The-Autarkh 1 points ago in politics

    Call me when this single favorability poll finding is reflected in the average of the generic congressional ballot, which actually measures voting intention.

    [–] An FBI Investigation Could Become GOP’s Backup Plan on Kavanaugh The-Autarkh 3 points ago * (lasted edited 12 hours ago) in politics

    If they reach the point where they have to backtrack on this, I think they'll just pull the nomination. There's no shortage of right wing nutjob lawyers. Most are less repey.

    [–] Trump is the laughingstock of the world The-Autarkh 12 points ago in politics

    Please, let's sedate him before he lashes out with MIRVs.

    [–] ‘People actually laughed at a president’: At U.N. speech, Trump suffers the fate he always feared The-Autarkh 21 points ago in politics

    I think he's saying that if the worst thing Donald does is edit reality so his fragile ego doesn't have to endure being laughed at, we should be thankful. The man still controls an enormous nuclear arsenal.

    [–] Climate change is destroying our national parks at an alarming rate, study finds The-Autarkh 7 points ago in politics

    By 2100, visitors walking the grounds of California’s Joshua Tree National Park may view exhibits showing what will have been lost — the spiky yucca palms that inspired the park’s name, dwindled to a few rare husks.

    Climate change could kill most of the park’s iconic trees, wildfires may transform the towering conifer forests at Yellowstone National Park into scarred grasslands, and once-mighty ice sheets in the north will probably melt and flow into the sea, making Glacier National Park both an obsolete name and a hard lesson about environmental degradation.

    A new study published Monday has warned that climate change has adversely and uniquely affected many of the 417 national parks spread across the United States and its territories, according to scientists from the University of California at Berkeley and University of Wisconsin.


    The consequences are alarming, the study suggests. Some of the most sacred and ecologically sensitive areas in the country, from the Grand Canyon to Yosemite and Denali, may decay into ghosts of their former mighty selves and be unrecognizable to future generations expecting to inherit a planet hotter than they received.

    Researchers looked at data between 1895 and 2010 and concluded temperatures in national parks increased twice as much compared with other parts of the country, while precipitation fell dramatically at those parks.

    The National Park Service said it relies on studies, such as the newest one, to inform policy, in which climate change is one factor among others in its decision-making.

    "It is our job to understand and know how to manage effects from a changing climate so that we may protect park resources, just as we manage the impacts of invasive species or erosion or wildfire,” said Jeremy Barnum, an agency spokesman, in a statement Tuesday.


    Gonzalez said the agency has made efforts to identify particularly vulnerable areas in parks, along with a focus to protect areas where life may be able to take shelter and thrive in good local conditions. The parks have also focused on reducing emissions, he said.


    Williams said the parks will almost certainly be different in a century than they are today, but how different will depend on decisions to either reduce emissions or allow them to escalate.

    But the parks will exist, in some form.

    “Glacier National Park may be without glaciers,” he said, “but it will still be a beautiful park.”

    [–] Trump claims he meant to make world leaders laugh during UN speech when he claimed his administration was most successful in US history The-Autarkh 92 points ago in politics

    Donald intended to make people laugh, and told a ridiculous joke that his administration is the most successful in history (foreseeably enough to make anyone laugh), but didn't actually expect people to react in the way he intended.




    Well, at least his ego seems to be intact.

    [–] Yale Law professor who endorsed Kavanaugh says he has second thoughts The-Autarkh 3 points ago in politics

    Nah, this is more than that. It's almost like they feel that teaching what the law actually is, and the skills of lawyering, is beneath them.

    [–] A TV ad that crystallizes the biggest GOP lie about health care The-Autarkh 26 points ago in politics

    Claire McCaskill's opponent Josh Hawley claims to support protections for pre-existing conditions even as he filed a lawsuit to strip away those protections.

    Brazen liar.